A full walkthrough for the main quest, featuring hidden items, boss tips, and a whole lot of spicy salsa!


4/17/13: This covers the main quest from beginning to end.

Note: Be sure to check back for future updates of this guide, as well as a secrets section/FAQ in the near future.


The walkthrough is very streamlined, simply because most quests are pretty straight-forward.

Using your map and exploring the areas is the real beauty of this game, and the key into finding all the secrets. If you've missed something, chances are you don't have the right moves/abilities yet, and you'll need to revisit (you're good to go after Sierra Mountain).

Opening: Agave Field

Juan is awakened by a disturbing knock. Turns out it is Fray, a monk with some rather charming news about the festival!

Objective: Go to the church in Pueblo to help Fray.

  • Leave your house via the top floor.
  • Talk to Fray. He needs some help with heavy-lifting at the church.
  • Head to Pueblo, located west.


  • Feel free to roam the town and talk to the folk here.
  • Enter the church, which is located in the central area of town (second level).
  • Have fun and smash all the barrels for Fray!
  • The Presidente's daughter will visit – you've got a date!
  • Talk to the fellow outside the church, and agree to put his chickens back in the pen. The house is below the church on the right side. (Reward: Heart Chunk.)

Objective: Go to the Mansion and talk to the Presidente's daughter.

  • Make your way to the mansion by exiting west.

La Mansion del Presidente

  • Talk to the fellow at the mansion's entrance. Suddenly, an explosion ensues!

Objective: Rescue Presidente's daughter from burning mansion.

  • Run your way through the flames and meet the narcissistic Carlos Calaca.
  • After you wake back up, you'll find yourself in the Dead World.
  • Head back to Pueblucho.
    Note: Similar to the Dark World/Light World from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the Dead and Living World reflect each other. When you learn the ability to manipulate the two, you'll be able to access new areas and items. Certain houses, passages, and even people can also be interacted with in both worlds. For now, enjoy the eerie delight!

Pueblucho (Dead World)

  • Examine the luchador statue to meet Tostadia, the guardian of the mask.
  • Now you've become a hero in proper tights!
  • The town will change back to its original state (sort of).
  • Listen to the advice from the Barrel Man (you can play with another player via the PS Vita).

Note: Along with your new gear, you also acquire a new set of moves! Check them out in the Moves List menu.

Objective: Rescue Fray and the villagers in the church.

  • Return to the church and save Fray from the skull foes. (Use your roll ability to parry the enemy attacks.)
  • Examine the water closet door to free the villagers.

Objective: Transverse the Forest to get to Santa Luchita – look for clues there.

  • Enter the Forest del Chivo by taking the flight of stairs on the east side of town.

Forest del Chivo

*Note: Near the forest's entrance lies a store (the colorful stable with the talking skull). Here you can buy unique items and moves. Your game will also automatically save your progress when you stumble near them.

Here's a complete list of the shop's goodies!

Shop List

Health Chunk - (Level 1): $750 - (Level 2): $1,500 - (Level 3): $4,000 Stamina Chunk - (Level 1): $1,000 - (Level 2): $2,000 Health Regeneration Boost - (Level 1): $1,750 - (Level 2): $3,500 - (Level 3): $3,000 Stamina Delay Boost - (Level 1): $1,750 - (Level 2): $3,500 Stamina Regen Boost - (Level 1): $1,750 - (Level 2): $3,500 Respawn Boost (Multiplayer only) - (Level 1): $1,250 Stun Boost - (Level 1): $5,000 Moves - Suplex: $1,500 - Das Boot: $1,500 - Piledriver: $1,500

Tip: Try grappling enemies when you've dealt enough damage to them and throw them into one another!

In the Forest

  • Vanquish the skull enemies.
  • Head east to encounter Jaguar Javier.
  • When you fall from the bridge, go left and use the moving platforms to reach a chest containing a Stamina Chunk.
  • Go east and defeat the enemies.
  • Work your way to the passage below.
  • Heed the big rooster's advice and roll through the thorn vines.
  • Use a shoulder block in midair to avoid the thorns ahead.
  • Defeat the wave of enemies.
  • Continue west and shimmy up the logs.
  • Go east and maneuver through the vines.
  • In the next area, head inside the hut and claim $500 from the chest.
  • Run over to the statue near the goat and break it into pieces.
  • The goat's pissed! It's his Choozo Statue, and he has of 'em... more...
  • This Choozo Statue grants you the Rooster Uppercut.

Tip: Choozo Statues contain magical powers. In other words, for every one you break, you'll earn a new ability!

The Rooster Uppercut

This maneuver breaks red blocks, and also allows you to reach upper ground. Additionally, it can be performed in midair!

Continuing On

  • Destroy the red blocks to gain entry back to the forest.
  • Head back to the nearest shop and break apart the red blocks for a new pathway.
  • Stick left in the next screen to claim $500.
  • Go east and run up the stairs.
  • Execute the Rooster Uppercut to reach the ledge.
  • Use the rolling technique (in air) followed with the Rooster Uppercut to get through the thorns.
  • Continue east and defeat the patch of foes (draw the plant enemies out of the ground with the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Advance upward with the Rooster ability.
  • Become the victor on the opponents guarding the entrance to Santa Luchita.

Santa Luchita

The town resident mentions a girl was taken to the Temple of Rain. Interesting... - Enter the Viva Piñatas building and collect the $500. - Go east and take the stairs up. - Use the Rooster Uppercut to reach the ledge in the NE corner; and claim the Stamina Chuck there. - Talk to the big rooster blocking the path to the Temple of Rain; he'll mention you'll need proper training to move onward. - Go to the Combo Chicken's Gym in the center part of town. Fight Poncho using the appropriate commands to win $500. - Win the second set of moves in the gym to win a Heart Chunk.

Note: After you succeed in the first set of moves, you can continue training. You will be able to come back numerous times at the Chicken's Gym as you progress further in the game!

Objective: Stop Calaca's ceremony in the Temple of Rain

  • Go west and stumble upon an Olmec Statue.

Note: Olmec Statues allow you to traverse quicker in the overworld. You must discover them to have them active.

Temple of Rain

  • Talk to the fellow at the entrance of the temple.
  • Hop up the platforms and jump into the portal.
  • In the Dead World, go left first and claim the Heart Chunk.
  • Win the battle against the enemies in the temple.
  • Meet X'tabay and overcome her ambush.
  • Rooster Uppercut to the ledge to reach the next portal.
  • Teleport in each portal to advance further.
  • Collect a Stamina Chunk in the far-right room (use the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Move forward and go through the warp to spawn another door (ignore the upper door for now).
  • Move upward and only trigger the first warp.
  • Continue up, then go right and defeat the Porcupines (use your Rooster Uppercut).
  • Access the chest containing a Stamina Chunk in the right room.
  • Push right and use the portals to drop the enemies here.
  • Collect two chests to win $1,000 in the next room (the other chests hold enemies in them).
  • Continue left and win against the Giant Skull (roll back when it attacks, and activate the portals to shift the enemies).
  • Be sure the Dead World is active and drop down the ledge in the far-right corner.
  • Discover the Choozo Statue and learn the Olmec's Headbutt.

Olmec's Headbutt

This maneuver breaks apart yellow blocks. It can only be performed when you are not moving!

  • Use the Headbutt, Rolling, and Rooster abilities to progress.
  • Return to the two doorways.
  • Drop down from the doors and clear the yellow block, leading to a chest holding $500 (with the Dead World active).
  • Trigger the warp, proceed back up, and go through the other door.
  • Move along past the sleeping beast and shimmy up the ledges.
  • Head west and eliminate two waves of enemies (shift the area with the portals).
  • Go left and drop down the ledges.
  • Run on top of the sleeping beast to reach the ledge above.
  • Discover another Choozo Statue, which teaches you the Goat Jump.

Goat Jump

If you've ever played any of the Mega Man X games, this wall-jump technique has quite the relation to X's wall skid. You can pounce off the walls, making it much easier to scale new territory!

  • Head back to the sleeping beast; he has awoken, but where'd he go?!
  • Use the Goat Jump and Rooster Uppercut to get back to the door.
  • Reach the ledge above using your new abilities (with the arrow pointing up)
  • Enter the right room and win the Heart Chunk in the chest (this can only be reached by proper wall-jumping and with the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Go up and head east (past the shop).
  • Trigger the portal and run right to find another Olmec Statue.
  • Continue upward and perform a Rooster Uppercut once you trigger the portal; you'll need to drop down from the left side.
  • On 5F, discover a Heart Chunk in the northeast-upper room.
  • Talk to X'tabay in the upper-left room and become victorious over her servants.
  • Go left and move upward.
  • Headbutt the block to continue on.
  • Access $500 in the chest in the western room (without activating the portals).
  • Transverse further by triggering the portals and using the Rooster Uppercut.
  • Out run the beast while allowing it to break new pathways for you.

Tip: Remember, use the Headbutt ability to break yellow blocks!

  • Acquire the golden axe at the end to disable the bridge and cause the beast to fall. (Yup, that's s Super Mario Bros. reference!)
  • After X'tabay leaves, drop down the opening to the right; you'll slide back to the lower level.
  • Collect $1,000 and the Heart Chunk in the chests.

Objective: Go back to Santa Luchita and look for clues

  • Use the Olmec Statue to warp back to Santa Luchita.

Santa Luchita (Return)

  • Go to Hernando's Bar located on the east side of town – it's open now.
  • Talk to Flame Face, who just so happens to be downing a bottle of Tequila.

Objective: Find a way into the desert to pursue Flame Face

  • Claim the Frog Slam ability from the Choozo Statue in the bar's basement.

Frog Slam

This cool maneuver lets you slam and crush green blocks resting on the ground, as well as enemies!

  • Venture through the basement to claim $500 in the chest.
  • Go to Combo Chicken's Gym and succeed in the training to win a Heart Chunk.

Desierto Caliente

  • Claim $500 in the chest at the right end from the entrance.
  • Use the Rooster Uppercut against the Dragons.
  • Use the Frog Splash to break the green blocks.
  • Defeat the Cactuses by throwing back their green grenades.
  • Become the victor against the patch of foes in the underground area.
  • Discover a Heart Chunk by scaling the ledges above, and to the west.
  • Use all of your abilities to advance in the next areas.
  • Disable the green-shielded enemies using the Frog Slam, the Headbutt for the yellow, and the Rooster Uppercut for the red ones.
  • Break the green block outside with the Frog Slam.
  • Win another battle of enemies by using the proper abilities.
  • Discover Presidente's daughter locked in a cage, and then watch a cinema.
  • Once you become a Chicken/Rooster, go back west and stay low from the spikes.
  • Go through small niche path on the left wall in the middle section.
  • Lure the enemies into the spinning saws, and jump over their attacks.
  • Win $500 from the chest, located in the top-right ledge.
  • Stay low and go through the niche leading to the southwest section.
  • Carefully make it through the thorns.
  • Take the next lower path to find a Heart Chunk.
  • Proceed to the upper path and go west.
  • Defeat the enemies by pecking them; evade their attacks by jumping over them.
  • Execute proper timing through the plants.
  • Talk to the Big Rooster to learn the Polymorph power.

Polymorph Power

This ability allows you to transform Juan into a chicken, or back into a human – any time you please! If you see a small nook Juan can't fit into, chances are a chicken can! You can also switch this spell by using the PS Vita!

Objective: Find X'tabay in Pueblucho.

  • Transform into a chicken and use your other abilities to exit out of the desert.
  • Before going to Pueblucho, you'll want to collect some items in the Forest along the way.

Forest del Chivo (Return 2)

Note: Some areas you couldn't reach before are now available.

  • As a chicken, take the lower narrow paths upon entering to acquire an Heart Chunk.
  • Access the Olmec Statue
  • Destroy the red block with the Rooster Uppercut, then morph into a chicken to reach a Heart Chunk.
  • At the Goat Man's House, Rooster Uppercut from his roof to reach the ledge covered with a red block in the upper-right hand corner. (Chest: Heart Chunk).
  • At the Goat Man's house, smash the green block on the ground in the right corner. Move along the platforms (and spikes) leading to the $500 chest.
  • One the left side of the Goat Man's house, there's a small narrow path. Morph into a chicken and claim $500 inside.
  • Discover a Heart Chunk inside a red chest, located at the west end of the bottom level.
  • Collect $500 behind a yellow block.
  • Collect $500 below the green block (use the Goat Jump, Rooster Uppercut, etc.)
  • Smash another green block near the forest's entrance to find $500.

Pueblucho (Dead World – Return)

  • Enter the far-left house and smash the green block with the Frog Slam
  • Talk to X'tabay in the underground room.
  • Choose whatever comment you please. (This may affect your ending.)

Boss! X'tabay

If you desired some pleasure from this mistress, she'll immediately unleash an attack that's unavoidable. It's not much damage, but hey: you've really made her angry now!

Stay in-between her attacks, then follow up with a Rooster Uppercut (by far the easiest way to hit her when she's in air).

When her hair spikes-up, get ready to jump: spikes will form on the bottom floor and will threat injury to you. Use the central platform as this occurs to avoid the threat.

Phase Two

This is relatively simple. It's more of an up-close-and-personal fight, but you can easily evade her attacks by rolling through them. Be sure to steer clear when she turns red, though.

Phase Three

At this point, she'll spawn a clone of herself, and also cast a series of barriers covering her body. (Shields are generated randomly in this game; whatever shield color she bestows, be sure to use the appropriate abilities!)

Disposing of her clone can gain you some health, so concentrate on that first if you need it.

As she turns purple, leap to a far distance, because her lightning blow cannot be blocked.

After the fight

  • Watch a scene pertaining to Calaca's past.
  • Learn the Dimension Swapping ability.

Dimension Swapping

Dimension Swapping gives you the privilege of changing the Living World into the Dead World – and vice versa. As you stumble upon "sparkling" objects and structures, you can reverse the world to create new pathways and ledges. Also be aware the worlds intertwine; many side quests require this technique and have different folk and townsmen!

  • Use the Swapping technique to reach the Save Point/Store above.
  • Obtain the Stamina Chunk and 500 dollars nearby.
  • Go to the Happy Hongo house and claim the Luchador Figure (be sure to swap into the Living World).
  • Give the Luchador Figure to the girl in the Dead World inside the same house. (Reward: Heart Chunk.)
  • Enter the house with the cat and frog poster. Transform into a chicken and enter the hidden nook for $500.
  • Scale to the top of the church's tower outside using the Rooster Uppercut. (Reward: Heart Chunk.)
  • Go back to Agave Field and into Juan's house.

Agave Field (Return)

  • Headbutt the yellow block in Juan's house to discover $500 in the chest.
  • In Juan's basement, use the Swap ability and morph into a chicken near the soccer ball on the right.
  • Head through the hidden passage and make it through the maze here (start on the right side).
  • The maze leads to Chac Mool – and the very first Piece of Mask!
  • Make your way back to El Presidente's Mansion.

El Presidente's Mansion (Return)

  • Reach a hidden chest located behind one of the game screen's wall with the Rooster Uppercut. (Reward: $500).

Tule Tree

  • The Tule Tree's entrance is in the southeast section (at the bottom) of the forest; check the map.
  • Gain access to the Tule Tree area by using the Dimension Swapping and Polymorph Power on the lower-right wall.
  • Discover another Olmec Statue.
  • Enter the tree via the door.
  • Work to the top of the tree's interior swapping dimensions.
  • Use Swapping Dimension and Rooster Uppercut to reach a chest containing $500.
  • Claim a **Heart Chunk in the room below (deploy Swapping).
  • Eliminate the wave of enemies while switching dimensions.
  • Go through the door/passage.
  • Enter the other door and swap dimensions to Goat Jump the walls.
  • Scavenge a Stamina Chunk in the above-right corner.
  • Travel upward by performing the swap, Goat Jump, and Rooster Uppercut.
  • At the top, walk through the first door and claim $500.
  • Reach the upper section with the Polymorph power.
  • Defeat the wave of foes. Be sure to vanquish the Bombs first, using the proper abilities on their shields.
  • Use the walls to reach the door to the northwest.
  • Goat Jump to the Choozo Statue and learn the Double Jump.

Double Jump

It's about time, right? Though it's self-explanatory, the Double Jump is very effective in combining it with the Rooster Uppercut. So technically, you can jump three times (and even more when you learn another move in a little). Mario's got nothing on Juan!

  • Take a shortcut to the room with the two doors below (you'll need to execute Frog Splash, Polymorph, and Dimension Swapping).
  • Enter the door on higher ground.
  • Roll, double jump, and uppercut your way to snag a Heart Chunk guarded by vines.
  • Wall Jump northwest, then switch dimensions and jump the walls.
  • Become the victor in the army of foes.
  • Collect a chest holding $500 to the west.
  • Enter the door in the northeast section to arrive in the central tower/tree.
  • Swap dimensions appropriately while double-jumping upward. You need to execute the Rooster Uppercut to the reach the ledge in the top-left corner.
  • Enter the door leading east.
  • Dismiss the enemies roaming, then grab the Heart Chunk in the top-left corner.
  • Enter the upper door back to the central tree.
  • Acquire no power (lame-o!) from the Choozo Statue.
  • Smash through the tree trunk leading to the Temple of War.

Desierto Caliente

  • Claim the Heart Chunk to the west.
  • Destroy the red block for a shortcut back to the underground tunnel (no need to go back yet).
  • Smash the red block to the northeast to leading outside.
  • Go east and enter the Temple of War.

Temple of War

Tip: Shifting dimensions in this temple will change lava into water, or vice versa, so be careful! Also, enemies will have white shields, which can only be disabled by a series of repeated hits or succeeded combos.

  • Navigate through the water/lava by shifting dimensions with consistency.
  • Snag $500 in the upper room.
  • Defeat the patch of enemies, then go west.
  • Shift the walls, then destroy the red and green blocks.
  • Hang onto the moving gears (hold Triangle, and use the Double Jump)to elevate forward.
  • Take the lower path and dismiss the enemies.
  • Stay low and collect the Heart Chunk in the southeast section (deploy all your abilities to reach it).
  • Go northeast and hang onto the pencil-shaped objects to advance.
  • Go east as a chicken through the small passage.
  • Move upward using the pencil-shaped structures while being cautious of the spikes (Rooster Uppercut to the top-right).
  • Stay right and Polymorph through the narrow pathway to collect 500.
  • On 6F, find a Heart Chunk inside the eastern nook. Check the tip below.

Tricky Heart Chunk

On roughly the sixth level, a Heart Chunk is guarded by a bunch of spikes and a blade mechanism. How do you get it, you ask? Jump and hang onto the gray pillar that moves sideways. When it moves right, slide down slowly in each section to avoid instant death!

  • On the seventh level, discover the Olmec statue.
  • Use the large moving structure on the eighth/ninth levels to elevate forward.
  • On the eleventh floor, find Flame Face through the upper path (NE) and defeat his minions.
  • Go east and be rewarded Dashing Punch, a.k.a., the Dashing DerpDerp!

Dashing Punch

Take a deep breath: this is the move that destroys the blue blocks! It's about damn time! Anyway, this is also effective in reaching ledges and can be followed up with a Rooster Uppercut!

  • Go back to the large moving structure and break the blue block on the top level.
  • Perform the Swapping Dimension, Double Jump, Rooster Uppercut, and then the Dashing Punch (in that order) to reach the Stamina Chunk to the east.
  • Claim $500 in a chest behind the blue block in the large moving structure room.
  • Proceed NW and defeat the wave.
  • Move up, head east, and then victor of the foes to win $500.
  • Break the blue blocks to the west.
  • Take the lower path and discover a room with numerous blue blocks.
  • Blast through the blue block on the left wall and grab $500.
  • Navigate through the spike vines by combining your new abilities with the old ones.
  • Gather another $500 from the chest.
  • Continue west, shifting dimensions to make it over the water/lava.
  • Get through the NW tower using the rolling ability.


Juan will discover Presidente's daughter, but also be pitted in a showdown with Flame Face!

Boss! Flame Face

Deal enough damage to him (as you would with a normal foe) to enable yourself to grapple the flaming demon. Use the Roll technique to counter his threats.

A single enemy will spawn periodically; dispose of them quickly to regain any health that is in need.

Keep in mind you have to switch dimensions when Flame Face or other enemies are pure white!

Hang on the walls (right below Flame Face) when he rests on the above ledges. Also, shift dimensions as the lava floods the room!

Back at the Temple of War

  • Snag the goodies in the chests when you return, including a Stamina Chunk and $500.
  • Learn the Goat Climb ability from the Choozo Statue.

Goat Climb

This is one heck of a move. While hanging on a wall, you can run straight up it. It makes traversing a lot easier, and many new landscapes reachable.

  • Goat Climb the left wall.
  • Fall down the big pit while collecting cash.
  • Goat Climb back up the right side wall (where you fell) and smash open the red block. Claim the Stamina Chunk in this room.
  • Combine the Goat Climb with your other maneuvers to exit out of the temple.

    Back in Desierto Caliento

  • Access the chest holding $500 nearby with the Goat Climb.
  • Go outside (at the top level) from the nearest path.
  • Head west and snag the Stamina Chunk guarded by a Cactus.
  • Run through the underground tunnel and head back outside (above the fifth Save Point).
  • Use the Goat Climb to reach the $500 chest on the hill.

    Objective: Head through the Sierra toward the Great Temple

  • Gain access to Sierra Mountain from Santa's west section (near the Olmec Statue). Use the Goat Climb to reach the entrance.

Sierra Morena

Note: Enemies are a lot quicker and fierce – be sure to upgrade your Stamina and Health regenerations if you haven't done so already!

  • Meet Leopard Javier on the top of the hill.
  • Succeed in a leap of faith across the big gap (use the Double Jump, Rooster Uppercut, and Dashing Punch).
  • Go east and defeat the group of opponents.
  • Go west and run up the hill.
  • Toggle worlds and perform a Goat Jump followed up by the Double Jump in this section.
  • Collect $500 below the green blocks.
  • Use the Dashing Punch, Rooster Uppercut, and the Double Jump to get through the vines.
  • Smash through the colored-blocks using the proper moves.
  • Plow through the enemies using the Goat Climb.
  • Pick up $500 in the top-left corner with your abilities.
  • Use the small platforms to reach the top.
  • Go west and dismiss the enemies. Goat Climb over the center pillar with the spikes; concentrate on the Bombs first (use the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Discover the last Choozo Statue and learn Goat Fly.

Goat Fly

An awesome ability which allows you to fly like Superman himself! In order to do so, you have to hang onto a flat, solid wall, and then move the Right Stick left or right (while pressing Triangle).

  • Proceed east and fly over the large gap with Goat Fly.
  • Go upward using the platforms.
  • Go right and fly over the gap.
  • Fly back to the original side using the top part of the wall to reach a ledge in the NW corner. Grab the $500.
  • Fly back over east from the lower wall (at the bottom of the screen).
  • Execute your Goat maneuvers to win the Heart Chunk in the eastern room.
  • Become a chicken and go through the small path on the left side.
  • Fly over each side in the next sections above.
  • Pass the fly test through the cat statues (see tip below).

Tip: Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of the game, you'll run into a large section in the northeast part of the mountain. Numerous cat statues block your path as you try to fly over to the east side. This is more of a trail-and-error and will take some practice. Shift the dimensions repeatedly as the number of cat statues you see increase. Don't bother looking ahead – keep an eye on Juan to be sure to swap the world without getting stuck in one of the statues. The farther you go, the quicker your thumbs need to be!

  • Continue east and fight Leopard Javier.

Boss! Leopard Javier

Javier will guard himself with different colored-shields (it's random, so pay close attention to what color it is). Additionally, his body will shift in dimensions, so do yourself a favor and change the worlds when appropriate.

As the skilled-warrior turns red, keep yourself in the air, because he'll dash violently across the screen. His rolling attack can be block, but be careful when he swings his bat – its radius is wider than it looks. Also, be sure to roll back when he unleashes his vertical fire wave.

Once you disable his shield, keep on the offense for a moment before he throws other threats at you. As he becomes stunned, use your Rooster Uppercut and try to keep him in the air as long as possible!

Juan Wins!

Note: Once you've beaten Javier, you can continue the beat down as he rests. He has some rather funny things to say.

  • After the battle conclusion, meet the Goat Man.

The Final Showdown

This is it! It's time to head to the Great Temple and take on Calaca! If you've missed any items (or have any side quests to do), now's the time to do 'em!

Great Temple

  • Defeat the large Club Leopard.
  • Win the fight against the shielded-enemies.
  • Collect all the goodies in the west room on 2F.
  • Goat Climb up the wall.
  • Switch dimensions to find a hidden room holding a Stamina Chunk (use Dimension Swapping to reach it).
  • Dismiss the foes on 4F.
  • Goat Climb to 5F.
  • Use the Goat Fly and the Rooster Uppercut to get across the acid pool.
  • Continue upward to 7F.
  • Go east and navigate through the maze as a chicken.
  • Gain $500 from the maze's other end.
  • Head back to 7F.
  • Shift dimensions and go through the orange portal.
  • Change the worlds to spawn an orange portal on the top-right corner of the room on 8F.
  • Fly from the right wall into lower-right orange portal to spawn out of the upper one (use the Rooster Uppercut to land the ledge).
  • Vanquish the enemies on 9F.
  • Eliminate the Cactuses.
  • Goat Climb the walls while using Dimension Swapping.
  • Grab 500 on 10F.
  • Go east and clear the enemies.
  • Run east on 11F and drop down.
  • Proceed west and win another battle.
  • Obtain $500 in the left room.
  • Head back to 11F and skip east.
  • Switch worlds to spawn a wall.
  • Deploy a combination of Goat Climb, Double Jump, and Dimension Swapping as well as the portals to land the ledge.
  • Use the same techniques with the portals on the next level (break the blue blocks with the Dashing Punch in the top-right corner).
  • Smash through the green blocks and enter the portal.
  • Go down and defeat another wave of advisories (use the Roll to dodge the Skeleton Knight's lightning threats).
  • Run east and fight through the enemies (it's optional to fight 'em here!).
  • Shimmy up the long stretch of platforms
  • Scavenge $500 at the top.
  • Go west and navigate through the maze (be quick, as enemies attack you here!).
  • Block your way through the vines; throw the enemies into the spikes ahead.
  • Go south first and break through the green blocks below (creating a shortcut to the Save Point on the lower level).
  • Head back up and run west.
  • Use the Goat Fly and Dimension Swap to get through the portals and walls. (This is tricky: Be sure to enter the last portal while shifting the worlds. This allows you to continue flying. Continue your dimension shifts to make the upper ledge with the Rooster Uppercut!)
  • Goat Climb up the pieces of pillars while Double-Jumping at their tips (at the top, fly to the eastern wall).
  • Continue scaling up and break the yellow block.
  • Snag the $500.
  • Fly from the previous room to the next one and Goat Climb at the wall at the end.
  • Enter the portals and shift worlds to get across an acid pit.
  • Break the blue blocks and swap the worlds to get past the portals.
  • Go south first to create a shortcut for the level below.
  • Climb back up, but stop by the room on the right side along the way.
  • Perform your abilities while using the portals to get $500 in this room (Wall Jump, Dimension Swapping, and Double Jump).
  • Head back up to the next level and go northeast.
  • Defeat the enemies, then continue east.
  • Pounce across the ledges, then use the Dimension Swapping and Double Jump to veer over the spiked-pillars.
  • Win the battle against the Bombs (deploy your abilities here; preferably the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Make your way east again and move upward on the platforms (using the Rooster Uppercut).
  • Go west and clear the room from the foes.
  • Goat Climb up the long passage to reach the every top level of the temple.
  • Discover an Olmec Statue.
  • Stop at the Shop, buy any items, and get ready for the final battle.
  • Meet Calaca in the next room.

Final Boss! Carlos Calaca

Form One

The first fight should be a breeze once you've learned his pattern.

For each attack he throws at you, he'll down a randomly-generated shield, so be sure to switch your attacks frequently. Also, swap dimensions as he changes his body form, which he'll do occasionally.

For defense, ensure you're in the air when he throws his ground attacks at you. As he performs his downward-thrust, roll and then jump to avoid it.

Don't go too crazy into attacking him for a long period of time – his offense takes a heavily amount of damage to your health!

Form Two

You really thought that was it? Come on now, you should've known this was coming!

His large (and cool-looking) beast form is relentless, but again, after some practice, you can literally knock him down in less than five minutes.

The most crucial attack you have to worry about is the fire he blows from his mouth. It deals tremendous hurt to poor old Juan, but it's the most predictable attack. He will pause and tilt his head back a little, which gives you plenty of time to duck under it.

The other attacks are more simplistic to dodge. When he spits the blue objects at you, just roll through them (he'll do this three times in arrow, so keep moving!). When the monster pounds the floor (while he raises his arms), pounce off the ground to prevent any injury from the lava that spawns below you.

The other set of attack deals with two waves of fire that burst from either the sides the screen or diagonally in the corners. You'll see them form rather slowly, so use this time to stand between them to protect yourself.

Now for the offense. Obviously, those flaming rocks are your best bet to inflict hurt on this beast. You CAN hit him, but it's not as effective as one would think.

Your first row of business is to disable his shield (again, it's random, and will change over the course of the fight).

With that said, be certain you're close enough to break his shield. This usually works by positioning yourself just past his arms.

When the shield has been deactivated, grasp the rocks that fall from above and start tossing them at him. There's no real strategy here – you can easily throw them diagonally/upward, and they'll automatically hit him!

Repeat these steps to become the World Champion...well, the hero anyways.

Winning the Royal Rumble

After you finish off Carlos Calaca, you'll watch the ending. Upon its conclusion, you can go back and complete any side quests or areas you've missed (in the same game).

You will also unlock the Hard Difficulty when completing the game once!

Special Note

This is the end of the walkthrough. Only some areas will be fully complete if you've been using this guide.

Because there are a ton of secrets to this game, I'm working on completing each area and discovering all the side stuff (including the underground mine area). Check back soon for future updates!

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