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The Fellowship has broken and things are looking bleak for the mortal races. Let this walkthrough guide you like the light of EƤrendil from the taming of Gollum to the siege of Isengard, stages 7-12.

World Map Continuing after the credits, you are left with just Frodo and Sam. Fortunately, they have learned much already and have plenty of tools at their disposal. Follow the ghost studs into the hills of Emyn Muil, activate the map stone as you enter and try not to get lost as you enter the next stage


Characters (Story Mode) Gandalf the Grey Frodo Sam

Walkthrough You begin the stage playing as Gandalf, having just fought the Balrog in the Mines of Moria. Make your way up the slope to the left and break the large LEGO bricks free from the ice. Use the guide on the wall and Gandalf's magic to lift the bricks and create a staircase for yourself. Climb up the stairs and up the slope to the tower. Build the bouncing LEGO bricks into a set of stairs and climb the inside of the stone tower. Break the chains holding the next piece of stair in place and continue your ascent to reach the top of the tower where the Balrog awaits. The demon has two primary attacks. For the first, the Balrog will summon a flaming sword and strike the ground, sending a fiery fissure across the battlefield toward you. For the other attack, it will summon its whip and swing it across the whole field. Avoiding the sword is as simple as keeping on the move throughout the fight but you will need to leap over the whip. The Balrog will also grab you if you get too close and hurl you back across the arena, causing you to take damage when you land. Avoid the Balrog's attacks until lightning strikes the battlefield. Run over to the illuminated spot and press Circle/B and Gandalf will channel the lightning into his sword Glamdring and fire it at the Balrog. The beast will protect itself with its wings and you will need to move the targeting cursor to one of the two glowing spots on its wings. Once the LEGO bricks have been shocked off of one wing, the Balrog will reel and begin attacking again. Continue to dodge the assault until lightning strikes a second time. Use Glamdring to again target the glowing weak spot on the demon's other wing to damage it again. Once more dodge attacks until a third bold of lightning strikes the arena. This time, target the Balrog's chest to send it over the edge of the tower, defeating it for good.

Frodo and Sam wake up from camp to discover a strange creature devouring fish from a bucket. When they see it, the creature scoops up the fish and a wall raises, blocking your way. To progress, you will need to collect 6 fish scattered around the campsite. The first two are laying around on the ground nearby. Pick them up and take them to the wall to throw them into the bucket, causing it to lower with each fish added. Next, head to the right and use Sam's new Elven Rope to climb the yellow LEGO hook. Break apart the vines on the ledge and use the pieces to create a short ladder to reach the third fish. Continue to the right and pull out Frodo's Phial of Galadriel to light the cave so that Sam can dig up fish number four. At the far right of the campsite you will come to a dead end. Push the pillar across the checkered floor and use Sam's spade on the soil nearby to grow a large flower with leaves that you can use to climb up the cliff. When you reach the top, break apart the various LEGO objects to reveal three pieces of firewood. Dig up a fire pit and place them in using Sam's tinderbox to light a fire, burning away the dried vines covering the handholds. Leap up and across to claim the fifth fish. Move right and head down the slopes to another open area. Move forward and destroy the LEGO grass and skeleton to reveal a patch of soil. Have Sam dig up some LEGO pieces that can be assembled into a hook for his rope. Use the spade on the soil above to grow another large plant for Frodo to climb up and send Frodo through the hatch and across the handholds to the dark cave. Step inside to illuminate the darkness and claim the final fish! Finish your journey around the campsite by moving to the right and pushing the large statue off the ledge, gaining access to the fish bucket. Toss any remaining fish into the bucket to return the wall into the ground and move into the next area. Night falls and the Hobbits are attacked in the night by the creature, Gollum.

Pick up the glowing fish on the ground and hurl it at Gollum as he crawls along the wall, throwing the bones of his meals at you. He will happily hop down so that he can consume the fish. Take control of Sam and move in front of Gollum. Throw the elven rope at him and follow the on screen prompts to wrestle with the creature. After the struggle, Gollum will return to the wall to throw more fish bones at you. Have Frodo move into the cave and break apart the LEGO objects inside to reveal some rope. Next, use Sam's Elven Rope to climb the LEGO hook to the left of the area and destroy the tree at the top, breaking free a stick. Combine the stick and rope into a fishing pole but you still require bait! Dig up the patch of LEGO soil near the cave and assemble the bricks into another hook that Sam can use to pull down, breaking loose a worm. Combine the worm with the fishing pole to complete the item and use it to fish off the docks on the right side of the area. Grab the fish that is pulled up and throw it at Gollum to bring him down for a second tussle with Sam. After the lock up, head back to the pier and pull up one more fish. Toss it to Gollum and use Sam's rope on him a final time to bring the level to an end.

World Map Back on the world map you are joined by Gollum. From here, the story splits and at any time you can choose to switch to Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas to follow their story.


Characters (Story Mode) Frodo Sam Faramir Madril

Walkthrough Through a stroke of luck (bad or goood), Frodo and Sam now have a guide through the Dead Marshes on their way to Mordor. Whenever you are ready, move toward Gollum and he will make a trail of studs for you to safely follow through the water. Even though Gollum has shown you the proper path, don't stray too long in one place as your character will quickly begin to sink into the marshes. Once you reach dry land again, approach Gollum and he will move forward again. Unfortunately, green flames now block your path. Have Sam dig up a bucket from the LEGO soil and use it to grab some water to douse the flames. When you reach Gollum, he will again head off, leaving the green flames blocking you again. Use Sam's spade on the LEGO soil nearby to grow a plant. Bounce off the leaves to reach the high up platform and set fire to the tree. The tree will fall over, spilling water into a basin. Travel down the trunk to fill the bucket and use it to put out the fire blocking your way forward. Jump quickly across the sinking platforms to another section of dry land. Once again Gollum will leave you trapped by the green flames. Walk around to the right and onto the narrow beams to reveal a bridge to another section of land. walk across the bridge and fill the bucket in the water basin. Bring it back across the put out the flames to clear the path to Gollum. When the trail to Gollum is blocked again, send the Hobbit without the bucket north. Hop onto the raised LEGO piece and another basin will fill with water. Take a bucketful over the the flames to open the way ahead again. In the following area, use Sam's rope on the yellow hook to pull down some branches and forge your way across the marsh and through the skeletal ribcage. Pull the hook inside to raise the departed creature's skull, creating a bridge to the next water basin. Douse the flames once more and continue on. Branch off of Gollum's path by going north and using Frodo's Phial to light the inside of the tree trunk. Use the LEGO pieces inside to build a yellow hook that Sam can use to pull the tree open, filling the basin with water. Finally you've caught up with the scrawny creature and the group makes camp.

Not too long after, you learn that the defeat of the Nazgul on Weathertop was only temporary and that they've traded in their horses for dragonlike beasts! Use Frodo's Elven cloak to disguise yourself and sneak over to Gollum. Once the Rider passes overhead, follow Gollum through the marshes. Rush forward and hide away again to continue moving along, hidden from the Rider's view. Continue following Gollum and hiding when prompted until you reach a long stretch of dry land. Use Sam's rope on the nearby yellow hook to swing across the marsh and make your way to the LEGO see-saw. Walk on top of it to raise the other end so that Frodo may pass safely. Break apart the tree with Frodo to open up passage for both Hobbits and continue following Gollum. Use Sam's tinderbox when you reach the downed tree to clear the path then quickly hide away from view. Follow Gollum through the marshes to the next area and use Sam's rope on the yellow hook, breaking free the LEGO pieces you need to assemble a bridge. On the other side, use Sam's spade to grow a plant and climb the leaves to reach Gollum and a cutscene.

When the sequence is over you will have control of Faramir and Madril, engaged in battle with the Haradrim. Your goal is to stop the two Oliphaunts rampaging around the fields. Break the two trees in the center of the area and put together the LEGO pieces that are knocked free to create trampolines. Hop onto one and wait for an Oliphaunt to walk by. You will automatically grab onto the ropes hanging from the tower on its back. Climb up and slay the Haradrim stationed there and grab the rope on the floor. Use the rope to climb the rest of the way up the tower and follow the on-screen prompts to defeat the huge beast's navigator. Without instructions, it charges into the forests. Use the other trampoline and repeat the actions to clear the second Oliphaunt from the battlefield, bringing the stage to an end.

World Map Back on the world map, Faramir and Madril have joined the Hobbits and Gollum. Unfortunately, the eye of Sauron looks upon Frodo and his journey will have to wait until it has lifted. On the map view, the eye of Sauron's gaze is represented by a red cone emanating from the tower of Barad-Dur. Switch over to Aragorn and company to continue the story.


Characters (Story Mode) Aragorn Gimli Legolas Merry Pippin

Walkthrough Aragorn and co. begin in the destroyed Uruk-Hai camp. Take control of Legolas and shoot the three targets on the smoldering pile of ash in the center of the area to knock free some bouncing LEGO bricks. Assemble them to create a safe path to the top where there is a cracked LEGO floor. Use Gimli's jumping smash to break it and a small scabbard will fall out of the pile. Use Aragorn's tracking ability by having him pick it up and following the green trail to another piece of the puzzle. The end of the second trail will uncover some bouncing LEGO bricks. Assemble them into a yellow hook. Sam has been separated from the group, so you will need to find another means with which to active the hook. On the far left of the campsite is an Uruk-Hai hanging upside-down from a tree. Allow Legolas to shoot him free and you can collect the rope he was strung up with. Take it back to the hook and loop it around to uncover another mysterious item for Aragorn to track. Continue following the trails until Aragorn uncovers a cracked floor piece for Gimli to smash, clearing the debris and allowing you to keep tracking Merry and Pippin. Eventually you will discover that the two Hobbits fled into Fangorn Forest.

From there, control switches over to Merry and Pippin as they try to escape their goblin pursuers. Make your way to the right and attack the barricade, sending the boulders down the slope. Slide down with them and the goblins will show up to give chase! A few of them will slide down the slope after you. Quickly dispatch them and continue to the right. Have both Hobbits grab hold of the hand rails to pull the LEGOs over and build them into something you can climb. Defeat the goblins that attack you and make your way around the large tree to reach a dead end. More goblins will assault you, including a heavily armored goblin. They are still goblins however, and easily defeated. Once the coast is clear, climb through the small hatch that the armored goblin revealed. Break apart the LEGO objects and use the bouncing bricks to build a set of handholds to climb the LEGO tree. Once you reach the top you will learn that it is not a tree at all, but an Ent! After the cutscene, you will be riding on Treebeard's back, free to control him and smash whatever you wish! The mighty Ent is completely impervious to damage and crushes anything he walks over. Make your way to the right, stomping LEGOs and Orcs alike until you reach a narrow passage heading north. Use Treebeard's incredible strength to pick up one of the huge boulders and lob it at the Orcs' makeshift barricade, creating a path for the wooden warrior to move on. March through all the obstacles in your way until you reach a river that is a bit too deep for your companion to cross. Pick him up and carry him safely across, putting him down gently. Soon you will find your way blocked by Treebeard's one weakness, fire. Switch control to your companion Hobbit and send him up the small hatch to the left of the flaming log. Jump onto the vine to break the tree open and spill water over the fire, putting it out and allowing Treebeard move ahead and end the level.

World Map After clearing the level, Aragorn and co. will be reunited with an old friend and you will be taken back to the world map. Now that you have Gandalf the White with you, things look a little less bleak. If you have not yet completed "The Dead Marches", you can switch over to Frodo and Sam but if you have, Sauron continues to look in their direction and you must follow the ghost studs toward Rohan.


*Characters (Story Mode) Aragorn Gimli Legolas Gandalf the White

*Walkthrough Things are looking bleak in Rohan as King Theoden is clearly not himself. Once the cutscene ends you are tasked with freeing the king from the grip of Womtongue. The various glowing racks throughout the room can be used by the companions to grab weapons to defend themselves from the guards. Fight off the attackers and rush forward to strike Wormtongue. He will begin scurrying around the room and a health meter will appear for King Theoden. Use Gandalf's staff to drain the sickness from Theoden and Wormtongue will regain himself and run over to strike you before summoning more guards. Hit the cowering Wormtongue again to send him running scared then assemble the LEGO pieces that the guards knocked loose to trap the traitor in a cage so that you can drain another heart of sickness from the king. Wormtongue breaks free of his prison to attack you again and summons a final group of guards. Repeat the process of trapping Wormtongue a final time so that you can finally free Theoden from his curse. Unfortunately the king is not cooperative to your cause and insists on traveling to Helm's Deep. Along the way the Riders of Rohan are ambushed by a small army of Wargs. When you regain control, the companions will be mounted atop horses as the goblins leap over the hills to attack. The first stage of the battle is to knock three of the riders from their Wargs. If you wish, you can also hop onto the back of a Warg once its rider has been dismounted. Take out a second group of four that enter after the first three riders are slain and your will be dismounted from their rides. A third group of Warg riders will then leap into battle. While on foot, you can attempt to leap onto a Warg while its rider is still mounted and fight him to knock him off and take the Warg to ride for yourself. Do what it takes to finish off the third group of Warg riders to bring the battle and the stage to a close.

World Map Back on the world map, there is no time to mourn. Gimli and Legolas must make for Helm's Deep. Sauron still looks upon Frodo and Sam so follow the ghost studs to the next stage.


Characters (Story Mode) Aragorn Gimli Legolas King Theoden (Armor)

*Walkthrough The battle for Helm's Deep begins with the three companions reunited once more. Prepare for the siege by using Legolas' bow to shoot the target to the left of the grate, releasing several LEGO gears that you can put in place on the wall. Next, have Gimli smash the cracked floor tile, revealing a crank that can be used on the wall to move a crane with some boxes. Turn the crank all the way to drop the boxes down, breaking them open and freeing some bouncing LEGO pieces. Assemble them into a set of stairs and climb up the wall, smashing another cracked floor tile along the way. Once you reach the top the true battle begins. The Uruk-Hai will use a variety of methods to try to scale the wall. Smash the hooks on the wall then use Legolas' bow to shoot the Uruk archer standing up a tall ladder. Move to the far left and have Gimli smash the cracked floor tile to knock the third ladder loose. Another wave of Uruk-Hai then begins to scale the walls. Make your way back to the right, using the same techniques to take down the ladder. Once you reach the far right side of the wall, send Gimli through the small hatch and push the crate off the ledge to reveal some bouncing LEGO bricks. Build these into a cracked tile and let Gimli take a shot at it. Again the Uruk-Hai don't get it and they send another wave of attackers up. Head back to the left, knocking the ladders down, employing the tried-and-true technique of dwarf tossing for one of them.

Despite your best efforts, the Uruk-Hai manage to breach the walls of Helm's Deep. Once you regain control, have Gimli smash the cracked tile to the left of the opening in the wall to knock down some LEGO pieces that you can use to build a set of stairs up the wall. Climb up and destroy the spears leaning against the wall to break free more LEGO bricks and build a wall socket for Legolas. Hop down and stick an arrow in the socket then climb back up and flip to the left. Push the boulder down so that your companions can climb up to reach you. Once you've reached the top of the wall once more, have Gimli break the rocks to your left and continue deeper into Helm's Deep. After the cutscene, do as Gimli asks and throw him at the Uruk-Hai holding a cracked shield. Slay the Uruk on the other side and break apart their battering ram to reveal bouncing LEGO bricks that can be built to strengthen the gates. Control switches to Legolas atop the battlements. Move over to the left and shoot down the ladder as before. Repeat this until the Uruk-Hai use grappling hooks to send a huge ladder up the side of Helm's Deep. Fend off the Uruk-Hai and destroy the grappling hooks to send the ladder back to the ground, leaving some bouncing LEGO bricks behind. Use these to piece together the checkered floor and shove the box down to your friends so they can use it to craft a platform, allowing them to reach a rope to climb up the walls and rejoin Legolas.

After the cutscene, ride out with King Theoden against Saruman's ten-thousand strong army. Theoden's horse runs along a set path but you are still able to attack and jump as you see fit to defend yourself and collect studs. Charge through the battlefield, slaying your foes until Gandalf arrives and turns the tide of battle in your favor.

World Map With Saruman's armies pushed back, the eye of Sauron turns its gaze to Isengard, allowing Frodo and Sam to continue their journey into Osgiliath.


Characters (Story Mode) Frodo Sam Faramir Gollum Pippin Merry

Walkthrough This level begins with Frodo, Sam and Gollum, who's hands are chained together, limiting his ability to help. Faramir is also present at a different location of the city separate from the Hobbits. For now, you must find a sword with which to free Gollum. Look to the right to find a small hatch and climb through. Take control of Faramir and climb the stairs to the right. When you reach the top, take aim at the target across the way and let loose with his bow. This will knock loose a pillar and allow the Hobbits to advance. Once across, head downstairs and use Sam's rope to pull the boulders out of your way. The boulder will fly across the stage, conveniently landing near Faramir so send him down to assemble the LEGO bricks that were released from the boulder.

Once the floor is complete, push the pillars into place and jump up them to take a shot at another target near Frodo. Move Frodo and friends through the gate and use Faramir's bow to strike the other target to open the other side of the gates, allowing passage. Once you are through, use Frodo's Phial to light the dark overhang and break apart the door to reveal some bouncing LEGO bricks. Assemble them into a small hatch and climb up with Sam. After the boulder knocks a portion of the tower out, you can reach a yellow hook. Have Sam pull the LEGO bricks down and reassemble them into a trampoline. Head back to Faramir and move to the right to some bouncing LEGO bricks and a group of Orcs. Slay the monsters and build the LEGO bricks into a ladder. Use Faramir's bow to shoot the Orc at the top of the ladder then climb up and shoot the target above Frodo and Sam, allowing them to reach the sword at the top of the tower.

Take the sword back down and use it to free Gollum from his chains. Now that his hands are free, Gollum is able to climb the unique LEGO wall and turn the crank up top, giving the Hobbits access to the next area. Take control of Faramir and move to the right, fending off a small Orc ambush. Climb up the stairs and shoot the targets on both sides of the pillar to release the LEGO bricks you need to complete the checkered floor. Once you've done that, shove the pillar aside so you can slay the Orcs pelting Frodo and Sam with barrels. Once the coast is clear, send Gollum up the wall to push another pillar down off the ledge. It breaks when it hits, but it also clears the debris that was covering a LEGO soil patch. Pull out Sam's spade and grow a plant, allowing you to reach the upper level. Continue forward and set fire to the broken pieces of wood and the Black Rider will show himself.

In order for the Hobbits to continue moving forward, Faramir will have to fight his way to the right. Fend off the Orc attacks and break the wood supporting the large stone pillar to break away the wall, exposing the Rider to Faramir's deadly bow. Once the Rider has left, move the Hobbits down the staircase. Use Sam's spade to dig up and build a set of gears for the gate but you still need a crank. Break the LEGO objects to the south to reveal a small dock. Fortunately, Gollum is quite the able fisherman and soon scoops up the crank for the door. Move into the next area and the Nazgul will once again block your way forward. Move back to Faramir and fight ahead again until the wall in front of you tumbles down. Fight off the Orcs and take another shot at the Black Rider. As the beast flies off, it will knock over a portion of the city, giving you the LEGO bricks you need to build a ladder. Climb the ladder then switch back to Frodo and Sam. Move past where the Rider watched you and break apart the LEGO objects before reassembling them into a set of stairs. Climb the stairs up and move forward until you are blocked from moving on again. Have Faramir climb the ladder he just built and shoot the Nazgul a final time to reunite him with the Hobbits.

The narrative changes focus to Merry and Pippin as they journey with Treebeard to Isengard. Pippin and Merry fight alongside the Ents by riding on their shoulders and directing them. Make your way to the right, smashing anything that strikes your fancy. Slowly(they are Ents, after all) make your way to the right, all the way around Isengard until you reach the dam. Lift the boulders and throw them at the supports, toppling them so you can climb up and rip the dam wide open, flooding Isengard and bringing Saruman's reign and the tale of the Two Towers to an end.

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