Madden NFL 16
Madden NFL 16 Offensive Playbook

Madden NFL 16 Offensive Playbook


Offensive Gameplay Video Breakdowns!

Score Touchdowns—We spent hundreds of hours exploring every play in Madden NFL 16 so you don't have to. Learn the winning scheme from our favorite playbook; it makes it simple to read defenses and score touchdowns.

Stop Throwing Interceptions—Turning the ball over is the fastest way to lose games! Too many players avoid passing until it is too late—learn a foolproof passing attack for day one!

Master The Rushing Attack—Learn to control the clock and close out games against the computer or high-ranked opponents.

Rack Up First Downs—Anyone can find one good play, but knowing what to run on a key third down is crucial to keeping the chains moving and eventually winning games.

Follow The Steps—Don't spend your valuable time guessing how to setup a play. We'll quickly show you the most critical opportunities that will take you from Rookie To All-Madden.