Microsoft continues to drop Halo 4 information like a bandit, leading up to the game's forthcoming debut on November 6th. Today saw some some crucial new information drop that fans everywhere will appreciate.


Along with the introduction of a new Spartan Ops mission called The Challenge, which you can play along with your friends, 343 Industries also introduced a new mech vehicle called the Mantis. This walking monster is a little weird in desigb with skinny legs, but it's definitely on point with its performance, especially when it comes to firepower and speed. If you see one of these on a multiplayer map, trust us – GRAB IT.


Perhaps even more significant to the series is the return of the Flood, who are coming back in a new multiplayer mode for the game. Here, you'll have a group of eight players. Two are infected as the Flood and have to try and infect the other six before time runs out. Of course, the others will be armed…


We'll have more Halo 4 coverage to come before the game comes out in a matter of weeks. Count the days, people. COUNT THE DAYS.