Microsoft has been offering a number of value-priced Xbox 360 bundles (along with the premium Star Wars one) to entice gamers of all ages, but next week it could be introducing something for those looking to save even more money up front.

Rumor has it that the company will be launching a $99 Xbox 360 bundle that comes with the Kinect device.  Now before you go thinking “that’s an INSANE price cut”, there’s a catch.  The bundle will require an activation of a monthly subscription plan, one that will cost $15 monthly and last about two years’ time.  

This is a requirement for sign-up in order to buy the system, and it’s likely set to be sold through Microsoft Stores, though other retailers haven’t been ruled out.  The subscription also comes with a warranty to cover anything that happens to the system.

There’s no word if this subscription plan includes any streaming services like Netflix, ESPN or HBO Go, which the Xbox 360 does have access to (through various subscription plans), but if Microsoft were smart, they would offer something to go along with the monthly cost.

We’ll see how this bundle fares if it is, in fact, officially announced.  Stay tuned.