Halo 4 is closing in on its November 6th release date, with less than two weeks to go on the countdown clock.  That said, a number of toy manufacturers are getting behind it with figures and other goods.  And Funko is no exception.

The maker of the adorable Vinyl Figures for such franchises as Star Wars and Plants vs. Zombies have announced that they are also producing a number of products based on characters in the Halo franchise, including a snuggable Master Chief (we’re serious), a beautiful Cortana, and red and blue Spartan warriors.  While no price was given, we’re guessing around $10-$15 each – a small price to pay to get people to see them on your desk and go, “OH HOW CYUUUUUUUTE!”

The figures are set to release two days after the game, on November 8th.  If you’re smart, you’ll pre-order the whole set and then pretend they’re cheering you on while you destroy people in multiplayer.  Because these guys are really on your side!

By the way, we’re just melted over Cortana.  I mean, look at her!