Halo 4 is getting some huge buzz right now, and the game is set to make a prominent appearance at this week's PAX Prime event, with multiplayer set to be shown off at Microsoft's Xbox 360 booth.  But if you're looking for more of a competitive edge on it, you'll have to wait a bit for Major League Gaming's next big event.

Today, it was announced that the game will actually be making an appearance as a competitive title in the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas, Texas, which will take place between November 2nd and the 4th -- days before the game's official release on November 6th.

The tournament will have champions who have shown their skills at previous Halo games jumping in and showing everyone what they got in this new territory.  It sounds rather promising, considering they might not be able to practice beforehand.  You know, unless they go to PAX or something…

We'll have new impressions of the game's multiplayer shortly following the event.