Fallout 76 is coming out sometime this year, but before it hits store shelves, there will be a beta test (Break-it Early Test Application) so players can get an early taste of the game. While the Fallout 76 beta sign-up was announced during the Bethesda E3 press conference, information on how to sign-up for the Fallout 76 beta was limited. This article covers how to sign-up for the Fallout 76 beta test so you can get the process started now instead of scrambling to get in at the last minute.

Fallout 76 Beta Sign-Up Details

  • Pre-Order to Gain Access
  • Beta Starts in October 2018

At the moment, the only way to get into the Fallout 76 beta is to pre-order the game. You can pre-order the normal version or the extremely limited Power Armor Edition. There’s no information on which platforms will offer a beta just yet, but we do have confirmation that Xbox will have access to the beta first. However, most people believe all platforms will have an early access beta in October. For now, pre-order the game at Amazon or other retailers to gain access to the beta test.

When more details are revealed, we will update this article with additional information. At the very least, expect the exact dates of the beta to come over the next few weeks or months so we have more to go on other than a general date of October. Until then be sure to stay tuned to Prima Games as we continue to cover Fallout 76 as we get closer to its November 14, 2018 release date.