Happy DmC day! What better way to get you started on your adventure through Limbo than with the walkthroughs for the first 10 missions in the game? We won't waste time your with needless set-up, so without further ado, here's your walkthrough!

Mission 1 - Found

You can use the Back button to skip cutscenes (but don’t, they’re rad!).

Welcome to Limbo. Use the combos taught on-screen (if tutorials are on) to kill three groups of Lesser Stygians.

Destroy the red leech-like thing hanging from the booth. Then jump over the grey rubble on the right to follow the lady (her name’s Kat, you’ll later learn).

Run forward to avoid falling off the breaking boardwalk. Double jump over the gaps and keep moving.

Dante gets his guns in the next cutscene. Remember the on-screen tip: though they don’t deal much damage, they’re good for interrupting enemy attacks.

Arena Battle against Bathos (flying critters) and Lesser Stygians. A great technique you should pick up as early as possible is parrying the Bathos’ grenades back to them. Clearing the ground floor of Lesser Stygians will make this easier. Just time a slice of your sword correctly (you can use the sound emitted by the bathos to help you). No need to aim. Parrying will grant you style points and deal lots of damage to Bathos. If they do land some grenades (and they will), just jump and evade out of the clearly marked area of effect.

As you progress, don’t forget to break stuff for red orbs (these are currency for consumable items). Kill spider groups as you find them. Your guns are good for these, as the red orbs will come straight to you after you destroy them.

Run along and release (i.e., slash at) your first lost soul. Releasing these will increase your mission completion percentage at the end of the mission, which means more upgrades for Dante!

Before moving on, turn left after releasing the lost soul. Jump across the broken boardwalk and jump up to grab the Copper Key (it’s massive, you can’t miss it). Also kill the red leeches for more red orbs.

Jump back and follow the main path past that original lost soul to the arena with the swing carousel.

Another arena battle. You can launch these enemies up into the swing carousel by hitting B. You’ll get an "environmental" kill for this, and save lots of time. Kill 10 enemies this way to unlock an achievement. Be careful, as the swing carousel can also deal you damage. You can also get "environmental" kills by launching enemies off the boardwalk.

Destroy all enemies and proceed along the boardwalk. Hug the walls on the right side of the horse carousel to find a green vital star. It’s a consumable item that will heal a good chunk of Dante’s health.

Destroy more spiders and junk before approaching the green Divinity. Pick an upgrade, and don’t worry: you can fully redistribute these upgrade points between missions and at other Divinities. As for red orbs, it’s a great idea to save up for that 10% health increase (costs 1,000, but you’ll get there!). It’s up to you though, because there is a rather tough boss battle at the end of this mission (you can guess who it’s against, right?).

Stinger is a good first upgrade. It affords a lot of extra mobility and is highly upgradable.

Another good first choice is Roulette. You can actually chain this ability with "Aerial Rave". Just pause briefly after chain roulette, then do your second jump and mash sword attacks.

Continue upward, defeating more of the same enemies.

After the reappearance of the giant lion/monkey hybrid (it’s called a Hunter), you’ll get to use that Copper Key you got earlier. It unlocks a Secret Mission.

Go up into the Doll House quickly. Proceed cautiously, as the Hunter will make two swipes at you at one point. Health is precious, as there really isn’t much in a mission to replenish it.

Move up the hall and take a left. Then take your first right to find a Copper Door. Locked doors like these hold Secret Missions (challenge levels with special twists to the rules).

Move to the mirror. After the cutscene with the Hunter, move through the broken mirror-wall he emerged from. Take a right for a lost soul. Then move to the other end of the hall and take a left (just before the doll that breaks down) for another lost soul.

Move on to what we’ll call the "gear room." You can use these spinning gears for "environmental" kills. And of course, they can hurt you, too.

Once you’ve destroyed the enemies, back track across the gears. Double jump over the first set, and time your way (or evade) through the second.

Follow Kat quickly to avoid falling away. Destroy the corrupted lamp posts for red orbs.

Boss Battle: Hunter

Jump and slash at its face like Kat suggests. When it jumps up, just keep moving and keep track of its shadow. Jump and evade away. You can also use your guns to slowly chip away at the Hunter’s health.

After having suffered some damage the Hunter will jump to a far away perch. Use your guns, but be wary of its attack from this position. We’ll call it boardwalk hand.

To avoid boardwalk hand, just run laterally, and use jump plus evade when you feel it coming. At the worst, it’ll catch you and you can mash the sword button to get out. Be quick about it. The longer you stay in there, the more health you lose.

After having suffered enough damage from your guns, the Hunter will jump down and exhale a black fog. It’ll throw its knife at you, all spinny and cool looking. Be sure to evade this thing as late as possible to avoid getting hit. You can also shoot it to slow it down, but that won’t solve your problems. If the knife comes at you horizontally, just jump. You can even do your second double jump and use evade to stay in the air quite a while.

After this first fog/knife ordeal, the Hunter will be much more aggressive. Play defensively, moving, jumping and evading away from its springy attacks. Use your guns when you can, and only use your sword if feeling brave.

Do use your sword, however, when the Hunter is lying around looking useless (this is after it takes damage). You can sink a good amount of its health at this moment.

Even if you die, you should have a gold orb (acquired very early on in the game) that will bring you back to life. This does count as dying, though, which will take 10% off of your final score for the mission. If you have it in you, select "Game Over" instead of "Resurrect," because you could use that gold orb later in the game, too.

Mission 2 - Home Truths

After dropping into Limbo, move down the hall and take your first right for a few red orbs.

Then move up the first flight of stairs, and take two rights to get a Copper Key! Ignore the weird red door. We’ll get to that.

Go back to the top of the first flight of stairs, and move the other way.

New enemy: Death Knight. This guy’s got a shield, so a good way to take care of him is to evade "through" him (there’s no collision detection!) and do sword combos.

After killing the Death Knight, go to the slashed portrait of Sparda. You’ll gain the Arbiter, slower and more powerful than Dante’s sword (called Rebellion).

Hold the right trigger to effectively make all the attack buttons apply to the Arbiter. Use the combos on screen to destroy the Death Knights’ shields, then use whatever weapons you like on them. When you destroy their shields, Death Knights are dazed for some time. Take advantage of this.

After the Death Knights, leave the room and jump up from the pits you’re in.

Finish the next arena battle, then go up the stairs, take a right, and destroy the red door with an Arbiter attack. Go through this entrance and turn right around. There’s a lost soul above you.  

Move on and kill the three Death Knights that appear.

You’ll be transported to an even trippier part of Limbo. Let’s call it the dreamworld.

Use the new technique, Ophion Demon Pull (hereby called ODP), to move across this area. You can knock enemies here off the edge for "environmental" kills.

Once you’ve completed the platforming section, you’ll be back in Dante’s stomping grounds.

Go down into the pit and use the Copper Key for another Secret Mission.

Use ODP to get across.

Take a right and you’ll encounter the Shielded Bathos. Parry their grenades! Another good technique is to jump up to them and use Drop, the move with the Arbiter.

After this battle (and if you’ve been saving up), you might have enough red orbs to buy a Health Cross!

Go to the Eva portrait. You’ll gain the Osiris, and Ophion Angel Lift (hereby called OAL).  

Go back outside and jump across.

Take the advice on-screen: use Prop (a move with Osiris) to parry Bathos grenades pretty easily.

Mission 3 - Bloodline

At the beginning of this mission, you’ll have Style explained to you! The key is variety. Using the same ability multiple times within a short time spain will reduce its point yield. Three good tips to get major points: use all three of your weapons, be quick to rack up a big multiplier, and avoid getting hit by enemies. Getting hit means losing two letter grades, and no one wants that.

After the first arena battle, don’t worry about the OAL grips. Find the exit on the ground floor, and a cutscene will prompt you to find another way out.

OAL your way up

New enemy: Ravager. Alone, these things are easy to overwhelm. Just keep juggling it.

After the Ravager, use OAL twice but not a third time. There’s a lost soul on the right of the second OAL grip. You might have to jump and evade to get to it, then do a sword combo.

Make your way back up with OAL. Get to the two rotating "islands" around the blue rose. Just time your jump to use one of the platforms as a stepping stone.

You’ll gain Angel Boost. Use it to make your way through the dreamworld. Don’t forget to use this in combination with double jump and evade for some real flexibility in the air.

You’ll be dropped back into Limbo.

New enemy: Pathos. It’s just a tougher Bathos. You don’t have to treat it any differently.

Next go to that original ground floor exit. Use Angel Boost to move along and avoid being crushed. Again, also make use of double jump and evade.

Mission 4 - Under Watch

New enemy: Stygian. Like the Bathos to Pathos relationship, Stygians are just tougher Lesser Stygians. Just chop ‘em up!

As for the Ravager, the game will give you an on-screen tip of using Charge (hold Y) to interrupt its invulnerable phase (when it turns yellow and revs its chainsaw). The tip is only useful if you’ve chosen to unlock charge. If not, don’t forget that in its yellow phase, the Ravager is uninterruptible, but not invulnerable. A good Arbiter combo can finish it off if it’s already taken damage.

There are lots of lost souls here. Kill the ones on the ground floor before using OAL to go up. There’s an easy to spot lost soul up here, too.

ODP the first camera, then get back to the ground floor and walk to the exit point.

There’s a short cutscene after which Kat asks you to follow her downhill. Before you do that, turn around and run into the upward alley. There’s a small vital star there.

After following Kat downhill, you’ll face a Shielded Pathos. These guys have chunky defense but not too much offense. Their crossbow’s line of sight will blink right before it’s about to shoot. Just keep moving and using evade. A good way of dealing damage to them is to OAL up to them, then use Drop, the Arbiter move to start breaking their shields.

After the battle, you’ll have a few tucked away lost souls to get to. For the one nearish the fountain, just double jump onto the fountainhead (it’s possible!) then use that to jump to the lost soul and sword combo it.

On the ground floor again, get close to the OAL grip and OAL up the ledge. Jump off to the right to get another lost soul!

Then OAL up the ledge one more time, and follow through this path to find a Gold Key. Double jump over the black pikes on the right.

New enemy: Frost Knight. Only Osiris can damage this thing, so keep that left trigger down. Watch out for its ranged frost attack which will make an ice cube out of you.

OAL up and Angel Boost across to kill the second camera with ODP.

Get back to the ground floor and find Kat.

Use ODP to pull out what’s essentially a stairway.

Break the red door with the Arbiter to find a lost soul.

Go back out and double jump off (and evade) to get to the other lost soul.

Make your way back up the stairway, follow the natural path, and hop down (though not to the ground floor) for the last camera.

Run through another parkour.

Another arena battle. Kill the Shielded Pathos first if only to stop that annoying donkey noise. The two Ravagers on the ground are also a lot to deal with on their own.

Step into the Church.

New enemy: Tyrant. Just evade its charge and hack away at its back. Easy. You can also ODP it into falling, provided you’ve got a view of its backside.

You’re almost done. Angel Boost across the split church floor (keep going) and then chain together OALs. You can keep the left trigger held down the whole time.

Mission 5 - Virility

You start off in the real world. That means no weapons. Just follow Kat. There are other paths around the factory but they’re empty.

Some platforming. There are two main paths. Following the right one, open the shipping container and Angel Boost through.

New enemy: Hell Knight. Only the Arbiter works on this thing. Keep out of its area of effect attack, although a later on-screen tip will inform you that you can simply keep the Arbiter out ("demon mode") to gain immunity to that area of effect. Use ODP and the Arbiter to break its shield.

You might want to kill the Shielded Bathos before bothering with the Hell Knight. Use ODP on these to break their shields and bring them in. Then just combo them.

A Tyrant will appear next. Dodge it and attack its back.

There are two green leeches on the wall. You can use double jump plus the Hellbreaker move (B while in the air) to get to the higher one.

About that visible Copper Key behind the gate. Jump onto the wooden crates below the blue shipping container. Follow through this path to get the key. There are red leeches on the wall too.

At the Divinity ahead, you might have enough red orbs for a second Health Cross, if you’ve been saving up.

Facing the Divinity, turn Right and go up the tower of crates with the word "Stupidity" scrawled across the base.

Jump and Angel Boost across to the right. Use that Copper Key on the door for a Secret Mission. There are red leeches on the wall too.

Once out of the Secret Mission, drop to the floor and move on to the left.

Shoot the demon shard relentlessly before it can roll towards you, dealing damage.

Jump up the crate staircase.

Kill the two Shielded Bathos, then ODP across and turn right for a lost soul.

Jump and Angel Boost across on the left. Move to the next platform and use OAL to get up. There will be a small cutscene (a shot, really) of Dante rolling onto the platform. Turn back around for some serious platforming. Double jump and Angel Boost across to the bigger platform (the one with a shaded gangplank-like extension).

Once on the bigger platform, double jump straight up and use OAL. It should latch onto a downward facing OAL grip that is visible at some angles. Once you’ve used OAL, immediately orient yourself to Angel Boost on a platform on your left. There you’ll find a well-deserved Argent Key. Argent is a fancy word for silver.

Drop back down to the bigger platform and jump back across. Use OAL and move on towards the right.

Chain together OALs to get across. Once there, hug the left wall, moving up the dark metal stairs for a lost soul.

Move back down to fight two Knights (One Frost, one Hell). It’s a contrasting pair, and you’ll encounter it in the future. With diligence, you can kill both without getting hurt (earning you Flawless Kill). Just focus your damage output on one before the other. You’ll get the on-screen tip about demon mode granting immunity to the Hell Knight’s area of effect attack.

After the kills, don’t move on to the Mixing Room yet. Move across to the right for a lost soul.

Behind you you’ll notice some more serious platforming inviting you, but you don’t have the in-game ability to use what’s at the end of the rabbit hole yet. Don’t bother.

Proceed to the Mixing Room (past the wall-bound roots). There’s a big arena battle here with lots of Stygians. It’s a good opportunity to rack up a high letter grade.

You’ll fight a pair of contrasting Knights again. The friendly fire tip you get on-screen is neat, but not that easy to implement.

At the end of this battle be ready to shoot up three demon shards. Be quick or you’ll take damage.

Leave the Mixing Room, walking upwards. In this hallway, go straight or right first. Either way, make sure you explore the full loop for red orbs. Obviously, avoid the weird sap bleeding from those wall-bound roots.

There’s a red door on your left as you move through the hallway. Break it with the Arbiter and use your silver key for a Secret Mission.

Leave the argent room and turn left. Take your first right. Use the Divinity if you need and move on.

Another arena battle. Keep the Arbiter out against area of effect attacks, and step away from the pools of goop. Two tyrants will eventually pop up. Use your guns if at a distance, Angel Boost over pools of goop, and attack their backs when exposed. There are green leeches on the wall here, so find them if you’re low on health.

Mission 6 - Secret Ingredient

You’ll start off in a race against time. Use OAL on distant enemies to cover distance quickly. When chaining together three OALs, as you’ll need to do, pause briefly between the 2nd and 3rd to really latch onto the 3rd.    

After the cutscene you’ll find yourself in a new environment. Before moving onward, turn back and take a right. There’s a lost soul there.

Boss Battle: The Succubus.

This thing is 1,200 years old, and fond of expletives. Anyway, ignore its remark about how your bullets are peas. They will do some damage, especially if upgraded. When the Succubus’ forehead/skin peels back, attack the red part with aerial combos. The Arbiter is especially useful here.

Wherever you are, be aware of where the OAL grips are. You’ll need these to make a quick escape when the Succubus vomits yellow stuff.

After dealing enough damage, use ODP on the first of the Succubus’ tubes. After this, it’ll come back with more aggressive hand attacks. Jump and evade these, then attack its hands. The Arbiter, again, works well.

ODP the second of the Succubus’ tubes. You’re not quite done yet.

Escape from the Succubus. Use OAL on the right, then ODP. Use ODP on the Succubus, then OAL to the left. Chop away at the thing’s hands and you’re done.

Mission 7 - Overturn

Jump, OAL, and use Eryx on doors to get across.

Here you can knock enemies over the fence for "environmental" kills.

You’ll come across a Tyrant. The on-screen tip is valid, but it’s hard to pull off the Tyrant Launch. At least the Eryx charge won’t spend itself until you let go. Anyway, it’s easier to just avoid the Tyrant’s charge and attack its back, as usual.

You’ll arrive to the prison. Look left for red leeches before using OAL to get across. Use OAL and hit A to blast through the Rings.

After the Arena Battle, use OAL to get out.

New enemy: Rage. There are two of them, so focus your damage output on one. Neither OAL nor ODP will work on these creatures. Once one is killed, the other will begin using a spin attack. Jump and evade it. There are green leeches here, too. Get them during or after the battle.

Jump through the metal frame on the left, then take a left for a lost soul. Turn around follow the path.

Once you’re outside, you can find red leeches high up above the girders.

Use Eryx smash on the elevator, and release the lost soul before using Eryx smash on the second red target on the ground.

You’ll fight two Rages again, before coming to a Divinity and a lost soul.

OAL your way out on the left.

New enemy: Harpy. ODP won’t work on these, but OAL will. Just be careful not to use it when they’re above a void or you’ll fall off. OAL is still good to get close and use powerful Eryx combos. Once you’ve killed two harpies, the third will move to a distance. Just use your guns.

Mission 8 - Eyeless

Angel Boost over to the old man again. Use OAL to pursue the Harpies. Kill the red leeches, then OAL again. ODP, then OAL left.

Destroy the two Eryx doors for a small vital star.

In the goldenish subway tunnel, turn left for a lost soul, then turn around and continue along the tunnel.

You can dodge the subway by moving to the side with the green lights. At the worst, you’ll take some damage.

An Arena Battle. Stay in the center of the area and use B to launch enemies up against the passing subway for an instant "environmental" kill. This is especially efficient against Knights, who otherwise take a lot of hits. For the Frost and Hell Knight, you’ll have to use Osiris and Arbiter launch moves. This is a good time to review those. There are green leeches here, too.

Jump into the room off the side of the subway tunnel to find the Harpies. Move downhill, and explore the compartments on the right side to find a lost soul.

You’ll finally face more Harpies in an inverted glass dome. Stay off the glass as much as possible, using OAL and Eryx combos against the Harpies. Use your guns, too.

After the fight, don’t exit quite yet. To stay off the glass, you can jump straight up and use your guns on the green leeches on the walls around the dome. Then OAL to platforms 1 and 2 (separately) for some lost souls. Be ready to shoot up some Demon Shards, too.

From the dome, OAL and run back to the subway.

Defeat the 2 Rages, then continue to the green lit side of the subway track.

Defeat the Tyrant and two Knights.

You can hack the angel door for lost souls and a Copper Door, if you keep at it. Just jump and combo. Don’t wait; it heals.

Mission 9 - Devil Inside

After the cutscene with Phineas, move along and use the Arbiter on the door on the right. Hug the left wall to find a blue door. Hack away with Osiris to find a lost soul.

djABe across the blue structure fragments. What’s djABe? Double jump + Angel Boost + evade. For maximum air time, hold down both jump inputs until Dante reaches full height, and hold down the Angel Boost as well.

New enemy: Witch. Only Osiris attacks will work on its blue protective sphere. Once that’s shattered, OAL to the Witch and do whatever combos you like. Eryx attacks are always good.

OAL across Assiel’s wing fragments.

Dante grabs the sword-like key in a cutscene.

You’ll find yourself in the warm-palette dreamworld again. OAL across and use the Arbiter on the red gargoyle head.

Back in Limbo, leave the room and move down into the pit ahead. Continue until you get to a hallway where the floor breaks apart to reveal ODP grips. Turn right around and look up for a lost soul.

ODP across. Continue to the main room for a change of scenery and a big Arena Battle.

Break through the red door and move on to the portrait of Eva.

Eva cutscene, in which she grants Dante the Devil Trigger ability.

Use Devil Trigger to defeat the three Ravagers thrown at you.

Back in Limbo, OAL across to an Arena Battle. Don’t forget to use Osiris on the Witch to bring down her shield. There are green leeches in some corners of the room. You can double jump and use Slam to break it.

Leave through the opening from one of the corner’s grated platforms. Take a right and OAL up.

There’s a Divinity here. You might have enough red orbs to get the third Health Cross, though you now also have the option of purchasing the first of three Devil Trigger Crosses ("Increases Dante’s maximum Devil Trigger by 20%). Devil Trigger Stars are also now on the menu.

Keep moving. OAL and Angel Burst across to blue structure fragment. djABe across. OAL chain across. OAL and Angel Burst across.

Arena Battle. The on-screen tip about shooting a Harpy’s wings off is good, though OAL with Eryx combos is quicker. Just be sure to mind the hole between the four grated platforms. Also, Harpies can’t be ODPed. You can use it to knock the Knights off for "environmental" kills. Eryx seems as effective at destroying shields as the Arbiter, and boy is it quicker. A few Shielded Bathos and a Witch later show up.

Exit the room through the opposite corner. Take an immediate right to find a Gold Door.

Back in Limbo, OAL across to the Phineas cutscene. Deep "Who will take his place?" moment.  

Mission 10 - Bad News

Phineas cutscene. Mundus’ one weakness revealed: "his mistress, Lilith." Finally the old bag gets a name.

Run along the inverted path until the tower cutscene.

djABe across twice then OAL across three times.

Dante enters the Raptor News Network (I like it, Capcom!).

djABe across. The tiny floating cubes serve as OAL grips. Near the end of this platforming sequence, you’ll have to OAL twice and use Air Burst to get across.

Boss battle: Bob Barkas.

Immediately Stomp (Eryx move) the nearest red circle on the floor. This will make Bobby vulnerable for a while. Go up to him and hack away. Flee when he starts using his area of effect attack (Angel Burst is good for this). After avoiding his orange area of effect, you’ve even got a few seconds to pepper him with bullets. Rinse and repeat.

After having dealt him enough damage, OAL through his right eye. You’re on TV! You just have to kill time here, though for some fun, walk under the swing carrousel and launch the Stygians up with your plain old B attack.

Back in the Network, immediately pursue the red circles on the floor. You’ll need to break two to make Bob vulnerable this time around. Double jump and evade Bob’s laser fields. You can also use Angel Burst to quickly get to a red circle. Rinse and repeat.

After having dealt him enough damage, OAL through his left eye. You’re back on TV, in the Virility factory. No swing carrousel this time, but kill Stygians to regain health!

After the SWAT cutscene, Bob will be more aggressive. Keep moving to avoid his laser fields. To avoid what looks like the all-encompassing, expanding laser field, look for the green windows to sneak through. This time around (you guessed it), you’ll have to break all three red circles to make him vulnerable.

Watch the Bob’s death cutscene, Mundus acting blasé, and new weapon: Aquila.

Congrats! Completion of this mission is 100% by default, since there aren’t any goodies to find.