Far Cry 3 is now available in stores, and if you're like me, you're getting every bit of mileage that you can out of Ubisoft's amazing sequel, which is jam-packed with hours of action and excitement. Whether you're gunning after a squad of Vaas' heaviest armed soldiers or merely making your way around the island exploration style, there's no end to what you can do in this vast tropical world. And there's plenty of trouble to be found – this is no time for a suntan.

Being the recreational folks that we are here at Prima Games, we've come up with a list of things that you can do over the course of the game. Not only is there plenty to take part in through single player, but you can invite a few friends and go multiplayer in a couple of ways as well. Consider this your check-off list for fun around the island. (You might want to print it out and keep it with you.)

Hunt Down a Pirate Captain In Co-Op

Let's get right into the thick of multiplayer. With the co-op campaign, you can choose from four characters – Callum, Leonard, Mikhail or Tisha – and have up to four people take part in the campaign. You're chasing after a nasty pirate captain who has managed to scam these self-employed folks while they're working on a cruise ship. In an effort to get even, they vow to team up and hunt him down, while mowing through his enemy forces in the process. (We're not quite sure how they can afford all that firepower, but, hey, revenge is revenge.)

This mode takes approximately about 6 hours to complete, depending on skill sets, and there's a wicked sense of competition that takes place throughout, as you can play against your fellow players to see who can snipe the most enemies, snag the most melee kills, and so forth. So you can work together AND still see who's going to be the top dog.

Co-op is a great part of Far Cry 3, and we can't recommend it enough.

Bring On the Multiplayer

While the versus multiplayer portion of Far Cry 3 may not be as deep as, say, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, there's still quite a bit to it, complete with various characters from the story (dibs on Vaas!), a number of maps to choose from and weapons that can really pack a punch, including assault rifles and shotguns.

And one other neat aspect is being able to hang on long enough for someone to revive you. If you're taken to near death, you can mash the A (or X) button and try to "hang in there", as it were, until someone can come over and revive you. If they're not around, or they're all dead, you've had it.

One other cool part of multiplayer is the kill cam. In most multiplayer games, you're probably flipping around going, "WHO HIT ME?!" Well, with Far Cry 3, you get a view of where the fatal shot came from, and who made it, so you can try and settle the score once you're revived.

Again, it's probably not going to keep you too busy with its lack of perks and (thus far) DLC maps, but multiplayer is still worth going a few rounds with, especially if you've got friends willing to join you.

Hang Gliding

Going back to the single player portion of the game, let's talk about hang gliding. This is a superb way to get around the island, with hang gliders scattered throughout. Once you find one, you can take to the air, dipping towards the ground to gain speed and then flying across the islands with ease. Granted, you'll need to watch out for gunmen, who won't hesitate to fire on you if they spot you in the air, but it does give you manageability when it comes to rolling out of it and pulling your weapon to take them out. Granted, getting back in the air may take a bit of work, but then you can just look for another hang glider, right?

Go Hunting

Who says you only need to battle humans in Far Cry 3? Sure, those soldiers can be a pain in the neck, but it's awesome hunting after animals all over the island, capturing their hides and trading them in for some cold hard cash, which you can use towards weapons and such. These animals include Komodo dragons, tigers, sharks, and birds, amongst other creatures, and some are more challenging than others. In fact, some will just go all out when it comes to hunting YOU. So, yeah, you might want to keep a combat knife – or more preferably, a machete, handy.

Get In Trouble Behind the Wheel

A variety of vehicles will be scattered around the island, including ATV's (some of which require a medical delivery in order to use them), full range vehicles and water vehicles, like jet skis and boats. These are fun to race around with, and also give you access to new areas of the island when you just don't feel like swimming or using fast travel. What's more, when enemy soldiers show up, you can get in some fantastic pursuit situations. There are some points you can even ram into some of them and rack up an impressive kill count, provided you don't damage your vehicle enough that it's ready to explode. (These things can only take so much of a beating.)

Bulletin Boards Are Your Friend

Finally, if you're not in the mood to follow the main mission (or you think that your friends can just wait a bit), you can increase your combat skill set by taking part in secondary missions, including hunting down assassination targets and subduing camps for the greater good. Some of them are harder than others, depending on who you go after, but you'll come away with a better sense of the in-game combat, and gain some magnificent kills in the process. Jumping down on an enemy and taking them out with a nasty melee attack never gets old in this game.

That's just the mere start of all the things you can accomplish in this game, complete with weapon modification and even mixing your own toxins/medicine for when you'll need it down the road. You'll be quite busy with this sequel, as it's sure to keep you busy well through the holidays and into next year.

Far Cry 3 is available in stores now.