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Solstheim: Northern Mountains

Topographical Overview

In some ways, the northern climbs of Solstheim are slightly more hospitable than the southern wastes, since the ash storms do not reach them. Instead, adventurers are left to traverse rocky and snow-swept landscapes, with more scree and dirt along the coastline. Farther inland, there are soaring peaks and a grand temple to the new usurper of this realm, and farther north still is a large glacier field, within which an ancient castle to a long-dead frost giant still stands. Rieklings dominate many of the locations up here, but the Skaal people also call this home; their village is set amid the frozen peaks to the northeast. Finally, a number of islands, unmarked to the regular traveler, offer danger and treasure to those wishing to swim through the Sea of Ghosts to reach them.

Page 1