Fulgore was recently released for Killer Instinct, and with the inclusion of the new character came the addition of Arcade mode. In Arcade mode you face off against seven opponents in a ladder-style battle series. If you follow the correct formula, you get to face Shadow Jago as the seventh character in the ladder. If you defeat Shadow Jago, you unlock Shadow Jago's Lair in stage select.

To fight Shadow Jago, there are a few requirements you must meet. Each character has three potential endings. You must unlock all three endings with a single character before you can face Shadow Jago with that character. For example, if you want to fight Shadow Jago using Fulgore, you need to unlock all three of Fulgore's endings first, then run through Arcade mode again to fight Shadow Jago as the seventh battle.

You can unlock endings on any difficulty setting. The ending you get is directly tied to performing an Ultra Combo during the rival match and the match against Fulgore. The rival match is always the sixth fight in the ladder, and Fulgore is always the seventh and final battle.

Arcade Mode Endings
Ending Unlock Method
1 Do not perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth or seventh opponent.
2 Perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth opponent, but not on the seventh opponent.
3 Perform an Ultra Combo on the sixth and seventh opponents.

Once you have unlocked all three endings for your character of choice, run through Arcade mode again on the Medium difficulty or higher, and perform an Ultra Combo on your rival (sixth opponent). At the conclusion of the match, the game skips Fulgore and instead allows you to fight against Shadow Jago. If you lose to Shadow Jago, you can repeat the fight again without having to go all the way through Arcade mode.