Gathering materials for upgrades is a key part of the Destiny experience and any Guardians know that they’re going to need a lot of raw materials to help them get started when Destiny’s new expansion, Rise of Iron, releases on September 20. To help you get ready for the inevitable upgrades coming your way, we have put together a list of some of the best ways to farm for Armor Materials and Weapon Parts, two of the most important upgrade materials in the game.

Court of Oryx

The first way to acquire both Weapon Parts and Armor Materials is to head over to the Dreadnought and load up Court of Oryx. Runes can be obtained from enemies that you kill, and you’ll often find plenty of other Guardians in your instance just waiting to take on some of the higher tier bosses of the Court of Oryx. Of course, these battles should be carefully picked, and you’ll want to make sure that your current character is a high enough Light Level for the activities before taking part.

You’ll be rewarded with the highest amount of weapon and armor drops, as well as Engram drops by using and completing your own personal Runes. However, you will also occasionally receive gear and weapon drops when simply helping other players, so be sure to play nice with other Guardians and let them have a chance at using their own Runes. We’re all here for the same thing, so make sure to give them a chance, that way they’ll want to stick around when you start dropping Stolen Runes into the court.

Glimmer Farming

The second most effective way to gather up these much needed materials is to farm for Glimmer. You can hold up to 25,000 Glimmer at any given point in the game. You can then take this Glimmer and use it to purchase the materials you need. At the moment you can only purchase Weapon Parts, however, enemies will often drop Engrams that you can decrypt at the Cryptarch, which will allow you to build up your Armor Materials at the same time.

Of course, this method isn’t the most attractive, and some players might not want to go from planet to planet collecting Glimmer just to drop it on Weapon Parts (which happen to be pretty expensive). That doesn’t stop it from being a very productive way to go about the process, though. As you will also be able to pick up Bounties and complete Patrol Missions while farming for that much needed Glimmer. Five Weapon Parts can be purchased for 250 Glimmer, so you’ll want to make sure you scoop up a lot of that sparkling Destiny cash before visiting the Gunsmith.

Prison of Elders

Like the Court of Oryx method listed above, this particular way of farming yourself an assortment of Weapon Parts and Armor Materials is very, very useful. Load up your friends and head into the Level 41 Prison of Elders. You can also complete the Challenge of Elders, however we’d suggest sticking with the Level 41 Arena as you’ll often be able to move through it more quickly. Using this farming method will reward you with tons of armor drops, weapon drops, and plenty of Engrams of different rarity that you can easily decrypt at The Tower or The Reef. It will also let you complete some various Bounties that you might have in your inventory.

These, of course, aren’t the only ways to gain Armor Materials and Weapon Parts. They just happen to be some of the best ways that we have found to farm the items you’re going to need to keep your new gear and weapons upgraded. We’d suggest spending a good deal of time farming these items each week, and making sure your vault is well stocked before Rise of Iron releases later this month. You can also turn in your old Year 1 upgrade parts, like Hadronic Essence, Plasteel Plating, and Sapphire Wire for Armor Materials by visiting the Vanguard vendor in The Tower’s hangar area.

Follow these tips and farming methods, and you’re sure to have plenty of those pesky Weapon Parts and Armor Materials before the Rise of Iron expansion drops on September 20. We’ll be covering Destiny extensively in the weeks to come, so be sure to keep your eyes glued to for the most up to date walkthroughs, tips, and guides surrounding Bungie’s sci-fi shoot and loot extravaganza.