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2.2 The Combatants

Divided into three distinct classes, the combatants on either the Ghost or Bodark teams are not necessarily carbon copies of each other. On the contrary, they have their own weapons, unlock progression, XP levels, and abilities, allowing for full customization of not just a particular style of play per class, but also per round. Learning when you’ll be attacking or defending is key to choosing how you upgrade your characters, and while we won’t tell you how to upgrade, we’ll certainly tell you what types are available for every class on every side. At certain points along the upgrade path, you’ll be forced to make a choice between two equally tempting options. Don’t make those choices lightly; the only way to undo an upgrade choice is to use a Respec Token, which everyone gets at Level 1 and again at Level 50, and can only be used once. Reaching Level 50 with that team’s class will also unlock an additional class-specific character customization slot, allowing you to level up again and choose another set of options.


Choose Your Own Adventure


The customization options in Ghost Recon Future Solider are multitudinous by design. Only you know your own play style, and with dozens of available parts to choose from that influence Power, Range, Control, and Maneuverability, it truly is up to you to experiment and see if having different ammo or more stopping power at the risk of less precision is how you want to play. The permutations are mind-boggling, which is why the class system was introduced to help funnel those choices toward a particular play style and role in the game.


Some unlocks come with leveling up, and are available to multiple classes or weapons at set points. Others, though, require Attachment Credits. You earn one every time you level up. Credits can be spent as you please, but bear in mind that an attachment is specific to that weapon; if you want to buy a similar attachment for another gun, even if it’s in the same class, you’ll have to pay for it, so think before you go on a Credit spending spree.
To help with your upgrade path, we have prepared some base comparisons of the different classes and their loadouts. Because no two people play the same way, these are the default weapons before all that customization has been factored in, so use it as a jumping-off point for future tweaks that fit your play style