One of the highlights of our trip to PAX Prime was stopping by Sony's booth, where the company happily showed us the same great gameplay footage we first caught a glimpse of back at E3.  A lot of attendees got to see this game in action, but for those who missed out -- or didn't feel like waiting two hours in line -- we've got some good news.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Naughty Dog, the game's developer, have posted the full 15-minute gameplay footage from The Last of Us online, where you can view it to your heart's content without sitting near dead people in a gloppy tub of water.  You won't get a free t-shirt and print out of the deal, but you will get to see the dynamics of gameplay behind Naughty Dog's latest.  And that's a reward in itself.

Check out the footage below, and get ready for The Last of Us when it arrives in 2013!