God of War: Ascension

Discover all Artifacts in God of War: Ascension to acquire every cheat. Unlock new modes and costumes as well!


Artifacts, like the Gorgons' Eyes and Phoenix Feathers, are actually pretty easy to find. Only a few are slightly "hidden," so use this guide as a checklist.

Note that each one grants you a "special ability;" for example, unlimited magic. Also, they can only be used in New Game +. Access them through the menu!

If you've missed one, you MUST complete the chapter to add it to your collection!

Descriptions are based off of the actual game. Some were edited.

1 Prisoner's Oath

Location: Chapter 2: The Sewer

What it does: Grants you unlimited Rage Mode.

At the beginning of the chapter, after you scale your way up outside, you'll activate a lever located in the far-left corner. This opens the jail cell nearby (with the enemies). Take care of them, and you'll find it inside the cell they were held in.

2 Circe's Vial

Location: Chapter 5: The Village of Kirra

What it does: Lengthens your Combo time (x3).

When you reach the village, after battling the Juggernaut (elephant), there'll be a cage block on the east-side alley. Push it towards the upper ledge, and use it to get there. It's on top of this ledge.

3 Oracle Seeker's Offering

Location: Chapter 9: Ice Cavern

What it does: Allows you to scavenge ten times more Red Orbs.

After the series of snake rides, you'll make your way back inside the swirling tower. Descend the tower's stairs (before going up) – it's at the bottom here.

4 Alethia's Charm

Location: Chapter 11: Delphi Catacombs

What it does: Decreases damage taken by 1/3.

In the hourglass-room, you'll find it on the second-floor balcony in front of the altar. You'll have to use the chandelier/circle platform. Swing it towards the hourglass by grappling the statues to get there.

5 Boat Captain's Idol

Location: Chapter 15: The Grotto

What it does: Grants unlimited magic.

In the underwater section, as you reach the flooded cave, swim downward in the second-lower path. Head left – it's highlighted here.

6 Orko's Cloak

Location: Chapter 16: Prison of the Damned (Part 2)

What it does: Slowly regenerates health.

Right after the illusion scene (with Kratos being awarded the sword), you'll find it resting near the health and magic chests as you gain control again.

7 Stonemason's Chisel

Location: Chapter 21: The Forearm of Apollo

What it does: Decreases cool-down time.

At the very start of the chapter, discover this one at the right-end of the catwalk.

8 Archimedes' Treatise

Location: Chapter 23: The Furnace

What it does: Grants you an automatic-win in QTEs

It's on the second floor, resting on the left-side bench (where the paintings are). To get there, spin the cogwheel on the first floor to bring forth a platform, and work your way up there from the catwalk.

9 Statue Worker's Idol

Location: Chapter 25: The Furnace (Part 2)

What it does: Increases the chance of stunning enemies.

As you ascend the lift (by tossing the enemies in the fire), make it to the top. When the ride ends, locate it in the northwest corner.

10 Antikythera Mechanism

Location: Chapter 28: Trials of Archimedes

What it does: Drains your health moderately…

Go back to the original room after winning the Trials (through the blue portal). The entire floor will descend at this moment. When it stops, the Artifact is laying on the right side of the central cage (where the eye statue is).


Completing the game once on any difficult will unlock seven costumes Kratos can wear. Some of these are pretty funny, and one of them even resembles the warrior from Skyrim.

  1. Olive Skin Kratos

  2. Battle Armor of Ares

  3. Fury Armor

  4. War Armor of Hades

  5. Kraken Armor

  6. Skorpian Armor

  7. Battle Armor of Zeus

New Game +

Beat the game on any difficulty. Unfortunately, you'll lose all of the Gorgons' Eyes and Phoenix Feather upgrades, so your health and magic gauge won't be maximized. Your magic spells, however (excluding the Oath, Eyes, and Amulet), will still be intact.

Also, Trophies are NOT achievable in a New Game +. Bummer, eh?

Tyrant Difficulty

Beat the game on Normal or higher. Be sure to have all your magic boosted up before hand for this journey!

Feathers? Eyes?

*Note: The Gorgons' Eyes and Phoenix Feathers (which increase your health and magic) are detailed in the three parts of the walkthrough. Surprisingly, most of them can be found in plain-sight. Remember, if you miss one, there will be more available in the later chapters of the game!

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