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Going for Gold in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer? Here's what you're going to need.

If you get a little streak of crazy in you and and that itch can only be scratched by playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer on Gold difficulty, my friend, you are in for a treat.

By treat, I mean face-slapping frustration and a quick game over unless you and your team have carefully selected everything from class to weapons and upgrades to powers.

The following team setup has brought me success on most any map and can be tweaked to your preferences (mainly via equipment) and is flexible enough to give you success against any enemy type.


  • Krogan Soldier
  • Asari Adept
  • Asari Adept or Turian Sentinel
  • Salarian Infiltrator


The Krogan is your team's tank. You have one job and one job only - draw aggro. Get kills and help out with objectives when you can, but use that Fortification and keep the enemy fire on yourself! Recommended weapons are a high-damage shotgun and assault rifle.

The Asari Adept (x2) or Asari Adept/Turian Sentinel combo is the bread and butter of your team. The Adept(s) should have the Stasis Bubble perk and should alternate powers (one using nothing but Stasis and the other detonating the fields with Warp or Throw). Now if you choose to go with a Sentinel, why Turian? Turians have Warp (which can detonate the Stasis Bubble for ridiculous damage when properly spec'd), have high shields and health, and can carry heavier weapons. Regardless of race/class, these two players should go with heavy pistols only - no secondary weapon. This will keep your cooldowns short and ensure that you can literally spam those powers the entire game.

But what about Banshees and enemies with armor? Biotic detonations deal huge damage to armor, so keep those dets going on armored enemies. Also Stasis Bubble is great for those pesky Guardians and their "you can't get me, nana nana boo boo" riot shields.

PROTECT YOUR ASARI ADEPT(S) AT ALL COSTS! The Stasis Bubble is invaluable to your team at this difficulty level.

The Salarian Infiltrator is your squad support. You can use cloak to either deal high damage with a sniper rifle, complete objectives unnoticed, or revive a downed teammate who's gotten themselves in a sticky situation. And with Energy Drain, you'll rarely run out of shields - especially against Geth opponents. Every Geth gives you shield, even if they don't have one themselves. Go with a heavy sniper like a Widow, Black Widow, or upgraded Mantis and no secondary (to keep your Cloak cooldown short - just make sure you know where nearby ammo boxes are).


Your team has 8 missiles. Don't waste them in the early rounds. At this difficulty, the game throws a ridiculous amount of boss-type enemies at you and the last thing you want is to get to round 5 or 6 and be running dry on those sexy bringers of death. Learn to combine fire on the bosses to take them down without the missiles. Save them for rounds 10 and 11 (extraction). That being said, if you see an opportunity you just can't pass up (like 2 Atlas mechs surrounded by 4 or 5 Phantoms) TAKE IT. Don't hold off on a Banshee surrounded by 2 brutes and a few Ravagers just because you're stingy. You'll wish you'd taken the shot when that nightmarish group overruns your position.


When playing on Gold, remember, it's not about the individual kill count or points. Each team member receives the team total as experience at the end of the match. It's all about SURVIVING! Work together (yes that means you have to use that talky thing called a mic) and move together when you get overrun.

You still may not breeze through Gold with this squad build (it IS the hardest difficulty, after all) but with a little skill and good teammates behing the other three controllers, you should be good to go.

Happy hunting, thatFunkymunkey

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