It must be Halo 4 season again.  With the game just a month away from release on Xbox 360, Microsoft has already hit the ground running with its promotions.  Among them is the returning Mountain Dew, a company known for creating "gaming fuel" when it comes to first person shooting affairs, as well as Doritos, a chip that, thankfully, tastes nothing like Master Chief.  Whew.

Through the promotion, players will be able to redeem codes from specially marked Mountain Dew and Doritos products to earn double XP in War Games multiplayer mode, enabling them to level up while enjoying some enticing nacho cheese flavor and ingesting some caffeine.

These codes can start being redeemed on October 15th, and players can also take part in giveaways for special Halo 4 prizes, including an Xbox 360 console bundle.  You can hit the contest page for more details.

Better stock up on your food and drink now, because Halo 4 will be pwning fools starting November 6th.  Count the days, folks.