God of War: Ascension

Step-by-step walkthrough of Chapters 11 through 21. Solve all the puzzles, find the Gorgons' Eyes/Phoenix Feathers, and tips for the bosses!

Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs

Snatch some health and Red Orbs, then zip-past the locked door.

Examine the purple torch to acquire the Soul of Hades magic spell. With it, you can summon some undead (when upgraded), as well as a giant hand from the ground.

Get a feel for it in the next wave of opponents and turn 'em into dust!

Head in the next room when the door opens. In this chamber, those bulky knight statues will "come alive" and threaten you.

These guys are known as "Talos" and these versions are fire-based. They can be a little bit of a pain simply because of their remote-fire attacks. You'll have to roll or block (preferably, block) their movements and attacks. Roll out of the way when they leap in the air; they'll try to pound you!

Also, the foes are untouchable when they cast a fire barrier around them. Use quick-stabs and back up – it's your best bet.

When they're stunned, grabbing their hammer will initiate a random three-set button series, so pay close attention to the screen to victor over 'em!

With them gone, grab ahold of the statue head inside a wooden block. Push it in the far corner in front of the ladder, then climb up to the second floor using both the statue and ladder.

Go left and snag a Journal and some health. Next, hop over the gap and claim the Red Orb chests. There are two locked doors on this level; you'll be dealing with them a little later.

Head over to the other side and into the room past the statue (it's one of those Medusa mist sculptures, but it's not active as of right now). Activate the lever inside and ride the lift down.

Check the note in front of the statue. (Eye of truth? What is this, Zelda?). Then, wrap around into the next room.

Pounce on the chandelier/circle platform, then latch your blades onto the snake statues above you. The room will transform, and you'll crash down to the lower level.

Quickly shimmy across the wreckage before it falls and leap to the next platform that rises up (this happens due to the room returning back to its original state).

Back on the upper part, break the next pair of snake statues to deploy more mist. When you crash, run up the ramp, leap off the end, and lunge to the wall above. A QTE will be triggered here – hurry and smash open the large door!

Before you go onward, turn back around and open up the chests (two carrying a Gorgon's Eye and a Phoenix Feather). In the following chamber, trigger the green mist to change the atmosphere. Stay in front of the statue here, because the floor's collapsing!

Defeat the Bats and wait for the room to turn back to normal. Activate the mist again and hop over to the platform in front of the right gate. Wait for the gate to open and go through.

In the second room, ignore the mist for a second and move yourself through two chambers ahead of you. Collect the recovery items and Red Orbs, then return to the second room.

Transform the room from the mist statue. Doing this will open the gate in the last chamber (near the chests). Be careful when crossing – the double-jump technique is your best friend here.

Stick to the left in the third room. In the final hall, pounce across the platforms to make it to the open passage in time.

Enter the large doors on top of the stairs. You now have to deal with foes casting shadow spells.

These fellows are quite difficult. They're fast and deploy shadows of themselves. As the game indicates, grapple them when they dig into the ground. Not only that, but you can hit multiple of them at once! Don't fiddle around with the shadows – keep your game on the solid enemies.

After the fight, check the note on the statue to the right, then enter the small nook in the far-right corner. Pull the lever here to activate the mist statue. Trigger the statue to change the room. *Note: You can break open the door near the lever for a Gorgon's Eye.

Basically, the game will point out what to do here. Run over to the highlighted pillar on the left side and grapple it to have it come crashing down. This will create a platform for you – hop on it and latch to the upper wall.

Climb right and leap to the chandelier platform that's hung. Grapple onto the two large statues on the sides of the hour glass to swing the platform back and forth; giving you enough leverage to jump on top of the hour glass.

On the balcony, grab the Aletheia's Charm (another special item) in front of the altar, then collect some Red Orbs on the right-end side.

Find a lever to the left side of the balcony to open the door nearby. This leads to the first room of the catacombs (with the statue head block). Activate the mist statue inside and smash the cracked door (this will create a shortcut to the hour glass room soon).

With the mist active, a wooden plank will crash down in front of the tall statue below. Drop down and defeat the enemies there. Then, drag the statue block and place it on top of the fire guarding the tall statue.

Ascend the ladder here and trigger the mist once more. Go down to the lower level again and push the statue block onto the wooden plank. Stand on it and ride it back up to the second floor when the room turns back to normal (clever, eh?).

Drag the statue block into the alter room (with the hour glass) and push it off the balcony's edge. Now, drop below.

If you want, move the statue and place it on the floor switch to the south. It'll open up the top-left room which contains a Phoenix Feather, a Journal, and some Red Orbs.

Now, position the statue head just behind the floor switch, activate the mist from the right, then double-jump to the chandelier using the block. With room still transformed, grapple the two statues next to hour glass and quickly swing the chandelier into the hour glass to break it open.

You'll watch a cinema.

Chapter 12: The Oracle's Chamber

After the cinema, chase after the Prophet Castor (who resembles that baby-stomach character from the movie Total Recall). This moment in the game is fast-paced, so prepare yourself to press button cues and move quickly.

Make it across the falling bridge by leaping over the gaps. Grapple to the pillars at the end to get to the next section.

Keep moving and use double-jumps. Up ahead, you'll have to grapple to the bridge that hangs sideways on the left side and then leap to the next section.

In the following session, swing and jump your way through. The final sequence will require some button prompts, so get ready to press 'em!

Boss! Prophet Castor

Phase One

Grapple the rock nearby and throw it at him to initiate the battle.

The only opportunity to strike him (at this point) is when he's on lower ground. You CAN block some of his attacks, but his three-set combo can only be avoided by rolling outta the way.

When he pounds the floor with both of his fists, several sections of the floor will fall. Stay on the bottom section, then move right as each piece descends. As the center platform re-spawns, double-jump to it.

####Phase Two Evading his attacks using the roll technique is your safe bet. Use double-jumps to dodge his green beam as he smashes the floor with his hammer.

If you get caught in his green energy, it’ll slow down your movement tremendously – roll your way out!

Stick to quick attacks and magic if you have any. The fight will shifts gears in no time.

Phase Three

Pillars will form on the outer edges of the platform. When he lands on one, he'll begin to shoot blue beams that break apart a section of the floor for each one it hits. Keep rolling and attack the pillars he teleports to. Eventually, you'll knock him off one of 'em!

This will stun him momentarily, so go in and strike. Now it's just a matter of fighting him one-on-one. Be sure to evade his blow when he launches in the air.

His quick-attacks can be blocked easily, but don't get too close or he'll grab you! Basically, you'll want to deploy your offense after he strikes.

When the floor trembles, stay on the very bottom section to avoid death. This will trigger a QTE; point the screen wherever he goes and attack him when he gets close to you. Follow the button cues to kill off one version of the Prophet Castor.

Phase Four: The Stomach Baby

Deflect its blue beams using the block tactic. Again, you'll want to stay out of the green orb's range since it decreases your movement's speed.

Move back after attacking him to ensure safety. Soon after, with enough injury, he'll collapse to the floor. Stay in the middle of the platform because the floor will tremble again.

Phase Five

When pillars form on the outer edges, smash them like you did before, then grapple the remains. You can throw the pillars at him here! This will temporarily disable his magic; run in and stab him! Repeat this process a couple times.

Phase Six

In the final session, he'll drop the Oracle and kneel down. While in this careless situation, he'll try to break the floor again. Keep slashing his body and then grab him!

This will activate another QTE. Victor over him by pressing the appropriate buttons to conclude this fight (you'll both fall down the pit).

Following The Battle…

When you land, the deformed Prophet Castor will be crawling on the ground. Walk towards him and press the button prompt – you'll stomp him for good!

Examine the Castor's body to claim the Amulet of Uroborus. This nifty item lets you manipulate and rebuild (or decay) structures and objects. You can also reassemble chests, too!

Follow the game's cues and use the Amulet to highlight the broken structure in front of you (hold L2). Press Square as you hold the structure to give you the option to either "Heal" or "Decay" the object. Heal it by moving the Right Stick right to form the structure back together.

With that built, highlight the bottom-right wreckage and decay it with your Amulet about halfway (the controller will vibrate). This creates a block you can hop onto by performing a double-jump.

Use the block to reach the bridge in the upper-left corner. Access the Amulet and reform the bridge above. Double-jump to the newly-formed bridge, which leads you to Alethia, the Oracle.

Special Note: I experienced a "screen glitch" here where the camera doesn't render properly (you won't be able to see where the hell you are). If this happens to you, quit the game and choose "Select Chapter." If you try and load your saved game, the camera glitch will still be present. Note that you'll have to repeat the process of decaying and reassembly the bridges after you load the chapter!

Chapter 13: Passage to Delphi

Meet up with Alethia and watch a lengthy cinema. After it concludes, head back on the bridge and walk to its end. You can "heal" the Red Orb chest here with your Amulet.

Now, enter the cave past Alethia's corpse.

Jump across the cliff to hug the wall. Move right to find a hidden room through a narrow passage and grab the Phoenix Feather from the chest.

Return to the cliff and pounce to the upper ledge. Go left and jump to the walkway here.

Proceed forward and drop down the bridge. If you run towards the screen, you'll find a staircase leading to some recovery chests. Go back and run underneath the bridge. Enter the next area and battle some enemies.

Yes, you can use your Amulet power on foes! This will lift them up in the air and leave them helpless momentarily. Try grabbing multiple at once! Note that the Amulet – when used for battle purposes – must recharge after being used.

When clear, run down the long stream of water. At the end, reassemble the river bridge with the Amulet.

Go further down the stream and into the tunnel. Deal with the opponents here (to make this fight more forgiving, use the Amulet).

When you victor, head to the end of the stream (in front of the gap) and reform the bridge using the Amulet.

Chapter 14: The Cistern (Part 2)

Push onward and collect the Gorgon's Eye as well as the Red Orbs in the small tunnel at the end. Now, hop onto bullhead statue in the middle of the creek and descend to the lower level.

You will be ambushed by a Bull Warrior and some dogs. The Bull carries a large sword, but its attacks can be blocked. Use the Amulet on him to ease the battle. You have to succeed in a quick-time sequence to finish him (or by constant strikes).

Become victorious, and a new pathway will open. Head over there and heal the broken chest for some Red Orbs at the hall's entrance.

Take your first right in the middle of the corridor. You'll find another code encrypted on the picture, as well as a Red Orb chest you can recover with the Amulet.

Make your way to the end of the hallway (snatch the recovery items along the walk) and proceed left.

Arriving outside, you'll encounter a Large Cyclops. Remember, Cyclops have tremendous strength, so don't bother blocking their strikes. Evade with rolls and cast the Amulet to stun him for a second or two.

The Beetles will blind you every now and then, so it wouldn't hurt to use some magic attacks here.

Ride the Cyclops when the opportunity arises and stab him repeatedly. Be sure to move left and right when he tries to shake you off! As always, follow the button prompts to win the battle.

Head right and reform the Red Orb chest. Now, go left and discover a broken-bridge you can reconstruct with the Amulet.

Before doing so, drop down into the lower area. If you go right, you can scout for two Red Orb chests (one in the room, the other outside to the far-right; heal it with the Amulet). The small bridge to the right leads back to the first part of the Cistern, which you have no need to go to.

To get back up, hop on the small block (where the broken bridge is) and double-jump to the ledge above. Now, rebuild the bridge with the Amulet and cross it.

Work your way down the valley. Wall-hug the cliff in front of the waterfall to reach the other side.

You're now back in familiar turf of the Cistern (though it's daylight now). Remember, that blue door is caved-in, so head right and pounce over the gap.

When you reach the broken-water mill, jump on its platform in front of you, then activate the Amulet. "Heal" the debris on the ground below about halfway (let go of L2 when the controller vibrates).

The large debris on the ground that looks like a pillar will be sticking up in a slanted-position. Drop down and grapple the lever in front of the water mill.

Pull the lever all the way back. Right as you do this, let go of the lever and tap L2 to enter Amulet Mode. Decay the wreckage all the way, and that large piece of debris will block the lever from moving.

Now the water mill won't move, and the other debris to the right will have formed into a ramp for you. Climb the wreckage and jump to the green platform (on the water mill's right side). Standing on the platform, fully assemble the water mill with the Amulet to get it moving again.

The water mill will rotate and you'll find yourself on the very top of it. Hop onto the ledge and reform the bridge using the Amulet. The mill will spin, and Kratos will immediately ride it down to the next area.

Chapter 15: The Grotto

You know how to swim, right? Dive underwater and swim through the passage on the right side. Surface here to win another Gorgon's Eye and Phoenix Feather.

Swim back underwater and take the other path straight ahead. Follow the lava-crack stream until you reach a round gate, then surface to the dry land above.

Fight the Frost Knights here (they're roughly the same as the fire-based ones; you won't be able to hit them when they cast their ice barriers).

Once they're taken care of, snatch some health then use your Amulet power to decay the chain mills to the left and right. This opens up a new water passage.

Dive in and head into the hole in the wall. Continue swimming forward and you'll reach a flooded cave.

When you stumble across a gap, swim downward and take the lower path (the upper path leads to the same area, but there are spikes threatening your swim).

Swim to the bottom path in the next section and go left. You'll discover the Boat Captain's Idol; another special item available after a game completion.

Move back up and continue swimming right. Go onward until you surface to dry land.

Snatch the items here, then squeeze through the narrow passage. This leads you to the Harbor of Kirra.

The Harbor of Kirra

This area isn't numbered and isn't considered a "chapter," but it does contain some special items.

You'll witness a quick cut-scene of the workers on the ship. Head right and snag the Red Orbs from the chest (there's another Red Orb chest on the boat here; in front of the big man).

Make your way to the left-side docks. You can find a note if you smash the crates here. Staying on the left-most dock brings you to a Gorgon's Eye and Phoenix Feather.

When you're done fiddling around, board the ship nearby and watch a cinema.

Chapter 16: Prison of the Damned (Part 2)

Back to present day, you'll immediately be pitted against another Cerberus. This is easier, considering you now have the Amulet. Like before, you can toss the enemies at him to stagger the beast. Remember, you can block most of his attacks, just not the one where he spawns out of the ground.

Afterward, approach the gate and activate your Amulet. Choose "Heal" to reconstruct a small alley/town ahead of you.

Walk in and go up the small staircase to the right. Grab the Red Orbs and the Gorgon's Eye.

In the alleyway, run to the far-left corner for a Letter, a Phoenix Feather, and some Orbs.

Enter the fenced-area from the alley's right corner and open the door for another cinema.

Another illusion, what a drag! As the Fury flies away, pick up the recovery items and the Orko's Cloak) nearby, then enter the gate. (The Cloak is another "special" item.)

The gate will shut, and you'll literally be faced with a topless woman (known as an Empusa).

Handling one isn't too bad; her attacks are general and you'll get to throw her around several times when the chances are available. Be sure to grab ahold of the creature and pierce her body to terminate it.

After she's gone, take a look above the chamber's windows – there are stubs on the wall you can climb. Arise there and leap to the far-right stub, then begin ascending to the building's roof.

On the roof, dismiss the foes lurking here, then descend to the area below.

Win the fight against the next wave of enemies and head for the structure in the distance. Once you put it back together (by way of the Amulet), a lone chain will hang below you.

Jump off the edge of the cliff and latch onto the chain when you descend. Swing across the hanging-hands, then grapple and leap your way upward.

You'll land in front of a rather huge-disgusting face of an Aegaeon creature (which is the same one you killed before). No worries; he's dead.

Descend the stairs from here that lead inside a tunnel. Go through the open gate to the right and collect the Red Orbs, then climb down the ladder in the left room.

Chapter 17: Martyr's Chamber

What a freakish dungeon! Check out the burning corpses to the left…

Examine the torture machine and unclamp the body in it. Next, run over to the hanging corpse and trigger your Amulet power. Decay the silver object to detach the chains bounding the poor fellow.

Now, grapple him and move backward. You need to bind him into the torture machine (the same one you just unclamped). Release R1 in front of the machine to do so.

This will raise the cage block in the top-right corner. Pick up the other corpse on the ground and enter the gate below the block. Drop the body for a second and hook your blades to the rail inside to raise the floor to the second level.

Grab the body again and walk to the ledge to the left. Drop the body off the edge (near the torch) and he'll land right on the floor switch below!

Doing so will raise a pillar that pushes the cage block higher. Jump twice to the block to reach the other side.

Go to the right cell to claim a Letter and Gorgon's Eye.

Snatch some health a Red Orbs nearby, then open the door ahead to talk to the prisoner.

After the chat, head in the next room and win a fight with another Empusa, as well as some Beetle creatures. This one is lightning-based (like the one in the catacombs); be sure to evade her electricity on the ground. If she stuns you, shake it off. Defeating this wave will spawn a Large Medusa. Keep the offense on her, and block when appropriate. If she wraps her tail around you, you'll need to break free. Using the Amulet, your magic-based attacks, and your standard strikes works well here.

To vanquish her, strike her repeatedly after grappling the creature. Duck under her stab and slash away. You'll want to move to the side when she tries to claw you a second time.

When it's all said and done, grab some health (which you'll likely need), then grapple the broken structure nearby. Drag it backward so it lines up with the ramp above you, then double-jump to the ramp from the wreckage.

Head through the jail hall and ascend the ladder. Next, run up the stairs and check the Letter. Keep moving forward to initiate a cinema, as well as a QTE with the bird-like creature. Follow the prompts!

Chapter 18: Delos Landing

Run along the docks and you'll encounter a wave of foes, including a Bull creature. Dismiss them the same way as before, then grab the recovery items near you.

Examine the corpse at the end of the dock (with his body pierced with a spear). A scene will be presented, and the Sea Monster from afar will break the docks before you.

Use the Amulet to reconstruct the structure at the edge of the docks, but suspend them in the middle of the healing sequence (when the controller vibrates).

With the wreckage resting in thin air, climb them and pounce to the small cliff.

When you land, fully reconstruct the structure here (with the Amulet). Activate the lift inside by using the lever. Another wave will ambush you. Vanquish them all!

Note: You can also acquire a new sub-weapon here; a long spear which can be thrown. It'll come in handy quite soon. Once you become the victor, make it to the end of the cliff and try to grapple the wooden tower. That same Sea Monster will surprise you – follow the QTE's cues!

Following that, two Lightning Knights will greet you. Since their size is a tad bigger, they move slower. Other than that, they have the same maneuvers as the other knights.

Upon winning the fight, go to the end of the cliff and shimmy up the ledge to the upper section.

Take your first left here, which will guide you to a bridge you can jump onto. Open the chest and obtain the Phoenix Feather. Head back to where you surfaced and keep going right. Snatch the Gorgon's Eye resting here.

Note: If you've been following this guide, your health and magic should increase again. You'll earn two Trophies here – that's all of the Gorgons' Eyes and Phoenix Feathers in God of War: Ascension! If you missed any, white chests will be available in the upcoming chapters containing them. Don't worry – they're included in the walkthrough!

Now take the main path straight ahead. Replenish your health and magic if need be, then climb the walls before you.

When you surface to the upper section, you'll be attacked by a larger Elephant. Use the same tactics has before, since the opponent moves at a slower pace this time around.

Once clear, the walkway/dock to the far-left will open. Run up there and pass the cannon. Next, wall-hug across the narrow cliff and then jump to the next one.

Keep moving right and climb up. At the tip of the circle structure rests a highlighted hook; leap and lunge to it, then break your way through the center piece.

In the room, walk to the edge of the catwalk and grapple the shiny piece above. By doing this, it'll rotate closer to you. Jump onto it and let it bring you to the other side.

Hug the right wall to make it to the next area. A poisonous Empusa (and some Bats) await you. Tackle your way to victory, and be sure to shake off its attack if need be.

When the fight concludes, run past the lever (for now) to the left side of the room. You'll find a stack of gears. Drag it to the right side (near the lever).

Use the stack to reach the upper ledge. A giant chain rests here to the right, but there's wooden stub blocking it. Smash it with your blades to get the gears moving for a couple of seconds.

Drop down and stand in front of the large chain. Activate the Amulet and put the chain back together.

Now, place the pile of gears back in front of the large cogwheel to the left. Go back to that same lever and pull it all the way to the left. Quickly jog back to the cogwheel and push the stack of gears into the open-slot (this will stop the wheels).

Climb the left side of the cogwheel. You can leap to upper left-hand ledge from here. You'll find a note and numerous chests here (including a White Chest). If you didn't scavenge all the Eyes and Feathers from this point, you'll obtain one of them.

Pull out the pile of gears once again; push the lever all the way to the right, then place the stack of gears in the empty slot of the cogwheel. Now you can climb the right side of the cogwheel!

Before you do, decay the large chains with the Amulet and push the lever to the far right again. This will move the upper cogwheel above closer to you.

Climb the cogwheel, then jump and grapple to the other wheel above you. Latch to the ledge ahead to advance to the next area.

Take care of the Beetle nest, then begin climbing and leaping up/across the walls. At the top, move left and pounce across the gap. Then, squeeze through the narrow passage.

Grab the Orbs in the following section, then push open the highlighted wall.

Chapter 19: The Foot of Apollo

Enjoy the scenery here, then begin climbing the left wall. Use the tree branch and stubs to get up to the next level.

Recover the chest to the right with the Amulet to obtain some Red Orbs, then continue rock-climbing the cliff.

Move upward, then go left and leap to the wooden walkway. You'll spot a blue-ninja-looking lady (was that Sub-Zero's sister?). Next, ascend the following ledge, then climb and leap to the platform ahead.

Time to battle Sub-Zero's sister… I mean, the "Ninja Lady." You will also have to deal with the bird- woman opponent as well. The Ninja throws her spear, and performs a three-to-five hit combo, which can easily be blocked or parried. This fight is an easy one; try tossing the bird into the Ninja to distract her!

After the battle, attack the small wooden tower nearby to break it apart. Hop onto the remains to reach the upper ledge.

Jump and climb to the wooden boards here. On the last board, leap to the highlighted-hook and grapple it to swing to the left wall. You'll slide down the wall and ride a rope to a wooden trolley.

Activate the trolley by pulling the lever. Deal with the bird enemies here (easily done by grappling and throwing them off). Soon, that damn Sea Monster will put an end to your lovely tour. Get your fingers ready to grapple to safety!

You will find yourself hanging on the sideways-trolley. Climb up and leap to stone blocks hung by a rope. Move up to the third block then pounce to the rope; you'll slide down it and into a new building.

In the building, vanquish the two Empusae. Their ground attack can hit each other, so try luring one into the other's lightning.

When victory ensues, pull the rusty chain on the right side to raise a platform. Use the platform to gain land above.

Obtain the items from the chests, then rotate the small cogwheel (it's highlighted) to have a circular-block drop down. Push the block all the way to the left wall to reach the ledge above you.

Grapple the cog piece on the ceiling here to get the other gears spinning. Shimmy across the gears (be careful not to fall). On the third wheel, climb the right wall to reach the upper ledge containing some Red Orbs.

Use the last wheel to reach the chamber hall. Eliminate the Beetles in here (and their nest), then go down the left passage at the end of the hall to obtain some Red Orbs. After, take the right passage to arrive back outside.

Open all the chests here, then run to the edge of the cliff and slide down the rope.

Landing on a wooden catwalk, descend the ladder first and open the White Chest, as well as the red one. With that sought, climb back up the ladder.

Run to the end of the catwalk and hop down the land below. As you regain your footing, you'll encounter two Horse Beasts and a Ninja. Funny thing is, these guys can hit each other. Execute standard attacks here and follow the button cues to victory.

When you win, run over to the huge chain and grapple it. This will break the chain into two pieces. Hop on top of the chain (the back piece) and use it to jump to the upper catwalk.

Acquire the Red Orbs and open the White Chest, as well as some health nearby. When you're ready, jump into the room above you. In the fire tower, there are two floor switches you can step on. Doing so will rotate the platform upward. You'll have to roll back and forth to each switch to avoid the flames.

When you're high enough, jump to the ledge on the north side (where the chests are). Grab the note and items, then walk on the wooden dock.

Swing along until you reach the wall, then break it open. Then, climb the wall inside.

You'll come across a bridge that will collapse. As it trembles, jump below and lunge to the left piece, then use it to reach the other side of the bridge.

The bridge will fall almost immediately, so make haste and leap to the wall. As you hang, go up and surface another catwalk.

Slash your way through the eggs and stick left to find some Red Orbs. Now, go to the edge of the catwalk, jump, and then grapple to the wall. Be like The Hulk and smash it open while you dangle. Dismiss the Beetles here and get rid of that nest on the far-left wall. Climb the stubs here, then leap and lunge yourself to the highlight mark.

Chapter 20: The Gauntlet of Apollo

Does this remind you of the movie 300? The Furies will dispatch a group of shielded-Spartans that will slowly creep to you. Use heavy attacks to disorient them. Eventually, the Fury with the tentacles will jump down and join the fun!

Boss! Tentacle Fury

Since Spartans keep spawning around you, try using your magic attacks to clear them out.

When she jumps to the roof of the building, watch out – you'll need to pounce in the air to avoid getting hit as she smashes the ground.

There will be a point where she rests herself on the roof and stays there. At this moment, pick up any of the Spartan's spears and toss 'em at her. With consistency, this will knock her down to the ground. Now's your chance to grab her!

Succeed in the button prompts and Kratos will break off her arm (ouch!). Following that, you'll run into a QTE with a bird creature. As you land on the roof, move left/right to evade blows and keep stabbing the flying creature. Soon enough, you'll be pitted against the second Fury.

Boss! Bird Fury

Keep your attacks up and block her strikes. Don't let the bird grab you; it can be blocked as well!

Roll or run away from her rain-of-fire threats as she leaps in the air. After a great deal of damage, you'll be able to grapple her. Press the appropriate buttons to initiate yet another fight!

Bosses! Furies

Now the Furies will join forces and try to put an end to your reign. Again, you'll want to keep moving to avoid the aerial attacks. Concentrate on one of them, preferably the tentacle one.

The moment the Tentacle Fury shields herself with a barrier, switch your game and deploy offense on the other Fury. When the Bird Fury is stunned, grapple her and follow the button indications – you'll initiate another QTE.

Be prepared to rotate the Left Stick to whatever side the screen tells you. This will finish off the Tentacle Fury.

From the distance, the Sea Monster will begin surfacing its tentacles. As you gain back control of Kratos, grab the other Fury and victor over the cues here. Keep pressing the attack buttons (either Square or Triangle) to "defeat" her.


A rather lengthy cinema will ensue. At its climax, you'll receive the Oath Stone of Orkos. This spell allows you spawn a clone of yourself and lets you be two places at once. If you've ever played Darksiders 2, you'll be quite familiar with this mechanism.

Afterward, rotate the crank in front of you (all the way). When it's in place, it'll lower the lift ahead. Keep holding R1 and activate the Oath power to spawn a clone of yourself.

With Kratos' "clone" still holding the crank, shimmy yourself up the lift. Deactivate the Oath as you stand on it to raise it again. Into the next area you go.

Chapter 21: The Forearm of Apollo

Go right on the catwalk and discover the Stonemason's Chisel. Yup, another usable item available after a game completion.

Stand on the floor switch and spawn a clone of yourself with the Oath to keep the switch active. This opens up the gate; swing there and head down to the lower platform.

Yes, you can also use the Oath in battle – try it out! Like the Amulet, it has to recharge after each use (in battle, anyway). Basically, your clone will tag team with you in combat.

After the fight, go to the lower left-hand corner and climb the stubs on the wall. Keep moving right and leap to the bridge from there.

At the gap, grapple the bridge on the other side and pull it back as far as you can. Now, use the Oath power to spawn your clone and to keep the bridge held.

Note: You can now drop back down to the lower level; the room's gate on the left will open. Snatch all the items here, including a note and a White Chest. If you do this, you'll have to climb back up/around the walls to the bridge again and reactivate the Oath.

With the clone holding the bridge, pounce onto it (you'll have enough range here). When you land, turn off the Oath to move the bridge closer to the seesaw.

Jump onto the seesaw and cast the Oath on the left-hand side , keeping the ramp tilted upward on the right side. The wall above you will rotate.

Shimmy up the wall and start moving left. Now, leap to the wooden wall – you'll slide down. Get ready to grapple the hook as you descend!

While hanging, propel yourself off the wall and break the wall open. Outside, run to the dock, leap and lunge to the giant chain above, then swing your way upward to the land ahead.

Defeat the enemies here, including a Shadow Cerberus (they're roughly the same as the other foes). Replenish your health and magic after the battle.

Grapple the large-broken chain on the right and drag yourself backward. When the chain is close enough into reconnecting with the other piece, activate the Oath.

Your spawn will hold the chain in place, giving you the opportunity to run over to the left piece and manipulate it with the Amulet.

Reassemble the chain roughly a quarter of the way to give you enough leverage to reach the ledge. Remember, the controller will vibrate when proper suspension can be executed.

On the second level, go right and jump to the upper catwalk; there's a White Chest laying here. Now, make your way inside the furnace tower from the ledge nearby.

Like before, you have to activate both ground switches in order for the lift to move upward. Use the Oath this time around and place your clone on either switch to keep moving.

It won't be long until you're ambushed a wave of enemies. You'll have to spawn another clone of yourself at least one more time on either switch to have the platform move again.

Though the Fire Knight is nothing new in your enemy dictionary, it's more difficult considering you have other enemies taunting you. Deploy your magic to ease any frustration here.

Once you reach the top of the tower, the lift will automatically stop and you're free to fight any remaining enemies without time constraint. As the room clears, head over to the lightened-path leading outside.

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