This article will allow you to master the slow and devastatingly lethal Shugoki hero class in For Honor. The Shugoki is a samurai warrior with demon-like strength that can knock back several enemies with a swift swing of his kanabo. This hero is one of the easier classes to play with, so if you’re new to For Honor, then trying him as your first hero can help you ease into the art of battle.

Shugoki Defense

The Shugoki’s intimidatingly high HP, tank-like defense, and special ability to regenerate his health make him perfect for capturing and holding down areas in Dominion mode. Before players dub him as too “OP”, this samurai hero has a setback that his enemies need to be mindful of while using him. The Shugoki’s slow speed and stamina limitations can be fatal. In Elimination Mode, a tag team of more agile enemies can easily take down the sluggish Shugoki, whose delayed response time can take some getting used to.

Shugoki Offense

Offense is where the Shugoki class shines, since his most endearing qualities come from his light and heavy attacks. This class earned the name of the disabler, since the Shugoki utilizes his brutal kanabo to dish out uninterruptible light attacks. He can also use his incredibly forceful heavy attacks to push back any enemy that enters his path. Just be wary of missing attacks, since this leaves the overbearing demon open to counterattacks.

Shugoki 1v1 Battle Approach

When engaging in battle, it benefits the Shugoki to allow an enemy to approach him, since this class is typically slow and using your stamina to chase around enemies will deplete it before you can engage in a real battle. Once in battle, use a series of light attacks, being mindful of where you’re attacking (attack the positions that the enemy isn’t guarding) and vary the attacks so you don’t become too predictable.

If an enemy manages to break your attacks, match the direction from which the enemy is attacking and this will parry the attack. Finish your enemies off like a pro by using a heavy attack and execution move. To further refine your skills, try these combat tips on for size.

Try this Shugoki class guide during the closed beta in January and full release of For Honor in February, and you’ll be sure to be the last warrior standing.