Though it's still a few months away from release, the anticipation behind Rockstar Games' upcoming Grand Theft Auto V is at a fever pitch.  Featuring three new main characters to choose from (rather than just the one from prior games) and miles of California-based terrain to cover, the possibilities are endless with the new games.

That isn't stopping us from letting our imagination go wild with a few ideas.  Granted, some of these are a little off-the-wall, mainly because of what previously released games have subjected us to, but considering it's a virtual universe where you can run wild anyway, there's certainly no reason why you shouldn't "go for it" and see what results come up.

Here is our dream list of ten things we want to do in the new game.  Brace yourselves, this is likely to get messy…

Let's Cause a Train Wreck

One snippet of gameplay from the most recent Grand Theft Auto V trailer had your character jumping from a car moving along the train tracks just as one was about to crash into it, causing the most epic of derailings.  Now, while in real life you wouldn't think about doing something like that (DESPITE how awesome it looked in, say, Super 8), this is excellent for GTA V, as you can watch chaos unfold from cars flying everywhere.  In fact, it'd be even better to try it on a suspended bridge, then parachute out of harm's way as the cars come crashing down into the water below.  Ahhh, sweet violence…

Base Jumping From a Building

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas spoiled us when it came to jumping off the top of a building and parachuting to the ground – or, better yet, not opening your parachute and seeing what you can crash into as you plummet to the surface.  In Grand Theft Auto V, there will be more opportunities to do, with even taller buildings than before and crowded street corners, where people are likely to panic upon your arrival, no matter which route you take.

Dirt Bike Madness

Two great new vehicle being introduced to Grand Theft Auto V are the dirt bikes and ATV's, and even though cars are more durable with chases, you can get into some real sweet racing events with these babies, taking on others and cruising to victory or, better yet, crushing someone and watching them fly off the track.  We're a bit aggressive that way, sorry…

The Glory of Co-Op

One new factor that will be introduced with Grand Theft Auto V is the ability to play along with friends in cooperative play.  Though Rockstar Games hasn't gone into an extravagant amount of detail breaking this down yet, it sounds like you'll be able to team up together for some sweet criminal jobs, then work separately as you break away from police attention, only to meet up later and start up the next job.  Now if we could only find the most reliable partners to get this done.

Buying the Right – or Wrong – Outfit

If we're guessing correctly, Grand Theft Auto V will reintroduce the ability to customize your character, not only with appearance and skills, but also with wardrobe.  You'd be surprised just how much the clothes make the man – whether it's a business suit or clothes that you probably wouldn't be caught dead in in real life.  Polyester can only let you breathe so much…

Mission Options, Anyone?

It's nice to complete missions over the course of the game, but it'd be awesome for Rockstar Games to continue with the structure of being able to finish them your own way.  Sure, a point A to point B route is nice to take, but it'd be interesting if you had to target someone, missed out on them during a shootout, and then caught up with them in a high-speed chase, ending with a wreck that eventually leads to their demise.  Improvisation is the way to go sometimes.

Doing Something On the Side

The return of optional missions would be a huge plus for Grand Theft Auto V, because it not only gives you a supplementary income, but introduces you to various characters that can either be your greatest allies or your worst foes, which can lead to even more in-game chaos down the road.  Unpredictability is one of this series' finest factors, even if that means getting something more than you bargained for.  Hey, that just makes you a better player…or a dead one.

Finding All the Secrets…Again

One huge asset to every Grand Theft Auto game is the ability to uncover hidden goodies, whether they're hidden packages scattered throughout the city, or taking jumps off of ramps placed here and there.  With miles and miles of territory to cover, Grand Theft Auto V should have no shortage of these.  And who knows, maybe an online leaderboard can keep track of who's doing the best at collecting these on your friend's list…

Don't Just Be a Criminal

Like Grand Theft Auto IV, this latest game gives you the ability to let off some steam…and we don't mean in the criminal sense.  GTA V will offer a widespread array of activities to take part in to make you a physically fit person, whether it's yoga, jet skiing, tennis, golf or whatever.  Who knows, you might be able to meet up with your friends and challenge them to a game…then beat them severely afterwards with a golf club.  (C'mon, don't fight the urge…)

Just Go Crazy

Finally, let's be honest, with a game like this, your imagination is the only thing that holds you back from being a wanted criminal, whether it's blowing up enemy vehicles with grenades or running over a hooker after you've had sex with them to power yourself up.  The whole point of Grand Theft Auto is to see just how much you can get away with, without being shot full of holes or incarcerated.  Part V should have no shortage when it comes to these opportunities.  Live it up while you can.

Grand Theft Auto V hits stores for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17th.