Destiny: Rise of Iron has been out for quite a few days now. Thanks to some changes in the way the game handles leveling up, players have been finding it tougher to make their Light Level higher. In this article we’ll go over the best and fastest ways to get good loot that will help push your Light Level to the maximum of 385, while also allowing you to enjoy the new game systems. Keep reading to learn more.

Complete Heroic Strikes

Once way to steadily grow your Light Level is to head into the SIVA Heroic Strike playlist. The biggest issue here is the high Light Level recommendation, which means it will be a bit tough for players with Light Levels lower than 345 or so. If you happen to have an entire Fireteam setup, though, this is a great way to get some things accomplished, while also giving you a chance at earning some extra Skeleton Keys, which in turn can be used to get special strike specific gear from the chests after you kill bosses. We’ve got an entire guide on that up on our site, so be sure to check it out to find out how to get more Skeleton keys.

Complete Archon’s Forge Events

The next thing on our list is the Archon’s Forge. This is the new Prison of Elders/Court of Oryx style arena that Bungie has introduced in Destiny: Rise of Iron. It’s an interesting new area that hasn’t really seen a lot of love over the past few days. Most of that is because the area is notoriously hard to farm. To start it up you’re going to need to gather items called SIVA Offerings. They come in three levels, but the bad news is, you can only hold on at a time (two if you put one in your Vault). There’s also no great way to farm for these items, aside from just going through the Plaguelands while on Patrol and killing everything. We’ve got more details on the Archon’s Forge in our guide. So check it out for more information about this new arena.

Decrypt Engrams

Decrypting Engrams at the Cryptarch is an age old part of the Guardian lifestyle. Things have changed a little bit, though, so we’re going to list off some important tidbits of information that players should be aware of while they’re out Engram hunting. As of this moment Blue Engrams (or Rare Engrams) will not decrypt above 340. This is a mechanic put into place by Bungie to dissuade hording of items. This means decrypting Blue Engrams is almost completely useless, aside from the fact that it does allow you to level your Cryptarch and get some free Weapon Parts and Armor Materials. Legendary and Exotic Engrams are still good to go, though, so be sure to decrypt all your Engrams to push yourself higher in Light Level.

Farm Omnigul on the Will of Crota

The last item on our list is actually a bit of a cheese mechanic. While completing the Will of Crota strike, players can use the Hunter’s Nightstalker Super to tether Omnigul at the bottom of the hill before you head into the final room. This will allow you to kill her quite easily using the Sleeper Simulant or high-powered Swords, which will cause her loot to drop before the strike has ended. At this point you’ll need to let yourself be killed, so that you can respawn right before that moment, and kill Omnigul again. Each time she dies she will drop Blue items that are better than what you currently have equipped. Make sure to equip them before you kill her again. It’s a bit of a cheese mechanic, that is sure to be removed over the coming updates, so enjoy it while you can right now.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the best ways to level up your Light Level, it’s time for you to get out there and get to grinding so you’re ready for whatever the Devil Splicers might throw at you. We’ll be covering more Destiny content over the coming days. So stay tuned for more details, tips, walkthroughs, and more. Destiny: Rise of Iron is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.