Grand Theft Auto IV
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    10 Greatest Video Game Cheat Codes And Tips

    Find the warp whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3 and get all weapons in Doom!

  • Strategy

    The History of Grand Theft Auto

    From its early PlayStation heyday to the upcoming GTA V, we cover it all.

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    Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 Revealed, Featuring Greatest Hits

    $59.99 netting you four classic games? Hey, we're in.

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    Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA: Vice City Getting PS3 Re-release?

    ESRB rating gives the game(s) away

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    Rockstar hiring for "next-gen console" project

    Table Tennis 2?

  • News

    Rockstar "only scratching the surface" of open-world games

    Houser hints much more to come.

  • Video

    DigitalFoundry- GTA IV Time-lapse: 15 Days in Liberty City

    Spectacular time-lapse video from a multitude of locations within Liberty City, across 15 days of game-time.

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    Hear about the latest Grand Theft Auto IV guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers!

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    The Nightlife Of Liberty City

    Episodes from Liberty City is on its way, and is full of the promise of biting satire. Here's how the other half live.

  • Video

    DigitalFoundry- GTA IV Frame Rate Analysis

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - PC trailer

    Nico is making his way on to the beige box in style next month as GTA IV finally gets its PC release. Apparently fears about piracy are to blame for the delay, so anyone who takes umbrage should find their nearest torrenter and slap them silly.

  • Video

    Exclusive - GTA IV Face-off: Effects

    How affected are you by effects? Dazzled by dithering? Bowled over by bloom? Hard for HDR? Get your shiny-porn kicks with our lighting and effects comparison video.

  • Video

    Exclusive - GTA IV Face-off: Resolution

    Resolution is a key factor, and has certainly been one of the big guns wheeled out on both sides of the trenches during the console war. So then, once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

  • Video

    Exclusive - GTA IV Face-off: Draw Distance

    Long draw distance is another big deal in GTA IV, without it you'd have no chance to appreciate the epic skylines, outstretched highways and glittering waters of Liberty City. So without further ado, take a look at this final comparison video and make you

  • Video

    Exclusive - GTA IV Face-off: Highlights

    The Jersey-like cream of our veritably bountiful crop of comparison videos shows some of the best, and dare we say most contentious, sides of each argument.

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Vs. New York City

    Ever wondered how close Liberty City is to New York? Join our camera-wielding EGTV heroes on a tour of both.

  • Video

    The Daily Show - GTA IV

    Jon Stewart is something of a hero around the office. Not because of his incredibly sharp-witted political satire and fearless shaming of people who should know better. It's because of his hair. So perfect!

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Racing with Brucie

    Rampaging 'roid monster Brucie is a big fan of fast cars, but his massively over-inflated biceps don't really lend themselves to the subtle nuances of high speed driving. Guess who gets to do the dirty work?

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Camera phone

    Much has been made of the clever uses of Niko's phone, from the track ID system to the useful retry texts. What's the first thing you'd think of using a camera phone for if you were a hardened criminal though? That's right, scoping the target of a ganglan

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - The coke deal

    We wonder, as we write this, just how many of you are still sat in the office, copies safely stashed in drawers and lockers, wishing away the day so you can get home and get to know Niko. We know we are. Just to get you fully immersed in the mood, here's

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Dating

    You should always be careful with internet dating, you just never know who's going to turn up. Or whether they'll be toting powerful automatic weapons.

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Comedy club

    Making the most of your friends is a key factor in your success in Liberty City. However, it's not just about doing jobs for them, they're people too. They need love and attention, like wickle kittehs. Here's Niko taking buddy Brucie out to the laughter s

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Cross town traffic

    A - B is never as simple as you might think. Even if you know where you're going, and the way there, there's every chance you'll be distracted by a particularly tasty sports car or ramp on the way. Here's James illustrating how not to do it.

  • Video

    Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto IV - Suicide

    Suicide is painless. Well. depends how you do it really doesn't it? If you were, for example, to gouge out your frontal lobes with a rusty fondue fork, then presumably you'd suffer a bit first. Sadly, rusty fondue suicide is one of the few things which GT

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Niko

    You'll all presumably be getting to know this chap fairly well over the coming weeks and months. But, whilst it'd be all to easy to gloss over his character development in favour of a anonymity which allows you to smash him through the windscreens of vehi

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - UK TV spot

    Those of you who spend your spare time being brain-reamed by the television might well have seen this before, but it's slick and exciting, so we thought we'd stick it in. So close now...

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Playboy X

    Brash, bling and broadly incomprehensible unless you've seen at least 3 series of the Wire, Playboy X is all about the Cheddar. Wensleydale doesn't even get a look in. Yo.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Liberty City Gun Club

    The Liberty City Gun Club: bastion of freedom, protector of God-given rights, supplier of hollow point ammunition at bulk purchase discounts.

  • Video

    GTA IV - US GameStop ad

    The crafty blighters at US retailer GameStop committed quite a coup in this collaborative effort with Rockstar, and managed to unearth previously unseen gameplay footage. This will be the last of the trailers before the 29th April launch.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Everyone's A Rat!

    Rockstar rocks up with another trailer, with lots of gunplay and action from in-game cut-scenes. Watch out for the car chase at the airport. Game's out April 29th.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Packie McReary

    Packie seems like your typical Liberty City resident: an uncontrollably violent, drug addled sociopath with access to an arsenal of fully automatic weaponry. He's your new best friend.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - LCPD

    Are you emotionally retarded? Have trouble maintaining an acceptable level of aggression? Ever wanted to fire a gun in public with absolute impunity? Then Liberty City's finest could have a job for you.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Hybrid

    There's nothing like doing your bit for the environment to make you feel a bit smug. This ad from Rockstar's next GTA offering sets the scene.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Phil Bell

    Big Phil is one of GTA IV's movers and shakers. A 'businessman' with a fine line in persuasive diplomacy, Phil is not a fellow to be trifled with. Unless, of course, you happen to think that you're a bit tasty...

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Roman Bellic

    Bellicose Roman seems like he'll be the light comedy relief this time round, what with his drunken antics and all. Here's a few snippets of him at his best.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Vlad Glebov

    Good old Vlad is the terrifying yet avuncular old Russian/Eastern Bloc baddie, complete with astonishing moustache.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Steinway Beer Garden

    The hallowed halls of the Steinway ring to the clamour of young men socialising, are redolent with the smell of honest sweat and sour beer. Why not ease yourself onto a sticky stool and partake in a brew of the old country.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Whiz Mobile

    Much has been made of mobile phone use in the new GTA, although quite what it will mean for gameplay we're not yet sure. Until we are, here's a pastiche advert for Liberty City's very own network.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Manny Escuela

    Manny is a rare breed: a caring community leader dedicated to seeing his flock brought out from under the shadow of inner-city poverty. Although, this being GTA, he probably has a sideline in child-murder.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Box art

    A short clip showing the creation of Grand Theft Auto IV's striking box art.

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Trailer 3

    Stop the Internet! "Move up, ladies", the third expansive, stirring, narrative-driven teaser for Rockstar's mega-sequel, has arrived. Go, go, go!

  • Video

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Trailer 2

    A game so big it needs no introduction, so hotly anticipated it needs no hype. Without further ado - teaser two for Grand Theft Auto IV.

  • None

    Grand Theft Auto IV - Trailer 1

    The first look at Rockstar's next-gen GTA offering. Get in quick before the Interweb implodes.