Nintendo, as well as showing off the Game Boy Micro and Revolution, unveiled information on their new Zelda title, set to be the last major release for the GameCube.

The trailer will no doubt be coming to the net soon, and it revealed a few interesting factors.

The game is called The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Part of the reason for the twilight motif, seems to be, surprisingly, that Link is a werewolf. There’s much in the way of horsey fighting in the night of course, but we’re pretty sure the werewolf theme is pretty significant in the game.

Link transforms into some kind of wolf in the trailer, gets mounted by a cat-lady of sorts, then, of course, goes fighting enemies in dungeons. We’ll have more of a chance to give you a load of extra stuff on the game when E3 comes about, as it’ll be playable there.

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