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Did that make life any harder when writing the guide in terms of recommending how to go about it?

Asked about Mass Effect 3 on March 13, 2012, 2:10 p.m. by GamingReview_RepostedbyPrima

In terms of the guide itself, as a result of being able to continue with a character from the previous game there must be millions of possible combinations of skills, playing styles, attitudes and so on. Did that make life any harder when writing the guide in terms of recommending how to go about it? Presumably there are some missions where biotics might be useful, but a player with very little biotic power might need other ways to go about it... On a non-guide note, what do you think of the bizarre negative reactions from the public? It all seems very homophobic and is causing a massive row amongst gamers... "

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    Hola GamingReview,

    Thank YOU for stopping by and supporting your friendly neighborhood strategists.

    These are some great questions, lets hope I can answer these thoroughly. *inhale*

    1. YES! As the author for the main campaign section, it was infinitely difficult finding a balance of level strategy, power recommendations, and squad recommendations all while allowing the strategy enough flexibility for players that have heavily modified Shepard builds. There was just no way of predicting what kind of builds players would have after multiple play-throughs of ME1 and ME2. Our approach was to provide as much info as possible, but to keep in mind that many people may be coming in to the game looking for a fresh start as well. I can honestly tell you that we'd be NOWHERE near close to ever completing a guide if we tried to find an approach for every possibility. Luckily, the game offers a diverse enough cast of supporting characters that you can always tackle a mission differently depending on the squad you bring along.

    So if you find that your Shep isn't spec'ed out to tackle a specific mission, restart with a squad that makes up for your Shep's deficiencies.

    2. It's kind of a bummer really. I was reading about the strange backlash from gamers this morning, but (unfortunately) it's kind of the norm now-a-days. Fanboy/girl-ism will always be around and people will always find ways to complain about something for the sake of complaining. In all honesty, I think a lot of the smack-talk that's happening is just outright bitterness and strange attempts at humor.

    I think true fans will find ME3 to be a great installment in the series and a perfect way to round out a beautiful trilogy.


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