Dynasty Warriors 7

Guide with gameplay basics and walkthrough, plus all characters and trophies/achievements


Dynasty Warriors 7 returns with more characters (62) and the addition of the Jin Dynasty to the traditional battle theater within the Three Kingdoms, and you can play each of the four in Story Mode or Conquest Mode to unlock seemingly endless hours of hack ‘n’ slash. Whether you’re new to the series or a DW vet, consult this guide for some gameplay tips and tricks, and a walkthrough for your first two missions for each kingdom. There’s also a comprehensive list of the playable characters and trophies & achievements. See you on the battlefield!

Gameplay Basics


There are many ways to attack the endless streams of enemies in Dynasty Warriors 7. If you’d like some time to work on your button-mashing chops prior to entering the field of battle, there is a tutorial you can select from the main menu.

Basic Attacks (XBOX/PS3)

X/Square Button

This is your quick attack and is where your right thumb lives most of the time.

Y/Triangle Button

This is your strong, but a bit slower, attack. Use as a finishing blow after leading with quick attack presses.

B/Circle Button

This is your Musou attack with the character’s weapon of choice. Wait for the little orange bar next to your health to fill up and start flashing then press for Musou. You can aim this directionally mid-attack too.

Tip: You can unlock a second Musou attack by spending the skill points you’ve acquired in the start menu. Click on “Officer Info” and then “Skills” to purchase new skills. Now you can load up and carry twice the KO punch.

Jump Attack

This is a staple of the button mashing genre. If you like getting blasted with arrows from afar and surrounded by enemies, put your head down and press forward on the ground while you slowly battle through a group. If you’d like to easily take out scores of troops, utilize the jump (A/X) then hit quick attack (X/Square). This move will keep you moving unimpeded and running through groups of enemies.

Charge Attack

This might be the most fun in the game. As you sprint through the land, a large army will appear--sometimes out of thin air, so keep an eye on your radar. Get in touch with your inner linebacker and press quick attack on the run (X/Square) to lower your shoulder, roll, or weapon smash the unlucky foes that make up the front of the group.

Tip: This is a quick way to break and collect goodies (namely health if you’re low) from the smashable clay pots. Grab it on the run!

Horse Trample

Call your horse and mount up. Ride straight through enemies for a quick dispatch and protection from damage. Don’t ever run from place to place like a common infantryman. It’s very quick to whistle for your horse and ride.

EX Attack

This is a strong attack combo and is performed with the character’s weapons of choice. Check out the start menu and you’ll see an “EX” on one of the weapons along with a button sequence. Arm that weapon on the battlefield and hit enemies with the sequence--don’t miss any strikes--to finish the EX attack.

Fighting Strategies

Dynasty Warriors 7 again mixes the action of the hack ‘n’ slash with light RPG, but here we’ll focus on the hack and the slash.


When you’re on the battlefield, most enemies you see will simply be fodder for your weapon of choice, and you can put together combos to take out an insane number of enemies in seconds. Some officers however--the guys who are prestigious enough to carry their names with them, and their life bar will show in the top left of your HUD--will give you a few more problems and sometimes, even a tough fight if you’re running low on Musou.

Tip: If you find yourself without the luxury of a Musou attack against a tougher opponent, simply take off running. Find the closet band of enemies on which to take out your frustration and that Musou bar will be glowing in no time.

When you’re fighting an officer, you’re in a miniboss battle that will sometimes accomplish an essential mission objective (open fortress gates etc.). What’s different with these guys is that they can hurt you with one strike and they are able to defend themselves. They will often block straight-on attack combos, so mix it up when you’re fighting--rely on jump attacks to get you around their defense and expose their back to your weapon strike combos.

Caution: Try not to engage more than one miniboss at a time. If you see two or three in battle, pick off one and draw him away from the crowd. If they’re ganging up on you, stay mobile and Musou--they will take damage.

Equipping Weapons

Dynasty Warriors 7 made a huge upgrade: this version allows you to equip a backup weapon and seamlessly switch between the two in combat. This way, you can rock a quick, rangy weapon for near-endless combos, and carry the preferred weapon of each character for enemy-clearing EX attack efficiency. Load up for both scenarios prior to entering the battlefield.

Tip: Unlock weapons by grabbing them from up from dead officers, buying them from weapons dealer, crafting them with a blacksmith, or completing identified missions in conquest mode (those missions will bear the icon of the sword).

Level Up

Most often when you beat an officer, they drop a leveling up collectible (attack +1, defense +1) or a weapon. Grab all you can from the battlefield from your dead enemies, but, just as important, spend your skill points in the city before the battle even begins. Press start and level up your skills under “Officer Info” and “Skills” to enter the battle with a better officer and more of an fighting advantage.

Using the Map

One of the major knocks on Dynasty Warrior 7 is the late draw of the enemies in the area as you move across the environment. Most often it’s not a problem to run up on a group of enemies--unless you’re in the red health--but you can can use the map with its radar function to see where the action is. Red dots are clumps of enemies. Pulsing white circles are active battles with your allies, and the green dots lead you to the mission objectives. Use the map effectively and you’ll minimize mindlessly traversing the large landscape on horseback.

Caution: Use the map to see where your allies are in trouble. If the call comes for you to assist in battle, get there quickly. If your allies lose or fall in battle, the mission fails.

Story Mode

The Story Mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 is broken up into the four parts: Wei, Wu, and Shu of the Three Kingdoms, and the new to the game Jin Dynasty, which supplanted the Three Kingdoms and reunified China in the year 280 CE. You can play through the story in any order--or concurrently--and you will get to a save point at the end of each battle. Most often you will switch characters when you start the battle, as the story modes playable characters are scripted, so access pause menu at the onset of the action to familiarize yourself with the character’s weapons, EX attack combo and options.

This guide will walk through the first two battles for each faction in detail, starting from the northern Wei and ending with Jin. Remember, prior to a battle you can usually see the weapons dealer and upgrade your skills by spending skill points inside the city walls before stepping on the battlefield. When you’re ready to start the hack ‘n’ slash, find the NPC (non-player character) with the red icon and talk to them.

Note: The Three Kingdoms share a common first mission as they defend the land against the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Mission 1 & 2: Yellow Turban Rebellion

Playable Character: Xiahou Dun (Wei), Sun Jian (Wu), Liu Bei (Shu)

To begin the story of Wu, Wei and Shu you’ll have to quell the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Warm up with a couple of skirmishes straight ahead. After you dispatch and the enemy and rack up some combos, summon your loyal steed, ride off to the east and take out the officer and his troops. Then, ride west and clear out that officer and his troops. Once you’ve marched through them, go and talk to Sun Shang Xiang. Run through the rebels and take out the three generals to begin your army’s assault. Shortly after, peasants will be attacked in the east by the Yellow Turbans, led by the officers Cheng Yuanzhi and Deng Mao. Defeat them and you’ll be rewarded by the villagers. Next, engage the Yellow Turbans up the hill and large boulders will start to roll down on you. Engage and defeat the two officers here and move on to Zhang Liang. After he falls by your sword, the avalanche will cease.

Tip: Stay to the edges of the map and mobile to best avoid boulders.

The next element you’ll have to contend with is a windstorm that the powerful Zhang Bao has called forth. Head west and hop up the steps of the cliff to flank the enemy.

Tip: Control the morale of the enemy. When you catch them off guard with a surprise attack they will put up less of a fight.

Defeat Liu Pi and then find Zhang Bao. Take him out and the windstorm stops. Press on, and battle your way to the boss Zhang Jiao.

Boss battle: After Zhang Jiao gives his very intimidating speech, run to the corners of the platform and break the four cauldrons of fire. What now Jiao! He’s no good without his fire. Beat him to finish the mission.

Wei Kingdom

Mission 3: Dong Zhou’s Trap

Playable Character: Cao Cao

The mission objective is to survive the trap and escape alive. Move through the map easily by using your radar to get to the next part of the gameplay progression. After speaking with Dong Zhou, go east and destroy the two officers there to rescue the captive women. You’ll be awarded some treasure for your troubles. Move west and take out Li Jue to open up the gate. Inside, you’ll meet Chen Gong, an ally who will help you in your mission. In the next room you’ll find Lu Bu, and what is known as a “losing battle”. Instead of engaging, head in to the next room and your new buddy Chen Gong will lead you to a tiger in the next room, guarded by a lone officer. Take him out and break open the cage to free the wild tigers.

Tip: It is rarely a good thing to break open a cage of wild tigers, but here it makes sense. They’ll tear it up for a while till Lu Bu comes calling.

Take out Li Su and Xu Rong. Lu Bu will chase away the tigers, and then follow you into the room. There’s a nice piece of artillery firing at you ahead, so take out Li Meng to put a stop to that and keep avoiding any attacks by Lu Bu.

Caution: Resist the urge to battle with Lu Bu. He’s too fierce for you at this point. Go to the next room. You’ll be safe.

Inside the next room, there is another piece of artillery, but the good news is you’re safe from Lu Bu! Take down Guo Si to stop the firing and and use the weapon to clear your path. Congratulations! You made it out!

Wu Kingdom

Mission 2: Pacification of Liang Province

Playable Character: Sun Ce

After a very nice talk with your father (after all you are the eldest son, and a fierce warrior), you’ll start the battle by splitting up with your brother Sun Quan, who will take his troops to the north so you can bail him out later. First though, head to the south and defeat Cheng Yi. Head south and you’ll run into a heinous attack from the archers above. Run up there and take them out, along with their officer Yang Qiu. Head to the enemy base and Ma Dai will flee. Shortly, you’ll receive word that Dong Zhuo is under attack. Summon your horse and cover the distance quickly to make sure he is protected.

Caution: If the base falls, the mission is over. You must keep Dong Zhao alive.

After you take down Ma Dai, it is time to head over to the main enemy base. Go north to enter from the side launch a surprise attack. Battle your way through until you come across Ma Chao. Take him out ad clear out the rest of the enemies to emerge victorious!

Shu Kingdom

Mission 3 & 4: Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition

Playable Character: Guan Yu

Here you play as Guan Yu, who is an absolute beast on the battlefield. He equips the Green Dragon, a guandao (heavy crescent bladed pike) and swings the fabled weapon around like a baton. Start off by heading south and picking a fight with Hua Xiong. Chip away at his health and he’ll try to retreat. At this point you should learn that Sun Jian’s troops are hungry and aren’t getting food. Head to the base and assist. From here, go north and then west to find some rations for the men from the supply base. Defeat two officers and the rations will make it to Sun Jian’s forces. Now you’ll have to go defend your main base and protect Yuan Shao. As you enter your base, take out Li Ru, Hu Zhen and Hua Xiong. Move ahead and you’ll find that Lu Bu is standing guard. Engage him and he’ll retreat after he takes some damage. When he’s gone, the artillery will start pelting the gates, prompting a fight. Take out the officers as their troops try to destroy the artillery. When the gates open, move in an pick off the officers one by one.

Caution: The officers will mount an attack on Yuan Shao. Protect him at all costs to preserve the success of the mission.

Move on to defeat Zhang Liao and you matchup with Dong Zhuo. Take him out and you’ve completed the mission.

Jin Dynasty

Mission 1: Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion

Playable Character: Sima Yi

To begin this mission, take off south and engage the two officers protecting the stronghold. Move through and battle to secure the southern area.

Tip: Check your map to see which areas are under attack by the enemy. You’ll see some enemy movement come in from the north. Don’t be caught off guard.

You’ll be attacked on the eastern front, so scramble over there and take out the enemies there. Move in on the castle, take out the officers and you’ll find a ladder. Climb up and over the wall to face Su Shu and Wei Yan outside the perimeter. The battle inside will ensue so battle through and locate Gongsun Yuan. Take him out to complete the mission.

Mission 2: Subjugation of Shu

Playable Character: Sima Zhao

To start this mission, move northwest to the supply base and locate Wang Ping. This will trigger an attack back at your main base. Take out Wang Ping and move back to defend your base.

Caution: Now your objective becomes “assist Cao Shuang at once”. Protect him.

Take out the groups of enemies in your way quickly by plowing through them with your horse. When you get to Cao Shuang, dodge the fire and escape with him east. You must escort him. You’ll face a few battles as you get across the map. Take out Guan Suo, Yue Ying, and Xing Cai. To finish the level, you’ll have to take out Ma Dai. You’re done!

Character List

There are 62 playable characters in Dynasty Warriors 7:

Wei Playable Characters

Xiahou Yuan, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Zhen Ji, Xiahou Dun, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Cao Pi, Cai Wenji, Jia Xu, Dian Wei, Cao Cao, Zhang He.

Wu Playable Characters

Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Zhou Yu, Taishi Ci, Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Quan, Lu Meng, Gan Ning, Huang Gai, Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, Zhou Tai, Ling Tong, Ding Feng, Lian Shi, Lu Xun,.

Shu Playable Characters

Ma Dai, Ma Chao, Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei, Huang Zhong, Jiang Wei, Wei Yan, Pang Tong, Yue Ying, Xing Cai, Guan Ping, Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Shan, Guan Suo, Bao Sanniang.

Jin Playable Characters

Xiahou Ba, Deng Ai, Zhong Hui, Sima Yi, Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, Zhuge Dan, Wang Yuanji, Guo Huai.


Meng Huo, Zhu Rong Yuan Shao, Dong Zhuo, Zhang Jiao, Diao Chan, Lu Bu.


Read through this list of trophies and achievements before playing because some of these are easiest to accomplish in the earlier levels. Consult the tips in the text for some extra hints to pile up the awards.

Hero of the Ages


Increased your fame to 1 million or more in Conquest Mode.

Renowned Warrior


Increased your fame to 500,000 or more in Conquest Mode.

Wandering Fighter


Increased your fame to 100,000 or more in Conquest Mode.

Tip: Play on harder levels to get fame quicker.

Friend of Wu


Completed all of the Wu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Shu


Completed all of the Shu Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Jin


Completed all of the Jin Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Warrior of the People


Made all Dynasty Warriors officers available as sworn allies in Conquest Mode.

Tip: An Officer’s allegiance can be bought for 1,000 gold. Everyone has their price!



Answered all of the Scholar's quiz questions correctly in Conquest Mode.



Completed 10 or more Legendary Battles in Conquest Mode.

Consensus Builder


Maxed out your bond with every officer in Conquest Mode.

A Man's Warrior


Maxed out your bond with 5 or more male officers in Conquest Mode.

A Hit with the Ladies


Maxed out your bond with 5 or more female officers in Conquest Mode.

Friend of Wei


Completed all of the Wei Alliance Battles in Conquest Mode.

Emperor of Wu


Completed the story of Wu.

Emperor of Shu


Completed the story of Shu.

Emperor of Jin


Completed the story of Jin.

True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms


Obtained all achievements.

Grand Emperor


Completed all kingdoms' stories.

Emperor of Wei


Completed the story of Wei.

Yellow Turbans Eliminated


Completed the Yellow Turban Rebellion with one of the forces in Story Mode.

Ultimate Conqueror


Completed all stages in Conquest Mode except for downloadable battles.

Valor In The City


Unlocked all capital cities in Conquest Mode.

A New Challenger Appears


Completed the stories of Wei, Wu and Shu, and unlocked the story of Jin.

Conqueror of Chibi


Completed the Battle of Chibi with one of the forces in Story Mode.

Dong Zhuo's Worst Nightmare


Completed the Elimination of Dong Zhuo with one of the forces in Story Mode.

God of War


Achieved a total of more than 100,000 K.O.s over the course of the game.

Army of One


Defeated 1,000 or more enemies in a single battle.

Unrivaled Warrior


Defeated 3,000 or more enemies in a single battle.



Learned all skills with any officer.

Weapon Aficionado


Obtained all weapons of a single type, except for downloadable ones.



Obtained a total of more than 1 million gold over the course of the game.

Combo Master


Achieved a 50+ combo.

Tip: Use knives or arrows and pin an enemy up against a wall (a la the “turtle trick”) to get this one.

Speedy Warrior


Completed a battle within 1 minute.

Tip: Mount your trust steed and blitz through a level in Conquest Mode.

OK, you can pursue Lu Bu


Defeated Lu Bu for the first time.



Used healing items a total of 100 or more times over the course of the game.

Boot Camp Graduate


Completed all lessons in the tutorial.

Perfect Battle


Completed a battle without taking any damage.

Tip: Stay on your horse and mow through your enemy officers for this one. It’s easiest to do on the early, shorter levels.

Good Listener


Heard all conversations.

A Step Toward Glory


Completed the first stage in Conquest Mode.

Meticulous Collector


Unlocked all possible items in the gallery.

Weapon Collector


Obtained all weapons except for downloadable ones.

Little Conqueror


Unlocked 7 capital cities in Conquest Mode.

A Great Leap Forward


Unlocked the first capital city in Conquest Mode.

Eager Student


Correctly answered 5 of the Scholar's quiz questions in a row.

Wallpaper Collector


Obtained all types of wallpaper.

Animal Collector


Obtained all guardian animals.

Event Collector


Viewed all events.

Movie Collector


Viewed all movies.

Audio Collector


Unlocked all officers' voices in the gallery.

Seal Collector


Obtained all seals.

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