For those of you that have Skyrim on PC, I do hope you’ve taken a look at the Steam Workshop as there’s a lot of fantastic content that could be vastly improving your game,

There are in fact 10,000 mods available for download in the Skyrim Steam Workshop, an impressive figure I’m sure you’ll agree.

The Steam Workshop is a tool embedded into Steam that assists users in finding and sharing mods for various games on Steam. It’s possible to narrow down your search by category, popularity, collection, rating or popularity.

There’s a wide range of stuff out there, some of it small graphical improvements, entire HD retextures, evil layers with naked slaves and even mods to turn dragons into My Little Ponys (see below).

Perhaps you want to turn Mudcrabs into Zoidbergs?

Maybe you’d just like your Mudcrabs to look a bit posh?

Have you had any experience with Skyrim modding? Let us know in the comments.