Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 9 - The Destroyer

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  • Newspaper #8 | New Helghan News
  • Comic #31 | Pages 61-62
  • Dossier #17 | Jorhan Stahl
  • Audio Log #34 | Weapon Demonstration 1
  • Comic #32 | Pages 63-64
  • Comic #33 | Pages 65-66
  • Comic #34 | Pages 67-68
  • Audio Log #35 | Weapon Demonstration 2
  • Dossier #18 | Planet Vekta 


  • The Destroyer [Complete the chapter] 

When the chapter begins, your objective is to reach the Helghast base. Remember that if you aren't sure where the objective is, it can be displayed -- D-Pad Up -- on your screen. Move forward, keeping in mind to use your zip line to move from one cliff to another. When you come up behind a Helghast guard, stop to listen to his speech and then melee him from behind. It almost doesn't seem right, but you've now completed your first objective. 

Pro Tip: The Helghast guard you just stealth killed has an StA61 Vultur next to him. It's a fantastic sniper rifle that will serve you well throughout this chapter. 

You have a really good overview of the situation from the cliff, but you need to disable the Mobile Scan Unit to complete your next objective. There are two indicators on your screen of where you need to plant C4 charges. Use your zip line to reach the main level of the base, and then again to go right through the door of the first objective. If done correctly, you shouldn't have to engage any targets. When the C4 is in place on the first objective, a 35-second timer begins counting down. Time to get moving.

If you get spotted on your way to plant the second charge, just keep sprinting. No need to get into a prolonged firefight. Plant the second charge and then enter the ventilation shaft located in the same room. Follow it all the way through to what appears to be an armory. Good opportunity to stock up should you need to.

When you exit the armory, head left to run into your first big batch of Helghast, including a turret. Make sure to utilize your Tactical Echo and OWL. When the last soldier is down, Echo will make her way into the base and open the door for you. Help her open the second door and get ready to hold the platform while she secures the train. 

There's quite a few Helghast in this area. As soon as you start shooting, they'll move in on you. It's quite an aggressive approach given how defensive they've acted in the past. Still, it shouldn't be much of an issue, so take them out and clear the area before meeting Echo at the train. 

As the train begins to move, it becomes clear that Jorhan Stahl has been waiting to attack Vekta. Lucas tries to contact Sinclair to warn him to stand down, but he can't get through. It seems the Helghast have been baiting the Vektans into a war the whole time. 

When the train ride ends, your objective is updated to investigate the docking platform. Disembark and melee the unsuspecting Helghast guard. If you're seen -- you most likely will be -- maintain the high ground and take the Helghast out from a distance. When things have calmed down, keep making your way towards the objective. There will be more resistance along the way, so just keep clearing out the enemy and working your way forward.

When you reach your objective, Echo will call out that there are hostiles inbound. Use your Tactical Echo to locate them and then send your OWL out in attack mode. It isn't the most effective killing machine, but it certainly distracts the Helghast. When they're all cleared out, go with Echo while she breaches the control room door. As soon as she's in, start killing all the Helghast inside. This is an excellent chance to use your grenades. 

Pro Tip: Use your Tactical Echo to spot enemies behind objects, then order your OWL to attack them. You don't have to have a direct line of sight to do this.

As Echo works on hacking the control room system, she asks you to cover her six. Use the Tactical Echo to locate incoming threats and engage them. Attacks will come from more than one entrance, so keep a keen eye and be ready. The usefulness of your grenades cannot be understated here. When you clear all the Helghast out, she warns you to grab all the ammunition you can because this isn't over. 

Take the brief break in the action as an opportunity to lay Laser Trip Mines at all the entry points the attackers will come from. You can only carry three at a time, but there's plenty laying around. Make sure both entrances are fully loaded with them. When the next wave begins, watch for drones outside the window next to Echo. Since your Laser Trip Mines are in place, you should have a moment to focus on them first. The Helghast have a tendency to stack up on doors. Try throwing grenades at them for some nice multi-kills. 

Echo will give you the all-clear and tell you that Tyran is on his way. Follow her upstairs and use the access panel to open the door. As soon as you step outside, Tyran will throw a grenade at your feet, knocking you to the ground. What ensues can only be considered a boss battle. Time to put all your combat techniques together. Use your Tactical Echo, your OWL and your grenades. Tyran will use Spider Mines against you. They aren't terribly effective, but fighting him as they attack you is annoying. Besides that, Tyran also uses a cloaking device to hide from you, or an energy blast if you get too close to him. Utilize the ammunition boxes around the area and throw grenades every chance you get. When he's almost down, Echo will let you know he's almost defeated and tell you not to let up. 

When Tyran finally falls, Echo will take over and begin to interrogate him. Tyran confirms that an invasion is coming, but doesn't offer any information on the weapon. Echo's heard enough! She executes him. Lucas is finally able to reach Sinclair by radio, but still doesn't have any luck convincing him to stand down. Sinclair tells Lucas that he's lost sight of what really matters before going radio silent. Lucas tells Echo that if they take out Stahl, they can stop the war. 

You need some transportation. Follow Echo but be aware, there's another batch of Helghast in the area. This time, Echo makes herself useful  -- seriously, she's a good shot -- so things should progress rather smoothly. When the Helghast are down, board the ship and begin your journey to Stahl's base. As you approach the base, you can see the Vektan assault on Stahl has already begun. Stahl uses the weapon, taking out all the ships, including yours. You're thrown from the ship and try to make contact with Echo but can't raise her. Head towards the objective, avoiding the missiles as you do this. 

As you enter the base, follow the on-screen instructions to navigate, keeping in mind R2 will allow you to fire. Make your way to the left and take out any of the guns that engage you. When you reach your objective, use the access panel to open the door and return to normal controls. There's a hatch just inside to the right, so go inside and climb the ladder. You'll find yourself in a corridor that has almost every weapon you can imagine. That's a pretty good sign that you need to stock up. We suggest the Pnv06 Voltage. Enter the elevator and use the access panel to take a ride.

Exit the elevator and open the door directly in front of you. There's a fair sized Helghast army inside, so use your newfound weapon to do some serious damage. Doesn't hurt to turn your OWL loose in attack mode either. Clear the room, head up the stairs and through the door directly in front of you. This is, up to this point, easily the most intense engagement of the game. The Pnv06 Voltage is a good option, so keep using that if you can. When you run low on ammunition, switch it for something else. Again, this is a massive battle, so remember to use your adrenaline -- Left D-Pad -- if you get hurt or need to slow things down for a moment. You'll know it's all-clear when the music calms down. 

When everything is clear, Stahl will come over the loud speaker and give you a speech. Head outside and make your way towards him. He tells you that he admires you. You, Lucas, have something most Vektan do not. Most Vektans are selfish, always wanting more than the next guy. It's for this reason, Stahl says, that you cannot win. Even if you kill Stahl, someone will rise up behind him. Your people were not built to endure what the Helghast have. Stahl tells Lucas that it's biology, and Lucas was born on the wrong side. 

When the speech is over and you reach your destination, head up the stairs for a face-to-face meeting with Jorhan Stahl. Without missing a beat, he continues his speech, telling Lucas that the Terracide was for a reason. The weak perished but the strong survived. Stahl tells Lucas that Vekta must now suffer the same fate, that history demands it. The Helghast cannot live in Vekta's shadow any longer. As he speaks, Stahl is shot and killed. You turn around to see what happened, only to take a bullet yourself. Sinclair -- the shooter -- radios in that he found the weapon. 

Now it's Sinclair's turn to give Lucas a speech. He says that he thought he knew you. After everything the Helghast had taken from them, Sinclair never thought Lucas would be the one he lost faith in. Every day that New Helghan exists, the Vektans are under threat. Sinclair says he's shown people that, and now he'll show them they can remove that threat forever. He says he's always tried to protect Lucas and that he's sorry he couldn't be that person. Sinclair raises his weapon and fires, killing you and ending the chapter. The credits roll but don't be fooled, there's still one chapter remaining.