Destiny: Rise of Iron is now live, and that means it’s time for Guardians to dive into the new Plaguelands area and take on a new enemy. The new expansion pack brings several additional missions, a new strike, and revamped two of the older strikes with updated SIVA-infused enemies. This means there is finally new strike specific loot to gather. This article will list out all the new strike specific loot, as well as which strike it’s associated with, so you know exactly where to spend your Skeleton Keys.

All the New Strike Specific Loot

We’ve already covered how to get Skeleton Keys in another guide on the site, so be sure to check that out if you’re having problems getting your hands on these new consumable items. Once you have a Skeleton Key, though, you can head into any strike, complete it, and access the chest at the end to unlock some really cool strike specific rewards. Before we get started though, let’s cover a few things you should know about the new way that strike specific loot is handled.

  • There are reports of Artifacts dropping from the chests you open with Skeleton Keys.
  • Some users have reported multiple drops per Skeleton Key use.
  • It is believed that strike bosses no longer drop strike specific loot. It must be obtained from chest using the Skeleton Keys.
  • Loot from chest is believed to be higher than your current overall Light Level.

Now that we have those things out the way, let’s dive into the actual new loot you can get from the new and revamped strikes in Destiny: Rise of Iron. First up we’ll be covering Sepiks Perfected, a revamped version of The Devil’s Lair, the very first strike that players can participate in from Destiny year 1. There are two items available to pick up in this strike. Devil’s Dawn, a brand new Legendary Sniper rifle, and Sepiks Deposed Bond, an all-new Legendary Class Item for Warlock Guardians.

Next up is the Wretched Eye Strike. This is the all new strike introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It tasks players with defeating a Devil Splicer High Priest, while also avoiding attacks from a SIVA-infused Orge. There are three items available in this strike. Anathema Cannon Mark, is a Titan Class Item. The Devil’s Dawn Legendary Sniper Rifle can also be obtained through this strike. There have also been reports of a new Legendary Hunter helmet, the Hood of Malok.

The final strike to receive new goodies is SIVA Phogoth. This is a Year 1 strike that has been revamped to showcase the changes that SIVA can make to creatures when it infects them. There are only two known items up for grabs from this strike. First up in the Mongrel Ogre Grasp’s Hunter gauntlets. Secondly, players can also obtain the new Legendary Sniper Rifle, Devil’s Dawn, from the revamped Phogoth strike.

These are all the known strike specific items at this time. Whether more will be discovered or not, remains to be seen. We’ll continue covering Destiny: Rise of Iron as the days go by. So be sure to check back often for new walkthroughs, guides, tips, and tricks. Destiny: Rise of Iron is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game systems.