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Driftwood Shore


 Driftwood Shore Entrance


Now that Neo Bowser Castle is active, Mario and Luigi must race to Driftwood Shore to find Princess Peach. To reach Driftwood Shore, travel south of Pi’illo Castle, cutting through Mushrise Park. The fork on the south side of Mushrise Park splits east and west—head east to enter Driftwood Shore. Strike the Bros. Block on your way in to gather some coins, then explore the area to the north as Mini-Mario—there are four ? Blocks in this area containing coins, a Super Mushroom, and a Super Nut. Next, head south, cutting across the sandy beach.

Dreamy Driftwood Shore (A)



Mario and Princess Peach arrive in the dream world and are soon joined by Dreamy Luigi. Princess Peach agrees to wait here while Mario and Dreamy Luigi scout ahead. Start by moving to the right, collecting the first of ten Attack Pieces. You can also enter the doorway on the right to access a shop, run by the dream world version of Broque Madame.

Southwest Beach

Watch for more Durapurls and Fly Guys here—eliminate them all to gain more EXP. When you’re finished battling, move to the west side and board the blue platform—at its first stop, Side Drill through the crevice to the east. The path on the other side leads to another Attack Piece.

Dreamy Driftwood Shore (A)



Upon your return to Dreamy Driftwood Shore, head straight for area C to rendezvous with Princess Peach—she’s still waiting where you left her. Seadric appears as Mario and Dreamy Luigi approach. Mario hands over the first Dream Egg, which Seadric inhales. When prompted, jump on Seadric’s head—this prompts him to spew a variety of objects from his mouth, effectively creating new dream world areas. Lastly, a bridge appears, leading to the new area. Dreambert suggests Mario and Dreamy Luigi scout ahead before Princess Peach enters this new unexplored area of the dream world. Step onto the new bridge and press up on the Circle Pad to enter the next area.

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