Enemies have a nasty habit of killing Link in Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.  The best way to prevent this from happening (or simply delaying the inevitable) is to find Pieces of Heart scattered throughout the adventure. Collect four pieces to add one Heart to Link’s life bar. With 28 pieces total, you can add up to eight Hearts. Finding them will take a while, but you can save some time with this guide.

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Kakariko Village

Piece of Heart #1: Beat the Cucco Ranch mini-game in the Rooster level. 

Piece of Heart #6: You’ll find it inside of a small cave in the northwest corner of the village. Throw small rocks above the cave, then jump from the ledge to land in the hole. 

Piece of Heart #8: Achieve the high score in the Rupee Rush mini-game. 

Piece of Heart #15: You receive this from a young woman. Merge and slip through a fissure in Thieve’s Town to access her locked house.

Hyrule Castle

Piece of Heart #2: It’s behind the Blacksmith’s Forge. You must merge around the building.

Piece of Heart #7: This Heart is on the ground, located on the east side of the castle. It’s surrounded by small rocks.

Piece of Heart #27: It’s inside a cave near the Blacksmith. You’ll need Titan’s Mitt to move the big rock.

Sanctuary & Zora’s Domain

Piece of Heart #3: Inside a secret cave behind the second waterfall you come across, to the south of Zora Lake. You need Zora’s Flippers to reach it.

Piece of Heart #4: You can find this Heart in the Graveyard’s secret passage to the Sanctuary. It’s on a high ledge, so be sure to merge.

Piece of Heart #22: Inside a high cave just north of the Graveyard. Blast open the fissure in Lorule with a Bomb and enter it to reach the cave.

Lost Woods 

Piece of Heart #5: This Heart lies just beyond a thin gap between two walls, south of a log.You’ll need to merge.

Southern Ruins

Piece of Heart #9: Surrounded by statues in the Southern Ruins. Use a Bomb to reveal the secret passage near the two statues to the east near Lake Hylia. 

Lake Hylia and Lost Woods 

Piece of Heart #10: Beat the Intermediate level in the Hyrule Hotfoot mini-game. 

Eastern Ruins

Piece of Heart #11: Inside a cave south of the Eastern Palace. Use a Bomb to reveal the cave entrance and then merge into the wall. 

Piece of Heart #12: We hope you have the Hammer. You must break pegs in the Tektite-filled basin south of the Eastern Palace.

Death Mountain (Hyrule) 

Piece of Heart #13: On top of the mountain, in a secret passage to the Fairy Fountain west of the Tower of Hera.

Piece of Heart #14: Look for it inside of the volcano leading to Rosso’s ore mine. It’s on a platform near moving springboard platforms. 

Piece of Heart #25: While journeying to the Ice Ruins, take the western path in Lorule’s icy cavern and head north. Use the fissure when you exit the cavern to locate the Heart. 

Thieve’s Town & Lorule Castle 

Piece of Heart #16: Win the Fortune’s Choice game in Thieve’s Town. 

Piece of Heart #17: Beat the high score in Lorule’s Rupee Rush game. 

Piece of Heart #18: Score 100 points in the Octoball Derby. 

Piece of Heart #19: Look for the Heart inside the Big Bomb Flower cave. It’s east of the Southern Ruins. 

Skull Woods

Piece of Heart #20: It’s near Sahasrahala’s home in Lorule. You’ll need to merge and then fissure travel. 

Piece of Heart #21: It’s on a porch of an abandoned shack. To reach it, climb the ladder to the south and use a cucco to snag it.

Dark Ruins

Piece of Heart #23: Head inside the Dark Ruins and look for this item on a narrow beam. Watch out for the Lorule soldiers. 

Death Mountain (Lorule)

Piece of Heart #24: Clear the Intermediate level (15 floors) of Treacherous Tower. 

Misery Mire 

Piece of Heart #26: For this, you’ll need the Sand Rod and Bombs. While exploring the desert in Hyrule, toss a Bomb to blow open a high fissure from a ledge you can only reach with the Sand Rod. Head inside the fissure to enter Lorule near the Heart Piece’s location. 

Lorule Lake 

Piece of Heart #28: Head inside the Turtle Rock dungeon. Travel through the northwest exit to find the item you seek.