The For Honor reputation system is how the game handles player progression and unlocking new gear as well as getting better gear out of scavenger crates. However, the game doesn’t really explain exactly how this operates, so we’ve done the fact collecting to inform you of how the For Honor reputation system works. This article covers the For Honor reputation system, how it works, what those little symbols mean, and how all of this relates to For Honor scavenger crates, so you know when you’re facing someone that has a lot of experience with their character.

For Honor Reputation

If you’ve noticed two numbers by your name when you’re about to jump into a match in For Honor, you may have been wondering what those numbers mean. The first number is your player level, while the second number if your total gear level. Astute players may also notice that the player level resets after 20 and will sometimes have a wreath around it.

Similar to prestige in Call of Duty, For Honor has a reputation system. When you reach level 21 your reputation (or player level) resets back to 1 and the wreath appears around your level. Player level 21 is basically reputation level 1. As your reputation level increases, more and better gear will be unlocked for your hero. In addition, when you reach reputation level one, you can have multiple loadouts for your hero so you can quickly and easily change your focus from fast revive speed ro high attack power or whatever you like.

Essentially, if you see a player with a wreath around the first number next to their name, that means they’ve reached level 21 or above. For example, a three with a wreath around it would indicate reputation level three, which is basically player level 61. In addition, a blue number next to the player level indicates they have high quality gear obtained from scavenger crates or through various other means.

Scavenger Crates

You can purchase scavenge crates through the customization menu. However, it’s best to avoid buying scavenger crates until you’re at least reputation level one. This is because you get high quality gear once you reach reputation level one. This is the gear that has a blue highlight indicating it’s better than common gear.

Head into the hero customization area and choose Scavenge Gear to open any available scavenger crates (obtained through Faction War rewards, purchases, or other means) or buy the Basic Pack, Armor Pack, Weapon Pac or Premium Pack with renown (in-game currency). Every pack guarantees at least one higher level item, but once again, wait until you’re at least reputation level one before you buy these so you benefit more from the guaranteed high level item by getting a blue HQ item.

Pack Renown Cost Total Gear Guaranteed Higher Level Gear
Basic Pack 300 3 Pieces 1 Piece
Armor Pack 400 3 Pieces 1 Piece
Weapon Pack 400 3 Pieces 1 Piece
Premium Pack 500 5 Pieces 2 Pieces

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