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3.2 Attributes

There are five attributes that affect combat, loot, health, energy, skill learning, and bargaining with merchants. Which attributes you spend more points on will depend heavily on your starting profession and your preferred play style. For example, if you want to go all-out offense, load up on Strength, which improves your damage (both normal and critical) and increases your damage resistance. However, if you want to be more well rounded, pour points into Intelligence, which aids your energy recovery, increases the amount of skill points you earn each level, and improves your chances of negotiating with merchants.

This is a vital attribute for almost any profession or play style. It enhances your normal damage, increases the multiplier for your critical damage, and bulks up your damage resistance so you suffer less damage from incoming attacks. When in doubt, spend points in strength.

If you want to attack faster, spend points in Agility to increase your attack speed. Hit chance also goes up, which means you’ll miss less and more consistently deal damage over the course of combat. If you’re thinking defense, your deflection score goes up with Agility; this isn’t as reliable as sinking points into health through endurance, but it gives you a percentage chance to reduce damage suffered by two-thirds or to dodge (see the “Luck” section next).