Horizon Zero Dawn’s achievements can be quite tricky at times, and one of the toughest to pull off is an achievement that tasks Aloy with finding and knocking down 23 Grazer Training Dummies around the map in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you want to walk away with 100% completion, then this article will show you how to find all 23 Grazer Training Dummies in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Unfortunately, there’s no real big reward for finding and knocking down all 23 of the Grazer Training Dummies in Horizon Zero Dawn. You will earn an achievement, which you need to 100% the game, but otherwise there is no kind of payoff for completing this somewhat challenging achievement.

Rost and Aloy’s House

Training Dummies 1-7

The first seven Grazer Training Dummies can be found at Rost and Aloy’s house. Look around for two north of the bonfire, and then three next to the gate south of the fire. The final two can be found right in front of the house, and on a ledge north of the house.

Mother’s Heart

Training Dummies 8-9

Next, head to Mother’s Heart. There are two Training Dummies to be found in this area. Look for the first one directly south of the fire, and the second behind the house northeast of the fire.

Mother’s Watch

Training Dummies 10-11

The next two Training Dummies are found in Mother’s Watch. Make your way over and look for the Grazer Training Dummies directly outside the northern wall. One is to the left of the gate, and one is to the right.

Mother’s Cradle

Training Dummies 12-13

With the two Grazer Dummies taken care of in Mother’s Watch, make your way over to Mother’s Cradle and look for the two Training Dummies there. The first is southeast, in the corner of the settlement, just behind a home.

The second dummy in this area can be found outside of the settlement. Head to the road along the southern edge of town and then start heading towards Southern Embrace Gate, you should spot this dummy in front of a house right after the road begins to fork.

Mother’s Rise

Training Dummies 14-15

Look to the eastern side of the mountains and make your way to Mother’s Rise. The first dummy in this region is found on the cliffs behind the fire to the west. The second dummy can be spotted on the northern side of the settlement, neat some smoke racks by the fire.

Nora Hunting Ground

Training Dummies 16-17

From Mother’s Rise, make your way over to the Nora Hunting Ground. This is where you’ll find two more Grazer Training Dummies. They can be found on the south side of the house at the Nora Hunting Grounds.

Devil’s Thirst Bandit Camp

Training Dummy 18

The eighteenth Training Dummy can be found at Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. Once here, look for the dummy inside the gate on the southeast corner of the camp.

Mother’s Crown

Training Dummies 19-20

These next two dummies are found at Mother’s Crown. Head to the village and look for them inside the gate that’s located in the northwest corner of the settlement.

Hunter’s Gathering

Training Dummies 21-22

Head out of Mother’s Crown and make your way over to Hunter’s Gathering. Here you will find the next to last set of Training Dummies. The first is located northwest of the bonfire on the northern part of the village. The second is directly north of the bonfire in the northern part of the village, just behind some tents and the merchant.

Two-Teeth Bandit Camp

Training Dummy 23

The final Training Dummy is found in Two-Teeth, the bandit camp to the west of Hunter’s Gathering. Look for the dummy on the northern side of the camp, next to the cliff.

With all twenty-three Training Dummies knocked down, you’ll now have the achievement. You can return to our Horizon Zero Dawn guide for more helpful articles and tips!