God of War: Ascension

A list of every God of War: Ascension combo in the game.

As you progress, you'll earn Red Orbs from defeating enemies and from red chests. Spending them in the menu will unlock new moves for Kratos to execute. There are a TON of Red Orbs you can gather in the game, so don't be shy to use 'em!

With that said, it's recommended to max out the Blades of Chaos out first. You won't have to worry too much about your magic until the Trials (Chapter 28). But don't worry – you'll have enough Orbs to cash in by then!

Note: Descriptions were excerpted from the actual game. Also, the combos for each magic/weapon are basically the same button prompts. This is more of a movelist than anything else.

Blades of Chaos

Level 1 (Default)

Olympic Fury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Olympic Fury (Air): Square, Square, Square, Square (Air)

Bravery of Hercules: Triangle

Bravery of Hercules (Air): Triangle (Air)

Olympic Ascension: Hold Triangle

Plume of Prometheus: Square, Square, Triangle

Icarus Lift: X, X (Air)

Hyperion Charge: L3

Hyperion Ram: Square

Hyperion Slam: Triangle

Hyperion Uppercut: O

Spartan Escape: Right Stick

Orion's Harpoon: R1

Orion's Harpoon (Air): R1 (Air)

Level 2

Spartan's Revenge: L1 + X

Cyclone of Fury: Hold Square

Cyclone of Fury (Air): Hold Square (Air)

Level 3

Spirit of Hercules: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle

Valor of Hercules: Triangle, Triangle, Square

Olympic Ascension: Hold Triangle

Falling Helios (Air): Hold Triangle (Air)

Level 4

Athena's Wrath: RS, hold Square

Rising Helios: RS, hold Triangle

Apollo's Ascension: RS, hold X

Level 5

Athena's Blessing: Rage Upgrade

Athena's Revenge: Stun amount +

Fire of Ares

Level 1 (Default)

Ares Fury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Plume of Ares: Square, Square, Triangle

Destruction of Ares: R2

Destruction of Ares (Air): R2 (Air)

Rage of Ares: L3 + R3

Rage of Ares (Air): L3 + R3 (Air)

Level 2

Cyclone of Fire: L1 + Square

Cyclone of Fire (Air): L1 + Square (Air)

Level 3

Inferno Slam: L1 + Triangle

Inferno Slam (Air): L1 + Triangle (Air)

Ice of Poseidon

Level 1 (Default)

Poseidon's Fury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Plume of Poseidon: Square, Square, Triangle

Level 2

Broken Destiny: L1 + Square

Broken Destiny (Air): L1 + Square (Air)

Level 3:

Immovable Blast: L3 + R3

Immovable Blast (Air): L3 + R3 (Air)

Level 4

Poseidon Tremble: L1 + Triangle

Poseidon Tremble (Air): L1 + Triangle (Air)

Level 5

Eye of Storm: R2

Eye of Storm (Air): R2 (Air)

Lightning of Zeus

Level 1 (Default)

Zeus' Fury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Plume of Zeus: Square, Square, Triangle

Level 2

Zeus' Despair: L1 + Square

Zeus' Despair (Air): L1 + Square (Air)

Level 3

Blinding Rage: L3 + R3

Blinding Rage (Air): L3 + R3 (Air)

Level 4

Olympus Strike: L1 + Triangle

Olympus Strike (Air): L1 + Triangle (Air)

Level 5

Wrath of Zeus: R2

Wrath of Zeus(Air): R2 (Air)

Soul of Hades

Level 1 (Default)

Hades of Fury: Square, Square, Square, Square

Plume of Hades: Square, Square, Triangle

Level 2

Tormenting Sorrow: L1 +Square

Tormenting Sorrow(Air): L1 +Square (Air)

Level 3

Army of Hades: L3 + R3

Army of Hades (Air): L3 + R3 (Air)

Level 4

Underworld Agony: L1 + Triangle

Underworld Agony (Air): L1 + Triangle (Air)

Level 5

Hades Torment: R2

Hades Torment (Air): R2 (Air)

Amulet of Uroborus

Level 2

Cost: 5,000 Orbs

Expands area of effect; decreases cool-down time.

The Oath Stone of Orkos

Level 2

Cost: 5,000 Orbs

Increases attack time; decreases cool-down.

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