Think Halo 4 doesn’t have a huge following? Well, then you haven’t been to the Comic-Con International at San Diego, have you?


The event took place over two weeks ago for a large number of Halo followers and 343 Industries did not disappoint, holding a panel that talked about the forthcoming game in detail as well as what surprises we can expect. A discussion was also held about the upcoming live-action movie Forward Unto Dawn and the new figures from the Square Enix collection were also shown; sadly, we could not shove them into our bags. Soon they shall be ours!


If you somehow missed out on all this, don’t fret. 343 Industries, the developers behind Halo 4, have posted a wrap-up video courtesy of IGN to kind of give you an idea of what went down.T here were a lot of actors and producers making the rounds, talking about the upcoming sequel and its various projects.


We’ll talk more in-depth about Halo 4 here at Prima leading up to the game’s release on November 6. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, here’s the wrap-up video!


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