Continuing his ongoing video game week on his talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the host brought in Tuesday with a bang thanks to Halo 4.  The creative director of 343 Industries, Josh Holmes, came on to demo the game, which looks a bit like what we saw previously in the Microsoft press conference last week.  Nevertheless, it’s nothing short of awesome.

We’ve included video of the demo below, which not only includes lots of Halo 4 goodness, but also confirmation that Master Chief is, in fact, not being played by Jimmy Fallon.  He thought it was a shame, but oh well, the game will still be good anyway, right?

A new weapon is featured during the demo, along with new enemies that appear to make Master Chief’s life miserable.  Well, hey, maybe Jimmy got off lucky, didn’t he?

Halo 4 hits stores on November 6.  Check out the video footage below!

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