The Grasp of Malok is a strike-specific weapon that can only be obtained from the Will of Crota strike. Thanks to the patches made in November of last year, Pulse Rifles received a higher rate of fire, making the Grasp of Malok one of the best guns available at the time. It’s still an extremely useful weapon, and this guide is going to teach you everything you need to know to farm the Will of Crota strike and claim your own Grasp of Malok in Destiny.

As we stated above, the Grasp of Malok can only be achieved from the Will of Crota strike. This is the strike where you must face Omnigul, Oryx’s right-hand, and take her down. To farm this item, you’re going to need to make sure you have a solid Fireteam, and a few good hours to put into the game. Sadly, as the RNG nature of Destiny is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee an amount of times you must complete this strike in order to acquire this weapon. All we can do is advise you to be patient, come into it with leveled expectations, and farm your heart out.

The best time to farm this strike is when it is the weekly Nightfall strike. Of course, you can also farm it at any other time by simply launching the strike, or joining a Heroic Strike playlist. Due to the massive number of enemies in this strike, we suggest completing it with at least two people (including yourself). Otherwise you risk spending a lot of time running through the strike again and again without ever making it to the farming point.

There are several different ways you can farm this strike. The first method is to simply make your way through the strike to the main boss area. Fight Omnigul, kill the enemies, and claim your prize. Rinse and repeat. If you really want to maximize your farming method, however, you’re going to have to cheese things just a little bit.

In the second farming method we want to talk about, you will need to make your way to through the strike to the rolling door you have to scan. Once you scan it, and it opens, you’ll want to have a Hunter with the Nightstalker subclass shoot a Shadowshot onto the pillar beside Omnigul, before she can escape up the hill. Once this happens, you will need to shoot her with everything that you’ve got, and try to take her down. It is imperative that you kill her before she moves away. If you manage to kill her (it can take some time to get used to pulling it off), then rush in killing other enemies until the Ogre spawns. Allow the Ogre to kill you, and then rinse and repeat.

These are just the two most-known methods for farming the Grasp of Malok from the Will of Crota strike. No matter which way you decide to achieve this goal, you’re guaranteed to be spending at least a little time making your way through this strike. Remember to be patient, and eventually you’ll acquire the item that you seek so badly. We’ll be covering Destiny extensively in the weeks to come, so be sure to keep things tuned to Prima Games for more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks as we prepare for the release of Rise of Iron on September 20.