A pre-order bonus by the name of Hitman Sniper Challenge has proved so popular with fans that it may be adapted into a full standalone title.

IO Interactive, the dev behind upcoming stealth assassin-‘em-up Hitman: Absolution told MCV UK that the success of the game has been “crazy,” going so far as to say that it’s even having an influence on Absolution’s direction.

“People are playing it a lot,” said Absolution’s director Tore Blystad. “I think the No.1 player in the world has clocked in hundreds of hours so far which is completely crazy, right? We’re very happy because that’s the essence of Hitman; it is made to be replayed.

“The scores have been ridiculous. The best one has 6.5m – how on earth did they do that?

“We are always learning. We wanted Sniper Challenge to have a big spread of scores. And that is now in Absolution. You can always see how your friends are doing.”

Will it actually become a standalone then? “Who knows? It turned out really well. If we can find a way to make it work then I guess we will.”