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Mount Pajamaja

 Mount Pajamaja Entrance

Welcome to Mount Pajamaja, the last known location of the Dream Stone. But as the tallest point on Pi’illo Island, it won’t be easy reaching the top. Fortunately, Mario and Luigi have the assistance of Li’l Massif and Big Massif to help them during the treacherous climb. Just ahead there are two small gates, accessible only by Mini-Mario. The gate on the west side leads to a ? Block containing a Supersyrup Jar. The gate on the east side leads to a red switch—strike it with your hammer to lower the nearby blocks, creating a set of steps to the mountain’s base. Climb up the steps and take a moment to explore the upper area. Here you can find a ? Block containing a Secret Box, and another ? Block containing coins. Once you’re finished exploring, advance through the narrow passage to the north.


Dream World (G)



Entering this dream world presents Mario and Dreamy Luigi with a unique challenge—strike the Event Block on the far left side to begin the challenge. Just above this room are a series of track-like bars, which a yellow pulse of energy travels along, moving from right to left. The pulse automatically switches tracks at each junction it encounters. The goal is to get the pulse into one of the four boxes on the left side. The boxes contain the following items: a small coin, 50 coins, a Chizzle, and a golden dumbbell. The pulse must reach the golden dumbbell to open the gates leading to this dream world’s four nightmare chunks. 

Dreamy Mount Pajamaja (E)



Mario arrives in the dream world, successfully avoiding the Dreambeats. Dreambert senses they are safe in the dream world, but they must remain here until the Dreambeats have stopped. With Dreamy Luigi in tow, advance to the right side of the room. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, causing the portal to disappear. Apparently the Dreambeats were too strong, causing Luigi to fall into a deep sleep. With no other way to return to the real world, Dreambert advises finding a way to restore the portal. With nothing left to do here, exit on the right side.

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