Well, down here in Denver, traffic's already preparing to go nuts with the Presidential Debate set to kick off tonight at the Denver University campus.  But if you're not in the area, relax, you can still take part – through your Xbox 360?

Yep, starting at 9 PM Eastern time tonight, you'll be able to stream the first of the four Presidential Debates that are taking place between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  But along with the streaming, users will be able to join in the fun by answering polls and submitting questions for the Xbox Live community through Twitter, using the hashtag #XboxPoll.

And if you watch three of the four debates in all, don't forget you get an awesome Halo 4 Warrior Armor set for your Avatar, so you can look bad-ass while you remain all political.

Good luck to both sides tonight in the debate.  Should be interesting.