God of War: Ascension

Make it through the last nine chapters with fighting tips, puzzle solutions, and other strategies in this last part of the GoW Ascension walkthrough!

Chapter 22: The Ribs of Apollo

On the dock, read the note, replenish your health/magic, and then run over to the right for some Red Orbs.

Lunge yourself to the hooks above from the left side of the dock. Swing your way across – you'll leap to the far wall and slide down it. Grapple the large chain as you descend in the air. Swing to the next hook to hang from a beam.

Scale the beam and spring to the next one to the right. From there, climb right onto the tall frame and ascend. Next, move up, leap, and lunge to the hook at the top.

Swing and break open the wall resting here, then get ready to latch onto the colossus as you break through.

Climb up to the wooden platform and ascend the broken-ladder (you'll have to jump to the top part). On the top deck, scale the wall here.

When you can't climb anymore, jump left to the small wooden trolley above. Swing across the hooks to reach the other side. Now, ascend the ladder on the right side.

On the second level, scavenge the Red Orbs to the right, then move left and shimmy across the wooden decks below. The third deck will break, so latch to the following one as you fall.

Defeat the bull and shielded enemies as you surface, then head inside the room. Push the large gear here that blocks your path. Other than obtaining a note and recovery chests on the other side, rotate the next gear to scope the exit.

Chapter 23: The Furnace

Eliminate the enemies that greet you, including a Gorgon. Becoming victorious will open the gate in the far-right corner.

There's a large pot of unlit-firewood inside you can move, but ignore it for now.

Rotate the cogwheel near the firewood (tap O repeatedly) to bring forth a platform to you. Hop on it and ride it to the catwalk afar. Run up the catwalk and jump to the ledge above.

On the second level, examine the two paintings on the wall and scout all the items here. (Next to the Red Orb chest rests the Archimedes' Treatise.)

When you're done scouting, grapple and pull the central lever on the floor to open a passage inside the furnace. Use the Oath and have your clone hold the lever, then pounce inside; you'll go down. Landing back on the first level (behind the large gate), examine the furnace you stand on. It's not inflamed…yet.

Snag the items in the white chests near the gate, then rotate the cogwheel located in the lower-right corner. This opens the large barred-gate.

Back in the first area, grab that firewood you noticed earlier and place it in the slot next to the cogwheel you just operated (behind the bar gate). Spin the cogwheel repetitively to ignite the firewood. It will burn out, but don't worry – you'll be able to inflame it with your Amulet.

Place the firewood back in its original spot (near the other cogwheel), then ignite it using the Amulet. This inflames the furnace and gets it up-and-running again.

Now, destroy the wooden boards blocking the other furnace next to you and push the firewood in there. Rotate the cogwheel nearby (the same one that moves the platform) and lava will drop down into the pot.

With the pot filled with lava, grab it and bring it over to the other furnace (the one beyond the other cogwheel). Position it in the center slot and light it with your Amulet. The entire furnace will engulf in flames.

Go back in the first room and the gate's bars will shut. Mess with the opponents here (including a large Medusa; evade her beam!). After, spin the cogwheel in the room once again to bring the platform back to you.

The furnace machinery will be fully operative. Ride the platform again and go to the second floor. Terminate the lightning Bats flying around when you get there.

Hop onto the platform in the right corner. The furnace's vents will open and close. Use them to reach the top section of the furnace. A lift will take you up when you get there.

On the catwalk, wait until the fire pot above you swings in the air, then run for it! Pounce over the gap ahead, and regenerate your health/magic if you desire.

Latch onto the upper stub at the end of the catwalk. Climb to the left of the column and board the moving belt. Ride the belt to the right end first and collect the Red Orbs. Then, make your way to the left end of the belt and spin the cogwheel there.

This activates another mechanism and stops the belt from moving. Run back on the belt. Standard enemies will attack you, and you'll have limited time before the fire waves close-in on you. If you're having trouble, try using the Oath and Amulet to get rid of 'em quickly!

Once they're defeated, the flames will stop. Move along the belt until you see the second machinery you can jump to (it has a platform). As it raises to you, pounce on it.

Shimmy across the platforms here. When you reach the third platform, you have to hop on the spinning- metal piece. Keep moving left on the piece to avoid falling to your death and leap to the fourth platform as it rises up.

On the last platform, wait until it ascends to the top (and when the fire pots pass) then launch yourself to the highlighted-beam. After all this, you'll swing to land.

Chapter 24: The Shoulder of Apollo

Special Note: If you haven't been upgrading your blades and magic spells, now's the time to do so. The battles will be more lethal from here on out!

Replenish your health and magic if needed (if you don't, save it!). You'll be pitted against a wave of opponents, including three elephant foes.

Win by any means necessary, and that is meant by combining your spells, the Amulet, the Oath, etc. It shouldn't be too difficult if you slow down some of the foes with the Amulet, while having your Oath spawn help you out with the rest of 'em.

Following the combat, approach the large chain in the area and assemble it with the Amulet. A cinema will ensue.

After the scene, ascend the ledges. Snag all the items within the zone, then go inside the lava corridor and slide down. In the first section, move to the appropriate sides to avoid the lava. After that, get ready to jump for the rope.

The next sequence is relatively the same, but you'll be required to jump over the pits. Be sure to jump and grapple your way out of there at the end point.

Continue sliding and moving to the proper sides in the last section. At the end of the ride, leap into the furnace.

25: The Furnace (Part 2)

Back in the furnace, rotate the cogwheel to open the gate. Go in and head over to the next cogwheel. Spin it to trigger another cut-scene, and the floor will raise you up.

As you ride the lift up, you're required to throw at least one enemy into the central fire piece for each wave. Doing so will continue to raise the lift. To make this a breeze, use the dogs that spawn periodically (you can grapple them easily and toss 'em in the fire immediately).

When the lift ascends a couple times, stay on one of the four corners of the platform. There will be pieces of the lift that will break and form narrow pits.

At the top, regenerate your health and magic, then grapple the lever. Pull it all the way back to open the furnace gate. Cast the Oath here to keep the lever held, then run over to the cogwheel and rotate it.

You'll watch another scene of the colossus being reconstructed. The lift will begin moving again, and you'll have to deal with some semi-tougher opponents. Again, toss the dogs in the fire to move upward. The right side of the lift will be inflamed, so stick left for the moment.

The fire will change its position as you ascend, so steer yourself clear of it. As long as you arrange yourself to any of the four corners (without the fire), you'll elude from falling to your death.

At the ride's climax, break open all the chests, then walk into the furnace gate (with the purple light). You'll ride it up to the next level.

Outside, walk to the edge on the right side and rebuild the bridge by way of the Amulet. The Spartan colossus' head will reassemble in the cinema.

Chapter 26: Eyes of Apollo

Jump down and hop on top of the chain-hung crystal block. Push the small block resting here off (from the upper left-hand side).

This will raise the crystal block towards the ceiling. As you do this, you'll have a three-wave encounter here, containing shadow, bull, and lightning enemies.

Your magic, Amulet, and the Oath spells are your best friends here. Remember; grapple the shadow foes as they dig themselves in the ground!

(Note: There are two health chests here – grab 'em between each wave if needed!

After the tough fight, regain any health, then push the small block to the left side of the room. Use it to reach the upper floor. You'll notice a chain on the wall you can grab on the right side – discard it for the time being.

Grab the Red Orbs from the chest in the left corner, then pull the lever in front of the light beam. This will lower the beam and create a small platform for you on the first floor.

Now the tricky part. Drop back down to the first floor and push the small block over to the right side of the room. Use it to reach the ledge here.

Ascend the ladder and open the white chests as you surface. Next, hop over the gap and onto the moving belt with the gears. It's most likely the gears are blocking your path – that's a good thing! As you stand on the belt, spawn a clone of yourself using the Oath. He'll stay on the belt and slowly move along with it.

Remember that chain you ignored a couple minutes ago? Head down and back over there (there will be a platform you can use in the left corner on the first floor).

Pull the chain and continue to do so. Do NOT stop! It'll push out a mechanism from the north wall. Keep pulling the chain, and you'll see your clone drop off the belt from above. He'll land right on the crystal platform and lower it right into the mechanism's slot.

A bit tricky, is it not?

You will witness another cinema after completing this puzzle, and the ladder next to you will drop down. Begin climbing it and jump upward at its broken part. Continue climbing and you'll watch yet another scene.

Now you're faced with a giant wounded-bat. Luckily, since his wing is gone, he can't fly.

Use the Oath power and let your spawn to the dirty work on the other Bats. Assign yourself to handle the giant beast with standard and magic offense.

Reminisce the fact that you must dodge his tail (moving either left or right) when you pounce on him! Keep on stabbing the beast to end his reign. This creature isn't too slick, trust me.

Winning the fight will open up the gold gate. Head through there and enjoy the cut-scene.

27: The Lantern of Delos

Head over to the blue barrier and snag all the items here (there's also a note lying around in the right corner). The Fury barrier won't let you pass, and you won't be able to access the Eyes of Truth inside the cage as of yet.

Go over to the large door guarded by the Spartan statues (where you entered) and pry it open. This will open the central cage carrying the Eyes of Truth, but only for a split-second. It will also reveal a handle on the cage.

Run over to the cage and grab the handle. Rotate it clockwise (all the way) and the eye statue inside the cage will reflect a beam of fire to the Fury barrier.

Still holding the handle, cast your Oath spell and have your clone hold it in place. Now, make your way inside the blue portal.

Chapter 28: Trail of Archimedes

Snatch the items in the corner (there are twowhite chests as well). The room is almost identical to the previous one – except it is reversed.

Make your way to the large Spartans' door. Pry it open to trigger another quick cut-scene. The central cage guarding the eye statue will open.

Jog to the eye statue and grab the Eyes of Truth (no, not the Lens of Truth from Zelda!). Upon grabbing them, the floor you stand on will descend rather quickly.

When it stops, run to the south end of the platform and use the Eyes of Truth to disintegrate the metal piece hanging on the side. Now, grab the clamp with your blades to get the platform moving again.

Special Note: This is by far the most difficult part of the game. Boost up any magic spells with your Red Orbs before moving on. If you're playing on Normal, you'll have a moderately challenging fight. On Hard (or higher), be prepared to get your a* handed to you. This is going to take some practice into winning the trials here…*

Battle #1

For this encounter, you'll want to cast your clone to deal with the other baddies while you take on the Gorgons – or just the Medusas and lightning enemies, depending on your difficulty. It's recommended to use the Shadow or Lightning spells here; both have ranged attacks that can aid you in hitting multiple foes at once.

Suggested moves are as follows: Wrath of Zeus (R2), Tormenting Sorrow (L1 and Square), Hades Torment (R2), Zeus' Despair (L1 and Square), Cyclone of Fury (Hold Square), Falling Helios (Hold Triangle in midair). Of course, you'll have to evade and roll quite a bit considering the snakes will turn you into stone, leaving you to an almost-guaranteed death.

Ensure to only use a couple magic slots from your gauge; you'll need the rest for the next battle! Switch back and forth between your Amulet and Oath as they recharge; they don't drain your meter!

When the wave is cleared, cast the Eyes of Truth on the side metal piece of the platform (as you did before), and hook onto the clamp to move to the next level.

Battle #2

Hopefully you still have some health left.

The next trial is much more forgiving. The only real threat here is the fire that moves along the narrow space you have, and the lightning knight that appears after the ninja enemies.

Distract the ninja foes by casting the Oath as the fight begins. take on the simple opponents (whom can be easily be dealt with using standard attacks). The ninjas may or may not drop some health upon their death. If you used the shadow spells to kill them off, they can drop Green Orbs.

Once the knight surfaces, slow him down with the Amulet, and deploy any magic offense you're capable of.

Dispatch your Oath/Amulet frequently here; the knight will down his barrier soon enough. When he does, stay a reasonable distance, and jump over the fire coming out of the pillars. Don't even think of getting close to him when he's protected – he's invincible for the time being!

With that said, sometimes (not always) the Amulet can dismantle his barrier. Whether or not it rids his protection, it's your safe bet to decrease his movement speed!

As before, move up using the Eyes of Truth on the metal piece and activate the clamp.

Battle #3

Luckily, this final wave should be a breeze. Dismiss the horse foe rather quickly with standard attacks while also casting the Oath and Amulet.

When the shadow baddies surface, try performing the Cyclone of Fury (Hold Square) and Rising Helios maneuver (RS, Hold Triangle); launching these foes in midair can buy you some time to get some offense in.

It's highly likely your magic meter is almost (if not) empty at this point, so rely on the Amulet and Oath spells as well. Be sure to block any incoming blows they throw at you!


Congrats! You've passed the Trials! Activate the clamp after getting rid of the metal to the side (with the Eyes of Truth). Then, go over to the east side when the ride ends and replenish your health and magic.

Afterward, shut the large doors by latching your blades onto them. Then, approach the central cage and cast the Eyes of Truth on the handle to rid the barrier protecting it.

Rotate the cage using the lever counter-clockwise all the way, then dispatch the Oath. Your spawn will hold it in place. Run over to the blue portal and release the barrier with the Eyes of Truth, then enter it.

You will lose the Eyes of Truth power as you return to the original room. The chamber will also lower itself.

When it descends to the bottom, go to the right side of the cage and claim the Antikythera Mechanism* (a special item). Now, go over to the large doors with the Spartan statues on the other side and pry it open for another cinema.

Chapter 29: The Fury Citadel

After the semi-lengthy cinema, you'll find yourself in new territory (or perhaps back in the first level of the game).

If you go right, you can find a note someone left behind. Other than that, run back to the gate and pull the gold lever all the way back.

This will mobilize a prisoner's cage above the gate closer to you. Cast the Oath and have your spawn hold the lever, then latch onto the cage. Release the Oath and ride the cage to the other side of the gate. Drop down.

Dismiss the Empusa enemies here, then run over to the gap in the walkway. Deploy the Amulet to reassemble the stairs, then proceed through the door beyond there.

A cut-scene will take place; follow the button prompts at its conclusion!

Chapter 30: Alecto's Chamber

Make your way towards the Queen of Furies, Alecto. As you walk closer to her, use the Eyes of Truth to disable the fence-barrier she deploys.

You will witness another scene and land on a ship. Time for the final series of battles…

Boss 1: The Furies

Phase One

Cast the Oath immediately as the fight begins. Your spawn can get his fix on the Spartan enemies while you deal with the Furies.

Use your Amulet on the Furies since they move fast. You'll want to roll out of the way to prevent the bird from grabbing you.

This is a relatively easy fight; don't waste your magic here. Standard offense can lead you to victory rather quickly. Soon enough, Alecto will surface (in her sea monster-form) and grab ahold of the ship with her tentacles. You're pretty much in midair at this point!

Phase Two

Stab the tentacle holding the ship excessively. When it guards itself with the Fury barrier, cast the Eyes of Truth to release it. Your rage gauge should charge rather quickly as you hit the tentacle, so don't be shy to use it!

If you get covered in the sea creature's ink, use the Oath to break free of it. The other tentacles in the background will also try to slam and stab you – roll to the right side to avoid their strikes! Deploying enough damage to the tentacle will give you the opportunity to grapple it. Upon doing so, Kratos will stab it repeatedly, and the tentacle will change its position to the edge of the boat.

Use the same process as before, and cast the Eyes of Truth when the barrier appears. Grabbing it a second time will trigger a series of QTEs. Succeed in the button prompts at this point.

When you find yourself underwater, follow the cues to win this phase. You'll want to hold L2 and R2, then release 'em. Kratos will damage the sea monster just enough to piss it off…

Final Boss! Alecto (Sea Monster)

Now you're face-to-face with that ugly…face! Pick up the spear nearby and toss them at her. This sub-weapon will spawn quite frequently.

Roll to the sides when she tries to pierce you with her tentacles (the ones attacking you will flash).To dodge its ground attack (when it slams the floor), jump in the air. Also, move back as the creature tries to bite you. If you get trapped in the ink again, use the Oath to break free!

You can unleash some offense as its face is in range. You don't have to jump to get your attacks in, so make it easy on yourself and stay on the ground.

Eventually, the other Furies will join the party. At this moment, cast any magic attacks (including the Oath and Amulet). Perhaps one of the best tactics is to have the Oath clone concentrate on the Furies, while you keep the offense on Alecto. Remember, your main threat is the sea monster!

After enough injury to Alecto, you'll be capable of grappling her head. Grab it to trigger the last set of QTEs. Follow the prompts, and be sure to hold L2 and R2, then release them at the end of the sequence!

Congratulations! You've completed God of War: Ascension. Sit back and enjoy the ending!

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