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Controls for "quick audibles"

Asked about Madden NFL 13 on Sept. 12, 2012, 4:09 a.m. by John Jensen

I purchased the Game Guide for Madden 13. The whole concept of "5 sets for success" relies upon having quick audibles for each set (example, the three-headed rushing attack.) The guide mentions "audible down" several times but I don't know what that means. Could you please provide actual controls for quick audibles on Xbox 360?

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  • Answer by pgiacomo

    Under Coaching Options from the My Madden Menu, you can set your audibles which are recommended on each team page.

    When in game, you can audible by pressing X (on Xbox) twice to see the plays you set.

    For quick audibles, just press X once and you will see-
    Quick Pass
    Deep Pass
    PA Pass

    Simply use the left stick to highlight the one you want, and then press X to change your play. Those vary by formation and can't be changed.

    Let us know if this helps =)

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:31 a.m.
  • Answer by John Jensen

    Thanks pgiacomo. So if I understand the guide correctly, it recommends having 5 go-to sets and having two audibles for each set (along with a base play) for a total of 10 audibles, which is more than what the game allows. Am I missing something?

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:31 a.m.
  • Answer by sgibs


    The 5 Sets for Success is designed to give you a play for whatever your opponent is doing at the line of scrimmage.

    Your audible are...

    1. Run Left
    2. Run Right
    3. Quick Pass
    4. Man Beater
    5. Zone Beater

    You set those 5 audibles before the game starts.

    You come to the line of scrimmage in your base play. From there you read the defense and determine what you think is the base play to use against the defense your seeing.

    When you audible to another play (one of the running plays for example) you have the ability to QUICK AUDIBLE from that formation.

    A quick audible is a pre-determined audible by the game for EACH formation. Each formation in the game has a Play action, quick pass, deep pass, and running audible.

    We designed the 3 headed rushing attacking around this knowdlege knowing that the run audible is always going to be our run middle.

    If you have more questions hit me up on email [email protected]

    or if your on twitter @sgibs7


    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:31 a.m.
  • Answer by yoyoyojo

    sgibs thanks for the explanation. Just my 2 cents ...

    I was confused by this as well. This thread helped me a lot. I also went back to the guide and did find a page were you explain this (right before the team strategies). However I did bang my head on the wall for some time trying to figure out how to use the 5 sets for success.

    Additionally I know you guys might be reluctant to get into specific controls for each console but I think this is needed. Did yo know between the in game manual and prima guide no where is the user told how to execute an option play. I had to find a video on youtube.

    My point being with both my experience with the quick audibles and scratching my head on the option play it seems like the prima guide should have a section on the controls and coaching options.

    Lastly in addition to the controls maybe a section that talks about executing play like: how to throw, run, tackling etc. No where is this stuff documented in great detail. EA just gives us very high level explanation like "use the left stick to aim you pass". As an old madden player I spent week pondering "if I do that then how to I move my QB". Seems silly now, but these new concepts are difficult to master. If the prima guide had sections on this part fo the game, in addition to the strategy content, I feel it would be more complete.

    Other than that a fantastic guide.

    Oct. 22, 2013, 10:31 a.m.