If you’ve just joined the legion of players gallivanting through the world of Destiny, then you might have a few questions that haven’t quite been answered yet. In this article we will take a look at all the pertinent information that new and beginner Destiny players should know, to help you stay ahead as you head into the newest expansion pack for this shoot and loot first person adventure.

The Spark of Light and Light Levels

The first thing we want to cover will be extremely useful to players who are just now heading into the Destiny universe. This special consumable can be used to quickly level your character to the highest level, Level 40. From here you can begin gathering new armor and weapons that will continue leveling your Guardian’s Light Level. This secondary leveling system takes the defense and attack of your weapons and gear, and transfers them into your Light Level, which will dictate which activities and missions you can complete. To level up your Light Level you will need to find new gear, infuse Exotic Gear with other armor and weapons, or unlock all the upgrades on your currently equipped Gear. The Light Level cap will rise from 335 to 380 when Rise of Iron releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Bounties and Quests

One way that players can upgrade their equipment and get new gear is to complete Bounties and Quests, which will show up in your Guardian’s Inventory when you have accepted them. These work similar to quests in MMOs, and you’ll simply need to complete tasks that are given to you in order to receive a reward of some kind. Bounties and Quests will also reward you with Reputation, which automatically goes into the various Factions that make up the Destiny Universe.


Factions in Destiny are similar to Factions or Guilds in other MMO styled experiences. They exist solely to offer players additional ways to earn Reputation, which can be exchanged for exclusive Legendary Faction gear and items. These Faction vendors are located in The Tower, the game’s main social area. You can also exchange items like Motes of Light, Weapon Parts, Armor Materials, and Ammo Synthesis to upgrade your Reputation and earn more packages which can contain Legendary weapons and gear, Strange Coins, or Motes of Light.

Weekly Resets

Each Tuesday the game’s weekly activities reset, giving players another opportunity to earn high-tier rewards in events like the Weekly Heroic Strike, the Weekly Nightfall, and the various Raids that make up the Destiny universe. This is usually one of the busiest days for Destiny players, as many set aside a few hours each and every Tuesday to run through the events and earn themselves Legendary Marks, which can be used to purchase new weapons and gear from the vendors located in The Reef, The Tower, and Felwinter’s Peak.

Upgrading and Infusions

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a new player, is weapon upgrades and infusions. Once you have upgraded a weapon as high as it will go, you can only upgrade it further by infusing other weapons into it. This is a system that was introduced in The Taken King, and it allows you to take weapons that are Legendary or Exotic and infuse other weapons into them. This takes the stats, attack and defense, of the old piece of gear and transfers them into the new piece of gear, allowing you to take that piece of gear and your Light Level to greater heights. It is an extremely useful process that you will be doing a lot of once you find your favorite Exotic weapons and gear. You’ll also need to gather various materials like Spinmetal from the planets in Destiny in order to unlock upgrades and perks on your weapons, which will make them even more effective in battle.

These are the most important things to know going into Destiny: Rise of Iron. We’ve be covering the game quite extensively in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often for new walkthroughs, guides, tips, and tricks to help you find all the Exotic Weapons, Armor, and quests that are coming when Rise of Iron releases on September 20. The newest expansion pack will be available exclusively on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems, so make sure you are ready to become an Iron Lord.