One of the key ingredients in any win is a good overall strategy. Apply your knowledge from basic attacks to special moves to this overarching Wonder Woman strategy and increase your chances of victory.

Using Amazon’s Blast (Back + Hard) and Amazon’s Heel (Forward + Hard)

Amazon’s Blast is better in almost every way. It has more range, allows for easier juggles, and has a higher combo damage output potential.

The only time that you would use Amazon’s Heel over Amazon’s Blast would be to avoid setting off a Level Transition.

Using Rising Lasso (Down + Hard)

Rising Lasso is one of the best uppercuts in the game.

This is Wonder Woman’s primary anti-air tool, allowing her to consistently punish jumping opponents with a launcher, giving her a juggle combo.

Using Hephaestus Rush (Back + Medium, Hard) and Athena’s Wisdom (Hard, Hard)

The first attack of the Hephaestus Rush string is one of Wonder Woman’s best attacks; it has amazing reach and is key in setting up Wonder Woman’s 50/50 game.

This attack hits overhead, so Wonder Woman can use this to create a 50/50 mix-up between this attack string and the low-starting Athena’s Wisdom attack string.

The first attack of the Hephaestus Rush attack string can be cancelled into Wonder Woman’s Super Move or, if up close, can be cancelled into her Lasso Spin launcher.

If you are not close enough for a cancel into your Lasso Spin attack, you should use both hits of the Hephaestus Rush attack string.

Athena’s Wisdom is the attack string that is used as the low option in Wonder Woman’s 50/50 mix-up game.

You cancel the Athena’s Wisdom attack string into the Lasso Spin launcher for a damaging combo.

This attack is most effective when used as a mix-up with the overhead Hephaestus Rush attack string.

Using Gods And Mortals (Back + Light, Light, Hard)

This attack string has two main uses: 1) It’s used as a punishing tool when blocking unsafe
attacks or as a whiff punisher and 2) It’s used inside of combos, be it in the middle or as an ender.

Using Lasso Stance Jumping Attacks

Jumping Light is your best tool versus a grounded opponent; it’s your best attack when looking to land a jump in attack that will allow you to go into an attack string combo starter.

Jumping Hard is great for air-to-air situations as it’s fast and also out-ranges a lot of the other jumping attacks in the game.

In air-to-air situations you can buffer in Wonder Woman’s Air Demi-Goddess’ Might (Down, Forward + Hard) attack as a follow-up. This way, if your air-to-air jumping Hard connects, Wonder Woman will cancel into Air Demi-Goddess’ Might for a 21% two-hit combo.

If jumping Hard does not make contact, Air Demi-Goddess’ Might will not activate, and Wonder Woman will land normally.

Jumping Hard also leads to big damage if it hits a grounded opponent in the standing position.

When jumping Hard is blocked, Wonder Woman is at advantage and can follow up with additional attacks.

Using Air Amazonian Smash (Down, Back + Hard while in air)

As a Wonder Woman player, you will find that opponents will throw just about everything at you in an attempt to stay away.

This is because of how effective her 50/50 game is. You can use her Air Amazonian Smash as a way to bully your way in.

This attack also makes it hard to anti-air Wonder Woman due to the speed of the attack, and it can also be done from any height.

You can fool your opponent into thinking that a normal jump in is coming, then Air Amazonian Smash him or her right out of the anti-air attempt.

Using this attack at the right times can make your opponent think twice about anti-air attempts, which now frees up your ability to jump in towards your opponent.

Using Air Dash

Wonder Woman’s Air Dash is a mobility tool that also opens up her ability to go on the

She can jump and Air Dash over projectile attacks, then drop down onto her opponent.

You can also use her Air Dash to fool opponents trying to anti-air you by Air Dashing past their anti-air attempt, then dropping down for a full combo punish.

Wonder Woman can use her Air Dash as an escape tool as well. She can Air Dash backward or Air Dash herself out of any corner situation.

She can also Air Dash low to the ground by doing an instant Air Dash: by tapping Up + Forward, then immediately tapping Forward, you can buffer both the jump and dash commands, allowing you to execute a fast and low-to-the-ground Air Dash.

Using Tiara Projectile Special Attacks

Wonder Woman’s Straight Tiara is your standard mid-ranged ground projectile.

The range on this attack is about 1/2 screen, so be sure to be within that range or closer when you use it.

When this attack gets blocked, Wonder Woman can Meter Burn the tiara to hit the opponent on its return, and this can catch opponents who are too eager to respond after blocking the normal version of the attack.

You can also Meter Burn this attack when it hits for additional damage. Up Tiara is best used from just outside of 1/4 screen distance; from this range you can anti-air opponents who are attempting to jump over a Straight Tiara.

Air Straight Tiara can be used both to punish opponents who attempt to jump in over a ground Straight Tiara, in air-to-air situations to prevent opponents from following you mid-air, or as a way to stop opponents from using jumping as a way to close distance.

Air Down Tiara allows Wonder Woman to jump over oncoming projectiles while delivering one of her own.

Opponents can crouch under this attack if it is performed while Wonder Women is higher in the air.

However, if the attack is performed lower to the ground, the opponent will not be able to crouch under this attack as it will hit overhead.

Using Bracelets Of Submission (Down, Back + Light)

This is one of the best parries in the game. Not only does it parry all high and mid strikes, but it also parries projectiles.

Wonder Woman can actually get the life lead and force her opponent to come to her because of her ability to not just parry his or her projectiles without taking any damage, but build a good amount of meter for it as well.

After landing a successful parry on a high or mid strike, Wonder Woman gets a guaranteed attack based on the recovery of the move she parries.

For fast recovering attacks, the only attack guaranteed is her Justice Javelin Super Move or Down + Light ~ Lasso Spin.

When parrying attacks that have more recovery, she can follow up the successful parry with her Gods And Mortals attack string.

Wonder Woman can also parry multiple hits in succession, allowing her to parry entire attack strings in some cases.

Using Sword Stance

The Aegis Wrath (Back+ Medium, Light) and Justice (Back + Medium, Hard) attack strings are an overhead/low mix-up on the last hit of the string.

Jumping Hard is Wonder Woman’s best jumping attack in this stance. It has a good range and is great for cross up jumps.

When it’s blocked, Wonder Woman is at advantage and can follow up with additional attacks.

Amalthea Bash (Back, Forward + Hard) is one of your best attacks in this stance.

It travels far and staggers your opponent when it hits, giving you enough advantage to follow up with more attacks.

This attack is unsafe, but when blocked, you can confirm your opponent’s block and Meter Burn the attack, now leaving Wonder Woman at advantage.

However, opponents can use a Super Move and interrupt your Meter Burn follow-up unless you commit to the Meter Burn ender rather than delaying it while trying to confirm the hit or block.

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