Grand Theft Auto V will have a lot to offer when it releases on September 17th. However, Rockstar Games will kick off another party two weeks later with the digital release of Grand Theft Auto Online, a separate game where you'll be able to interact with friends and enemies alike throughout the city of Los Santos.

Online will provide a lot to do, between gun battles, races and other events. However, we came up with our own dream list of activities we'd like to partake in at one point or another. Who knows, Rockstar Games could very well add these somewhere down the road through a patch or downloadable update. We certainly hope so.

Without further ado, here are our suggestions.

Off To the Kart Races

Kart racing has been a staple in a number of kiddie-oriented games over the years – and even managed to make an adult-friendly appearance in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. So why can't Rockstar put a kart racing game in Grand Theft Auto Online? Think about it – combining the sheer thrill of racing against others in go-karts, and throwing in several offensive options, like using an assault rifle or even grenades to blast someone into last place. It'd certainly beat the stuffing out of those Crash Kart games, that's for sure.

My Missiles Are Better Than Your Missiles

One vehicle you'll have access to in Grand Theft Auto V is the fighter jet, which will let you coast around the city in style – and maybe even fire off a few missiles for good measure. For Online, we'd like to see this vehicle make a return, except this time with a competitive twist. Have players gain access to numerous types of jets, then take to the unfriendly skies and see who can obliterate each other first. For good measure, if a player manages to parachute out of an exploding plane, you can continue to hunt them down until they end up careening back to Earth – or, hey, run them over with the jet. Sure, it'd be messy – but also quite enjoyable.

Shall We Ransack My Place Or Yours?

In Grand Theft Auto Online, you'll be able to build a virtual life for your character through a virtual apartment, where you can invite over friends and change the décor to whatever feng shui settings you're looking for. However, how about an option where, for instance, you lose a shootout or a race, and, as a result, rival players will be able to "ransack" or rob your apartment and take your virtual goods for themselves? That way, when your character comes back, they could build a rivalry with them, vowing to get your stuff back. Hey, who says that a polyester couch isn't worth fighting for. 

Stock Market

The stock market will play a pretty good part in Grand Theft Auto V, as you can invest your funds into virtual stocks to see how well they preform. This would be an interesting element for Online, as you could interact with others while stocks rise and fall in compliance with what's happening in random sessions of GTA V. It may be a bit boring for some, but, hey, there are people out there who find the stock market exciting. Some even have reserved seating.

Road Rash, Grand Theft Auto Style

Motorcycles – and regular bicycles – are a good way to get around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. However, we'd like to see them get involved in GTA Online as well, with the option to race against fellow players in random tracks across the city. For good measure, we'd also like to see the return of some classic Road Rash style elements, where you can knock down players with punches, chains and crowbars. Since we don't have a current-gen Road Rash game to play around with, this would be the next best thing.

Being the Better Heist Planner

Being able to execute the perfect heist is one thing, but competing against another gang to steal a particular item is another. It'd be great for Rockstar to introduce a competitive heist system in Online, one where two gangs can be pitted against one another to get a job completed quicker. It could either introduce an online leaderboard, having people compare the best times, or, better yet, introduce real-time multiplayer, where groups battle one another to see who can get the job done first. The better your heists go, the bigger an online reputation you build. It's foolproof.

Under the Sea

Finally, with the ability to dive underwater and see what lurks underneath Los Santos, it'd be interesting for Grand Theft Auto Online to include interactive treasure hunts. Rockstar could introduce objectives to complete under the ocean, then have several groups compete to find the treasure first, while doing anything in their power to keep the lead – whether it's shooting someone with a spear gun or sending sharks after them. It may have you thinking twice about investing in that scuba gear.

Grand Theft Auto Online releases on October 1st for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, two weeks following the release of Grand Theft Auto V. Be sure to check out our analysis of the Online video trailer below.