If you’re an MK Fan looking to transition from Mortal Kombat to Injustice: Gods Among Us, there are a few characters that may not jump off the page at you, but these characters are very effective in high-level gameplay:

Killer Frost

Killer Frost has some of the most devastating 50/50 mix ups in the game. Not only are her mix ups safe, but she also deals out close to 50% when she lands them. Killer Frost has the ability to inflict damage from anywhere on the screen and is one of the best “punisher” characters, able to punish her opponents mistakes with full combos from almost full screen.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is an unorthodox character but with time she becomes deadly. She has a variety of crazy moves and set-ups to keep opponents constantly guessing. Harley can fight from any range and even has options to utilize moves while in midair. Harley has one of the best ways to get in, allowing her to quickly take the fight to her opponent. Harley also has several ways to open her opponents up for damaging combos, making her very unpredictable once she gets in.


Sinestro is a great character for players who like to keep their distance and play a more defensive style. He literally makes his opponents go through an obstacle course, unleashing a barrage of projectile constructs at his opponents from all areas (grounded, straight, and above).  His defensive style can give opponents fits and frustrate them to no end, causing them to make mistake after mistake as they try to force their way in. Should opponents finally get close to him, he has moves that out-range most other attacks, causing hesitation in his opponents about approaching from even closer ranges.

Injustice: Gods Among Us offers characters that will have MK fans feeling right at home. Master the character for you and join the fight!

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