Enjoy the opening cutscene and take your time getting to know a little more about Joel and his life before the infection hit. It may come in handy later.

You begin the game as Joel’s daughter, Sarah. After receiving a terrifying call from your uncle, you must go find your father. Take some time to explore a room and get a sense of the world before the infected. It will pay off later when you meet Ellie.

After taking in the scenery, leave the room and head to the door across the hall. Read the newspaper for horrific foreshadowing, and then return to the hallway and head left. Head to the door at the end of the hallway. Enter the room and watch the news story on television then head downstairs.

Once downstairs, head into the kitchen to check your dad’s cell phone. Check the note on the fridge before heading to the open door leading into an office. Here, you will be reunited with your dad, and he is covered in blood.

Once the cutscene ends, you will control Joel. Press square to kick out the windshield. Sarah his hurt, and you have to carry her. Tommy will provide cover fire to keep you safe. Grab Sarah and follow Tommy.

Once you reach the alley, be prepared to fight off an infected. Press square to keep him at bay and follow Tommy. Tommy will hold off the infected. Continue to run out of the building and head towards the light. You will pass an ambulance on the left. Keep going and a cutscene will begin.

Next up is the title sequence. Be sure to use this time to recover from the horrific tragedy Joel just experienced. Grab some tissue as you listen to the opening sequence. You will learn a little about the infection and the Fireflies.


20 Years Later

After meeting Tess, follow her to the next location. Listen as Tess gives you some information about what is going on. Continue to follow her until you reach a checkpoint. Approach the guard. The Fireflies will attack. Do a quick turn and follow Tess to a safe location.

Beyond the Wall

Continue to follow Tess through the building as she speaks with different individuals. Help Tess access a secret tunnel behind an entertainment center. Follow her into the tunnel. Grab your backpack on the left of the bench at the end of the room, and then boost Tess up the wall.

Continue out of the tunnel. Tess will call out for a ladder. Search behind the car in front of you to find it. Set it up. Follow Tess up the ladder and into a building. You will encounter spores and put on your mask. Enter the spores and crouch to enter a hole on the right.

Continue forward until you hear the sounds of the infected. Use Joel’s hearing ability to locate the infected. Take out the infected in the room. It is your choice to take out the other two. Take them out or silently move upstairs and towards the opening where the light is coming through. Once outside, follow Tess.

Follow Tess to an impasse. She will ask you to retrieve a plank. Head down the ramp to your left and jump down to collect the plank. Pass it to Tess and then return to the top of the structure through the hole in the wall behind you. Cross the plank and follow Tess.

The Slums

You will run into opposition demanding you turn the other way. After Tess answers with a bullet to the skull, take cover. Take the guys out and follow Tess. You will reach another set of Robert’s henchmen. Take them out as well and grab the key that one of them will drop. Follow Tess to the door and open it. Continue forward until you reach more of Robert’s men. Use force to take them out or stealth to move past them.

You have found Robert, but he is surrounded by protection. Use stealth or combat to move past them and head for Robert. If you choose combat, be aware of the supplies and ammo that you have. If you choose the combat route, this will make the area easier to scour for supplies. Head straight and to the right. Enter the room where Robert is hiding. A light will mark it over the door. Enter the room and confront Robert.

Chase down Robert. Keep up or you will lose him. The chase ends when you reach a room with a window. Head through it to begin the next cutscene.

The Cargo

After the cutscene follow Tess and Marlene. Once you enter a room from a rooftop, take all the supplies on the table in the room. Then help open the door and follow to the next location.

Here you must take out the soldiers before you can enter a door. Use cover to stay hidden and reach the staircase on the left. Head up the stairs and use stealth to take out the enemies in your way. Marlene will give you instruction on how to do so. Once the enemies are eliminated, follow Marlene to the door and enter it.

Follow Marlene to another door and help her open it. Time to meet the cargo you are smuggling.



Now with Ellie in tow, continue forward. Search the area for supplies and items. Then head down the stairs on the left. Once at the bottom head to the right down the stairs, through a tunnel, and up another set of stairs. Then, continue through the narrow passageway and to the right.

Once you reach an open courtyard, continue forward and look for a green trashcan. Pull the trashcan out and to the left and place it under the opening on the fire escape. Climb up and enter the building. Continue forward until you reach a door on your right. Open it.


Tess returns with and update on Marlene. Go up to Tess and talk to her. Then follow Tess to a secret room and start the generator. Then activate the elevator.

Continue forward and enter a hole in the wall in the bottom left of the room. Continue forward until you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and exit to the outside. Continue forward towards a lobster truck. Enter the lobster truck and continue to the end.

After a startling secret about Ellie is revealed, you have to run. Follow Tess and avoid the searchlights. When it is time for Joel to lead, simply run to the left to avoid the lights. Continue forward and stay in the shadows to avoid the other soldiers. Head up the stairs to the left.

Continue to move forward until you enter an area where there are more soldiers. Head to the right and stay hidden. Move fast and head towards a window on the right. Head forward and jump into a large hole. Once you reach a room, search it for items. Then head out and through another pipe.

With the promise of a possible cure on the horizon, continue on your journey. Follow Tess to what seems like a dead end. Turn to the right and head straight. Navigate your way through the building, until you reach a Spore Cadaver on a door. Remove it and continue forward. Go through the next door and prepare to be attacked by a Clicker! After Tess takes it out, continue to scour the room for supplies then meet with Tess and Ellie in a room filed with water. Help them up the wall with the yellow tape and markings.

You now know that there are Clickers in the area. Follow Tess’s lead until she waits for you to take control. Head to the right and drop down into a hole. Head straight and to the left to take out a Runner. Be careful however as Runners and Clickers are in the area.

Take down all the Runners in the are first using stealth. Once the Runners have been dealt with, then take a shiv to the neck of the Clicker. Once Tess and Ellie join you again, follow Tess out of the room and into a Subway tunnel. Examine the bodies of the Fireflies for clues and artifacts, and then head through a small hole located at the back left of the room. Be prepared, the next room is crawling with Clickers and Runners.

Focus on taking out the Clickers first. Use Shiv’s or other silent weapons as to not alarm any of the other infected. Remember, Clickers cannot be choked to death. After the Clickers are done, focus on the Runners and follow the signs to the Orange Line. Boost Tess so she can grab the ladder then climb it. Follow Tess outside and to a truck blocking your path. There is a dumpster you can use to get over the truck in the building to the left. Kill the recently infected in the building and then grab the trashcan. Follow Tess to a door. Pull the chain to open it as the infected come nipping at your heels.


Once in side this garage, Tess and Ellie will have a conversation about the infected. Head straight ahead towards a light. Here, you can edit your weapon abilities on the workbench. After that, exit the garage through the door on the right and explore. Continue through the doors until you reach a room with a giant bell. Go to the left of the bell and up to enter the second level of the museum. Search upstairs and at in the second room, enter the space under the debris. Once you clear the way for Tess and Ellie, Clickers will emerge.

Take out the Clickers in the room and then head out of the door on the far left. Go up the stairs. Before you open the door crouch. This will cause Joel to open the door slowly. Take out the Runner in the room and go through the door on your right.

Follow Tess and save Ellie from the Runner. Next, be prepared to take out a wave of Runners. This is the last stop in the museum so feel free to use your gun. After all the runners have been defeated find Tess and exit through the window. Go up the fire escape. Take he plank on the left and use to create a bridge the top of the fire escape.

The Capitol Building

Descend the staircase. Grab the garbage on the left and press it against the gate in the right corner. Exit the alley and enter the water. Stay to the right and go up the stairs and enter the building.

Once Tess makes her stand, head to the table on the right for supplies. Then ascend the stairs toe the right and exit to the left. Continue right to a opening in the wall. Jump out and into the next room. Approach the dead body on the ground and acquire the hunting rifle. Continue forward and take cover from the soldiers in the room. Prepare to fire.

After you take out all the soldiers in the room, continue into the room at the end of the hall. Soldiers will enter through the hallways to the right. Take them out and continue forward Exit the doorway and descend the stairs. Head down the stairs to the right.

You are now being followed. Follow Ellie through the subway terminal until she pulls you into cover. Take out the two enemies in the room and then continue past the subway car and into the water. Swim and stay on the left side until you reach a place where you can step up. Walk straight and the get back into the water. Use your light to find the wood palette in the water. Use that to get Ellie across. Once she lowers the ladder, climb it and then continue forward and then left. Fall the sunlight.


The Woods

Explore the forest for items. Then continue up the path on the right. Find the board leaning against the wall and place it against the structure directly behind you. Then, climb on top of that structure to gain the Upgrade Melee Weapon ability. Grab the board and lay it across the structure to the right. Cross the beam and explore for items. Then, find the hole in the fence line and enter it. There are two Clickers near by. Take a cover position, and lure them out with a brick or bottle. Take them out and explore the surrounding buildings for supplies. Once finished go to the far left corner and boost Ellie over the locked gate.

Explore the area for items. Enter the shops to hear some interesting conversation from Ellie and Joel. There is also a safe at the far right end of the area behind a car. The code is on a piece of paper at the barricade at the dead end. Collect the items and then head down the alleyway by the music store. After the Clicker’s head explodes, continue forward. Place the ladder on the truck and climb it to gain the Bow weapon. Cross the plank and pick it up and lean it against the building beside the ladder. Climb the ladder and use the plank to make a bridge across to the next building. Cross and take out the Clicker on the other end. Continue forward until you get to another ladder and climb down. Crouch under the trip wire.

Go to the left and open the door. Go up the stairs and collect items in the room to the right. Then enter the next room and prepare to battle a runner. When the runner is dead, take the items in the room and return outside. Use the bottles and bricks in the area to trip the wires and set them off. Continue through the gate and turn right. Take out the trip wire on the ground and then continue forward. Open the door and head through it.

We call this the I Am Legend trap. With Joel suspended, use your gun to fend off the infected. Concentrate on the Clickers and take them out first. Continue battling the infected until Joel is saved. Run with Bill and help him fight off the infected. When you reach a laundry mat, the infected will enter. Take them out and grab the bat on the washer on the way out. Follow Bill to a safe location.


Collect all the items you need and follow Bill. This is a great chance to upgrade melee weapons and collecting ammo. Continue to collect items while you follow Bill. Once you have collected what you need when you reach the restaurant, meet bill at the door at the end of the room. Follow him until you are outside; now prepare to take out the infected.


A group of Clickers and Runners will attack. In this instance, take out the Runners first with guns or melee weapons. Clickers can’t see so create some distance and then shoot them. Once they are gone, collect the items in the area and follow bill.

You will now enter a residential area crawling with Runners and Clickers. In this instance, the Runners are more dangerous because they can see you, which will alert the Clickers. You can choose to explore this area if you want, or you can continue to the left to find a white door. If you do choose to explore, be sure to use Joel’s Listening Mode and be carful. Bill is not the best back up so you will have to make sure not to alert the infected of your presence. Once you do reach the door, exit it slowly to find a house full of clickers. Sneak past them and out of the house to a safe location.

This house is Clicker free so feel free to explore. Gain all the items you can and meet Bill. Help him open the garage door.

You are now in a field of Runners. Use stealth to silently kill them one by one. Start with the Runner on the far right and use Joel’s Listening Mode to detect the rest. Once all Runners are dead, boost Ellie onto the school bus and have her grab the ladder. Climb the ladder and follow Bill. The sound of the Clickers can be heard so scramble to the left side of the building and have Bill open the window.

High School Escape

You are now inside Lincoln High School. The school is crawling with Clickers and Runners. This is a great time to use your long-range weapons like bombs and Molotov cocktails. Use a bottle or brick to get a group of infected into one spot. Then, throw one of these weapons at them to do maximum damage. Once that is done, continue to explore the bottom of the school and take out any infected in your way. Enter the gym and prepare to meet the Bloater.

This giant monstrosity has bulbous spores of the fungus pulsating on its body. This is the result of years and years of infection. Bloaters also have fungal growth plates that act as protection. Handle the Runners that drop into the room first, and then focus on the Bloater. Keep your distance and avoid the exploding spores. Keep shooting and attacking the Bloater until it falls. Search the room for supplies and then boost Bill up to get the ladder. Take out the Runners who enter the room, and then exit through the window. Race after Bill and climb the ladder before the Runners get to you.

Search the house for supplies. Once you have what you need, get behind the truck and push. You will have to stop a total of three times to take out Runners and Clickers. On the third time, take out the infected and then hop in the back of the truck.

Alone and Forsaken

After the ambush, fend off the attacker. Then save Ellie. Once she is safe, prepare to battle the Hunters. Take out the Hunters and search the area for items. Meet Ellie by a garage door and open it. Search the area and then continue outside. Go up the staircase to the left. Continue down and search the area. Then head right until you hear men talking. Wait for the Hunters to drop down and then take them out. Head to left and climb the car and bus to enter a new area.

Take out the Hunters in this area and enter the structure on the right. Take out the Hunters inside. Head upstairs to do the same. Take all the items you need then find the exit sign on the top floor.  Exit the building and continue until the cutscene begins.

Hotel Lobby

Swim over to get the wooden palate for Ellie. Take it back to her then swim her back to where the plank is. Then, enter the cargo hold behind you and swim left and up the stairs. Then go up the ramp and cross the plank to get to Ellie. Then enter the hotel.
Search the hotel for items. Then go the left side and grab the ladder. Place the ladder on the wall ahead where the banister is missing. Head to the right to find the code for the safe. Open the safe on the bottom level then return to the ladder. Climb the ladder and go to the left and out of the hotel.

Head back into the hotel and take out the Hunters in the area. You will encounter a Hunter that throws Molotov cocktails so prepare for that. Continue towards the burning trashcans and the spray painted arrows on the wall. Collect items and kill hunters along the way. Continue until you reach a elevator. Enter the elevator shaft and boost Ellie up the ladder. Then, watch Joel fall to the water below.

Swim to the right and find your way through the elevator shafts. Once you reach a gate that you cannot pass through, simply swim under it. Search for a generator and activate it. You will face a new kind of infected known as the Stalkers. Stalkers are in transition form Runner to Clicker. They will hide and try to ambush you.  Once you do that, continue up the staircase. Find a room with blue rugs on the floor. Exit to the right and in the room across the hall, you will find a hotel key card. Then explore the hotel until you find a hallway with fungus growing everywhere. Go to the end of the hallway, and use the key card.

Continue through the doors and you will end up in the kitchen. Take out the hunters and move forward. Find the ladder to the left of the room and use it to climb up. A Hunter will kick you off the ladder and try to kill you. Press square when prompted.

Now that you and Ellie are reunited, climb back up the ladder. Explore the hotel until you find the exit. Grab the piano and push it against the wall. Climb up and exit and go to the right. Follow the sunlight and exit the hotel.

Financial District

Ellie is going to cover you with a rifle. Take out the Hunters. After the last Hunter is killed, Joel will call for Ellie.

Search the area for supplies and then follow Ellie to the end of the area. To the left there is a garage door. Open it. Explore the area continue forward. Head up the stairs and take out the two Hunters. Next, find the bookstore that is surrounded by tripwire. Enter there and take out the other Hunters. This will provide added protection. Watch out for the Molotov throwing Hunters. Head out of the left of the bookstore and follow Ellie. Boost her up to get the ladder. Continue to explore until you end up in a store with Hunters. Take them out and run from their turret.

Circle around the turret. Take out the Hunters in your way. Enter a building and continue to avoid the turret. Keep moving until you reach a cutscene.

Escape the City

You have now picked up two new survivors. Henry and Sam. Follow Henry to their hideout. Take out the Hunters and then hop up on the bus on the left. Take out the Hunters on the upper ledge and then follow Henry to his hideout.

Follow Henry out of the office. Keep going until you see the two guards. Take the guards out and exit the building. Avoid being caught by the spotlight. Take out the Hunter on the ground. Then turn off the generator. When the Hunters come to investigate, take them out as well. Then, open the doors to the bridge. Take out the Hunter on top of the truck.

Open the garage door to the left of you. Enter it and take cover. Take out the Hunters in the bar. Then, remove the rolling cart from the door. Open the door and crawl out underneath the chains. Now, follow Ellie and run to escape the turret. The turret corners you and you must make a difficult decision. Ellie makes the decision for you.

Check back later this week for Part 2 of our exlcusive walkthrough!