The French Official Xbox Magazine has revealed a few tasty morsels of game info on Halo 3, focusing largely on the multiplayer, which has so far been kept fairly under wraps.

IGN brought the revelations, detailing three new multiplayer game modes consisting of NinjaBall, TankFlag and Elimination. NinjaBall requires players to hold onto a ball for as long as possible, TankFlag, as you might expect consists of a capture the flag game with tanks and Elimination gives everyone just one life with which to kill the opposing team.

The Spartan Laser, which was previously mentioned by Swedish magazine LEVEL, was detailed a little more, with games devs explaining how players will be required to lock-on for three seconds in order to fire at a target.

The “Man Cannon”, which seems to basically be a trampoline, will allow players to bounce explosive barrels and vehicles way over maps. Other players will have the ability to shoot at anyone who jumps on the Man Cannon, though they will have the chance to fire back. That X button is apparently still without a confirmed use, though the controls for the Warthog and Ghost are sorted-they’re pretty much the same.

Halo 3 is in alpha still, the preview confirmed. Bungie still say it’ll be released “when it’s ready”.