Fortnite has released one more set of weekly challenges for players to complete before Season 3 ends at the end of the month. One of the Week 10 challenges is a treasure hunt where players must search between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge, and Red RV to find hidden loot. We’ll show you where to search in order to complete this challenge and level up your Battle Pass once more before the season wraps up on April 30.

Search Between a Stone Circle, Wooden Bridge, and Red RV

This Fortnite challenge involves triangulating a point between three specific objects on the map in Fortnite Battle Royale. This challenge may seem a bit obscure, but don’t worry. We’ll point you in the right direction.

To complete the challenge to search between a stone circle, wooden bridge, and red RV in Fortnite, you must first make your way toward Tomato Town. If you look closely at your map, the wooden bridge you need for this challenge is directly east of town. South of the wooden bridge is a stone circle surrounding a lone tree. As for the red RV, there is one hidden away near the edge of Wailing Woods northeast from the stone circle. We've marked the treasure location on the map image below.

Fortnite Search Between a Stone Circle Map

To find the hidden loot for this challenge, you will need to search the ground near the midpoint of these three landmarks. Keep an eye out for a log sitting in a small plot of dirt. If you are searching in the correct location, a Battle Star crest will pop up from the ground. Collect the crest to compete the challenge and earn 10 points toward your Battle Pass.

Fortnite Search Between a Stone Circle Wooden Bridge and Red RV

Note that you must complete the match normally after collecting the crest for it to count toward the challenge, so don't back out of the match early. Now that you know where to search between a stone circle, wooden bridge, and red RV in Fortnite, you can move on to complete another Week 10 challenge that involves skydiving through floating rings in Fortnite.

As Season 3 draws to a close, more and more players will be scrambling to finish up any remaining Battle Pass challenges they might have, so be ready for locations like this to be more densely populated than usual. If you’re curious what Fortnite has in store for Season 4, be sure to check out the latest Season 4 teaser that hints at a potential superhero theme coming to Fortnite.